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Custom Dry Food


Custom Printed Dry Food Packaging
Will Make Your Product Fly Off the Shelf

When it comes to packaging dried foods, Carepac’s dry food packaging provides the essential protection your snacks and meals need. Our packaging meets all the necessary requirements made by the FDA, our customers, and more. Products like pastas and rice, or pancake and cake mixes are difficult to safely manage, but our dry food packaging can make your job easier.

The variety of product packages we sell will help your food stay moisture-free and fresh, so you can maintain the nutritional value of your pouch contents while keeping your customers safe and satisfied. Our team places just as much value on your branding as it does on the safety of your product. You won’t have to worry about how your logo looks thanks to Carepac’s customizable pouch options, which allows you to choose your own design.

Custom Dry Food Bags Keep Food Fresh

Properly storing your food product is essential for any business. To do this, you will want to make sure your chosen pouch is able to maintain your food or product’s quality. With this in mind, we make our product packaging flexible with a protective barrier. This Flexible Barrier Packaging is part of a modified atmosphere packaging that protects product integrity while also allowing for a longer food shelf life.

Products such as dry food mixes or pet foods are extremely sensitive to moisture, which means they need to be packaged in enhanced barrier plastic films. This barrier allows no room for moisture to penetrate the product while contained within the package. Other foods, like chips, suffer from taste and texture change when exposed to oxygen. This is what many people refer to as a food item that is stale. In this case, chips would need to be packaged with our oxygen barrier packaging materials.

Camping Meals and Long Term Food Storage 

What was once a sleepy industry catering to the Military as MRE's - "Meals Ready to Eat" has bloomed into a multi-billion dollar industry serving all sorts of clients from campers,  and people living in remote areas to emergency preparedness. Pouches offer a great solution for these items. because they are versatile, strong, and well suited for this application. 

  • Reconstitute in Pouch: CarePac offers high-heat, retort style materials which can withstand having hot water added directly to the bag to reconstitute the product. 
  • High Barrier: You hear us talk a lot about barrier on this site, but for long term dried food storage barrier is not optional. CareFoil high barrier film is the solution to maintaining your dried food for the long term. 

When deciding whether or not you need Carepac’s Flexible Barrier Packaging for your dry food packaging, you should consider the physical capacity and durability of this product. Dried food packaging can often require much higher barrier than you might think.  Also consider the environment you're sending your pouch into.


Are these pouches going to be subjected to a lot of wear and tear (like on a multi-day hiking trip? If so, we'll help guide you to a strong durable material. We also always recommend that you consider performing testing to protect against external elements – and see how well our product holds up! Our packaging should remain in good condition for a long period of time to maintain the freshness of your food and provide you with an excellent solution to your packaging struggles.

Pouches Vs. Cartons!


  • Lower Cost
  • Acts as both exterior and interior packaging
  • High barrier built in
  • Re-closable zipper retains more barrier
  • Easier to load. 

Paperboard Cartons

  • Expensive
  • Require inner packing
  • Re-closure does not provide barrier
  •  Require a carton erector. 

Examples of Dry Food Pouch Uses



Dry Foods  like Dehydrated fruit can often be packaged well in Stand Up Pouches which are one of our most popular pouch configuration. 

Stand Up Pouches are used for all kinds of applications. Dehydrated fruit needs a strong barrier, so we recommend one of our CareFoil films to keep the moisture out, which means your food's packaging can help maintain the nutritional viability of your product! 

Baking Mix

/ Pancakes

Pancake, baking mixes and other powdered goods are another example of dried food products which can easily be packaged several of our pouch configurations, 3-seal pouches, plough bottom stand up pouches, and even box bottom boxes are all great pouch configurations for these products.  We also offer powder-zippers which is a special type of zipper which helps prevent zipper clogging. 

Snack Food


Nuts, chips, and other snacks are also great dried foods which can be easily packaged in custom pouches. These products don't typically require the same level of barrier as dehydrated or freeze dried products and can use any of our CareClear or CareSilver barrier films structures which provide quality economical barrier for all types of pouches. 

Beans and


Rice, beans, and lentils require very little barrier. With our custom roll stock, tubing, and fin-seal pouches you can expand your marketing with better logos and graphics without going over-budget on your packaging costs. BOPP and PET clear films are good options for these types of food items.

Did you know at CarePac, we have three different types of plastic bag enclosure options? Zipper, Tin-Ties and EZ-pull style zippers are all available to you to choose from. Consumers like pouches that can be easily reclosed. Our goal is to make sure you work with the right company for your packaging needs, so we guarantee our expertise when it comes to resealable bags. Whether you are packaging snacks, pet foods, or even coffee, our team will make sure your dry food is protected from the elements.

Flours, Cereals,


Items like Flours, cereals, seeds,  cornmeal's, and specialty goods are best packaged in flexible barrier films. We can incorporate a paper layer into the pouch to give it a very natural feeling enhancing your marketing and positioning your brand to win!

A bag configuration to consider for this application is what we call our Flat Bottom Bags. This configuration can give you the best of both worlds, as our clients find them to be both stylish and efficient. Your customers will love the benefits of its traditional bag style, along with the advantages of our Stand Up Pouch. Our square bottom bags have a flat underside that is perfect for dry food items that requires a tight seal. This is a high-quality packaging item that comes with an EZ-pull zipper, tight seals, sturdy foil, and an optional degassing valve.


Custom printed flexible barrier pouches are a great fit for granola. Combine a enhanced barrier film like our CareCear-X your customer can still view the granola but you can extend shelf life and preserve that fresh!  

Our Easy Loading Tamper Resistant Bags are an excellent option you should consider when looking to create dry food packaging. You will find that any major retailer will require tamper evidence on the majority of its packaging. Using a bag without tamper evidence means it’s more likely your product could accidentally open during transportation. Tamper Evident Bags also make it harder for someone to mistakenly open the bag. Thus, protecting the integrity of your dry food.

Dry Food Packaging FAQs

Packaging your dried food is an important aspect of your brand. Not only do you need to consider how it looks and feels in the hands of your customer, but you also need to think about what the best type of packaging is for your snacks. With a wide variety to choose from, our team is here to help!

Not sure about what type of bag you need? Contact our team to answer your important questions. If you don’t know what kind of design you are looking for, reach out to us with that as well!

Q: What does pricing look like for your dry food pouches?

Prices vary based on the material requested, size of the bag, and how many you want to order. The quickest way to get a price is to call us or fill out a quick quote form. Carepac offers a wide variety of pricing options! Contact us for your custom quote.

Q: How long will it take me to get my bags?

Check out our lead time menu! We offer three different production schedules to fit your needs. From as short as 15 days. 

Q: Do you offer pouches for Cereal

Yes we offer bags and pouches for cereals, baking mixes and everything in-between.  

Q: Can you make a bag that is __?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, just ask us! We are happy to discuss your options. Generally if you've seen it in a store then yes we can do  it. CarePac's wide array of capabilities means we can create almost any type of bag with any printing you can imagine. 

Q: How many bags should I start with?

We can help you decide what works best for you. Just reach out. Many of our customers like to start with 5,000 bags, but we can do more or less depending on your needs!

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