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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I use CMYK or RGB for digital printing on pouches?

For digital printing on pouches your file should be set to CMYK. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. These are the ink colors that will be combined when printing your logos and graphics on the pouch. RGB which standards for Red, Green, Blue is applicable to on-screen display.

Can spot or pantone colors be used on digitally printed pouches?

No, spot colors cannot be directly used. Instead we create a close match to spot color ink using CMYK. To ensure the maximum control over the rendering of your art, you’ll want to convert to CMYK before sending your file. If you require Pantone colors consider our plate printing.

What is the most versatile style of printing, digital or plate printing?

Digital and plate printing have unique characteristics. Plate printing allows the widest selection of finishes, and color, and yields the lowest per-unit cost. Digital printing excels at small quantities, multi-sku order, and high color count jobs.

What is an eye mark and do you require it?

An eye mark allows our bag making equipment to know where one bag begins and the other ends. Some of our competitors require the eyemark be visible on the bag, they do this to speed up the production process. Luckily here at CarePac we do not require you to include an eye mark, because we allow you to fully customize your bag. We don’t gang run (combine) orders, and we include any eye mark outside finished bags and and trim that material off. It takes a little more effort and time, but creates a more beautiful bag!

Do you have graphic design guidelines?

Yes! See our graphics design section, we offer many resources for artists, and are always ready and willing to answer questions.

What does “outlining text” mean, and why must I do it?

The text in your design when stored as editable text is rendered using the font files on your computer. We do not have access to all the same font files you do, and even when we do, the version of the font we use might be different than yours. Our computer will then substitute our version of the font for the one you have and that could create changes that nobody can detect. The process of outlining text is converting text from editable text, to artwork shape. While the text then becomes uneditable, it also won’t suffer from font changes. It is advised to keep two copies of your file, the editable copy and a separate copy for going to press.

What is Press ready artwork?

Press ready art is a file that meets artwork specifications and can pass pre-press inspection. Our art specifications can be found on our site, or email our team.

What types of metallic effects does CarePac offer?

Unlike many of our competitors we offer several choices for metallic effect. First we offer ink over metalized material. In this approach we apply colored ink (silver, CareGold, etc) directly over a metalized base material. This approach can be used for both digitally printed, and plate printed bags. Our second option is a step up in quality and combines spot matte or spot UV Gloss with ink over metal. This creates an even more stunning metalized effect, for example a glossy rich metalized effect on a matte bag. Our Third approach is true embossed foil. With this third approach actual CareGold or silver is stamped directly on the bag, creating an amazing “real” metalized area.

Want to see a hard copy proof of my printed bag?

Our production process and quoted lead times rely on the industry standard proofing process which is the use of PDF digital proofs. We offer several alternative proofing methods, which may incur additional cost or extend lead-times. Our proofing options include.
1. Digital proofs
2. Film Cut offs
3. Short digital runs
4. Short Plate runs

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