Paper Bag Templates

Paper Bag Templates (Free Printable Paper Bag Template)

Perfecting your paper bag design depends on great artwork, and there is no better way to evaluate your bag’s artwork than with a bag template. Our user-friendly templates make it easier than ever before to download PDF versions of your paper bag designs. Once you verify the design of your bag, you can easily place an order directly from our website. Here are a few reasons you need to consider using a bag template for your next project.

Easy to view Canva designs

Let’s face it — if you don’t have the budget to hire a professional designer, you’re probably working with a platform like Canva. Canva is a multi-faceted tool, but sometimes there are glitches when exporting files for print. With our paper bag dielines, you can import the dielines, finalize them, and then share the entire project with your team on Canva. Our bag templates also integrate with Adobe Illustrator.

Vital to the bag design process

If you’ve never worked with a bag template before, think about dielines as if they’re a blueprint for a house. Would you build a house without one? Dielines are an outline or template for your design, and they ensure that all the physical and design elements are up to par. Contrary to popular belief, dielines can be used for all types of packaging (not just rigid packaging), including paper bags and duplex bags.

Printable and easy to share

Whether you have a “gallery” of designs or are designing a single paper bag, one of the best things about using a template or dieline is that they’re easy to share. Simply upload the template and grant access to whoever on your team needs to see the design. Simply use the button below to download your free printable paper bag dieline, and you’ll be able to use it to create the perfect paper bag.

Tips for creating dielines

A dieline is a collaborative effort between you and your design team. As such, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind as you create a paper bag dieline:

  • The template must be created as vector art.
  • Keep your entire creative team updated throughout the process.
  • You’ll need to know the exact specifications of your paper bag; this will save time and money down the line. (AKA less revisions!)
  • Create a hard copy of the template or template gallery before sending them to print. This can help you catch minor issues with the template before it’s sent to production.

We love transparency and making the bag design and production process easier than ever before, which is one reason we offer our customers an easy-to-download PDF bag template.

Download your free bag template today

At CarePac, we love to share our knowledge and passion for design with our customers. Use the button below to download your free printable bag template. Remember, this is a sample, so if you’d like us to help you design a fully customized paper or duplex bag, we’re more than happy to help. Download your bag template or connect with us for more information.

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