Child Resistant Bag Dielines

Why You Need A Free Design Mockup

As a designer, you know that you can’t get your mylar project off the ground until all aspects of it are perfected, from the color scheme to the photo size and everything in between. Our designer bag templates allow you to mockup your design, review the intricate details, and download mockup PSDs or PDFs directly from your inbox. CarePac has worked with thousands of designers and artists to bring their projects to completion, and we’re confident we can make yours a reality, too.

Common dieline templates you can find and download on our site include: 

  • Stand up pouches– an incredibly popular bag configuration that allows a pouch to stand up on the shelf in a store. 
  • Box bottom bags- a popular option for coffee packaging, this unique design of box bottom bags means that you and your customers can enjoy the benefits of a traditional bag along with those of a stand-up pouch. For coffee bag dielines, visit our page here
  • Side gusseted bagsmanufactured with food-grade custom kraft paper, the environment inside will protect your products from air, light, and other contaminants.  
  • Child resistant packagingany of our bags and pouches can be designed with child resistant properties, so children are kept away from harmful products.  

We take the guesswork out of mylar bags and make it easy to download PDF versions of your custom pouch template and purchase directly from our website. You can even download PSDs of our mylar bags, too! 

We Offer Child-Resistant Mylar Bag Dielines, Too

Throughout the years, CarePac has worked with clients in many industries, including the cannabis industry, where child-resistant packaging is a must. We always encourage child-resistant packaging for cannabis products — not only does it ensure your product meets local and state regulations, but it ensures that curious kiddos are kept away from a product that could harm them. 

Wondering if child-resistant packaging is right for you? Reach out to our customer service team to discuss child-resistant dielines and designs in further detail. Everything is made to order, so reach out and get started today! We’ll send you your download ASAP! 

Perfect Pouches & Designs: The CarePac Guarantee

Still not sure? CarePac focuses exclusively on flexible barrier packaging designs, including custom packaging, for all types of industries, from cannabis wholesalers and stickers manufacturers to food and beverage distributors. We have exceptional customer service representatives who are committed to making sure your bundle is completed to perfection. With our CareDesign® process  you can rest assured that your bags will be done right, no matter what. 

From nailing down the right colors to making sure the logo is in the right place, we understand you put a lot of time into perfecting the look and feel of your product packaging. With vivid colors, quick printing, templates to download, and a variety of materials to choose from, we have the tools, the technology, and the expertise to make your project a reality. Ready to experience the CarePac difference? We think now is the right time to give us a try. 

Find and Download the Right Templates 

As you can see, we truly take the guesswork out of your digital design mockups with our free download mockups PDF dielines. Before you decide on a final pattern, be sure to double check the size of your designer bags, the coloring, and logo or stickers placement before submitting. Once you submit, we’ll send the template to your email so you can download free mockup, print, and use. 

Have questions? Need help with your download? Reach out to the CarePac experts today. Or check out our FAQs. 

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