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Spout Pouch

Liquid Pour Spout for Pouches

Liquid spout bags, also known as a fitment pouch, are gaining popularity very quickly for a variety of applications. A spouted pouch is an economical and efficient way to store and transport liquids, pastes, and gels. With the shelf life of a can, and the convenience of an easy open pouch, both co-packers and customers are loving this design.

Common Spouted Pouch Applications

  • Baby food
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Institutional food packaging
  • Alcoholic beverage add-ins
  • Single serve fitness drinks
  • Yogurt
  • Milk

Spouted packaging can be made compatible with retort applications and most FDA applications. Industrial uses abound with savings in both transportation costs and pre-fill storage.

Common Liquid Spout Pouch Types

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Top of Pouch Spout

Often used for smaller pouches or die-cut pouches for single serve applications.

Top Side of Pouch Spout

For the 8oz – 16 oz size of pouches, this is a great location because it takes advantage of the upright orientation of the pouch (stand up pouches), and allows the user to have better control when using the contents.

Flexible Liquid Spout Bags Offer Flexible Packaging Savings

Your Customers Will Love These Easy-to-Open Pouches

Spouted pouches have taken many industries by storm due to their convenience for the end user and benefits for the manufacturer. Flexible packaging with a spout is useful for many different applications, from soup, broths and juice to shampoo and conditioner. They are also ideal for a beverage pouch! 

A liquid spout bag or liquor pouch takes up much less room than awkward metal cans, and they're lighter so they cost less to ship. Because the packaging material is flexible, you can also pack more of them into the same size shipping box. We offer companies a wide range of solutions for every type of packaging need. If you're ready to start your project, contact us right now and we'll get your order started asap. We offer quick turnaround times, low MoQ's and the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Spout Caps

Spout Caps come in two main forms: Anti-choking, and standard. Custom colorization of either is possible but may require higher Minimum order quantities. 



Common Spout Sizes

Spout ID

Spout OD

Total Height














Spout Pouch Materials

Liquids needs special reinforced materials to minimize breakage or leaking. But our customers have other application specific needs like

  • Clear material to see the product inside
  • Maintaining the shelf life of the product
  • Retort or High Pressure Pasteurization. 
  • Hot fill. 

Luckily we have different materials for each of these requirements! 

Why Choose CarePac

Why Choose CarePak

On Time. Every Time. Guaranteed.
On Time. Every Time. Guaranteed.

Highest quality pouches for whatever your project requires

Absolute Best Customer Service. Talk to a real person, in the United States who is an expert on choosing the right bag.

Materials specifically designed for liquids.

Large Selection of spout sizes. 

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