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Sustainable Soap Packaging

Sustainable hand soap pouch packaging

If you’re a successful wholesale soap manufacturer or distributor, we already know you’ve put a lot of effort into formulating your soap products. From its scent and color to consistency, a lot goes into making the perfect soap. Don’t let your packaging detract from the high-quality product inside! Your liquid soap deserves to be packaged in something that’s not only stylish, but will protect it from moisture, oxygen, and accidental leakage. That’s where we come in.

We’ve been specializing in wholesale packaging solutions for decades, and we’re confident that we have the hand soap packaging you’ve been looking for. Not only is our soap packaging top-of-the-line, but we’ll work with you to ensure that our packaging aligns with your market segment and brand goals. From your initial email or phone call all the way through to delivery day, our team will work with you to design packaging that will help your product stand out on the shelves. 

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Benefits of Carepac’s custom soap packaging

You might feel silly investing so much of your time into finding the perfect soap packaging, but we understand why you are. When customers are overwhelmed with choices, first impressions matter, and for many customers their first interaction with your brand is through its packaging. Here are some reasons why you should choose Carepac’s custom soap pouches for your product.

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It’s a sustainable choice

Not only can our Biax PE bags be recycled because they consist of only one type of plastic, but laminated bags simply use less materials than other types of soap packaging. Additionally, since most of our soap pouches are used to package soap refills, your customers won’t be throwing away pump top bottles every time they need more soap. It’s a win for you and the environment.

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They’re e-commerce ready

As an e-commerce company, you want things to be as simple as possible. Our soap pouches can help streamline the shipping and packaging process since our bags are ready to go! Simply open the bag, fill it with product, close it up, and ship it off to the customer. No more adding labels or stickers to your bags, as everything your customer needs to know will be conveniently printed on the pouch itself. 

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Protects your product during shipping

Our soap packaging film is super durable, puncture-resistant, and burst-resistant, meaning your hand and body soaps will be protected from tampering and the elements. We all know what a bummer it is to open a shipping box or get home from the store to find leaking soap bottles making a mess everywhere, and our packaging can prevent that situation from occurring to your customers.

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Our pouches are cost-effective

We’re proud to offer many soap packaging options for budgets of all sizes. Additionally, we allow you to print and customize as few as 5,000 pouches for your hand soaps, body soaps and gels, and other soap products. With CarePac, even the smallest soap companies can access high-quality packaging options.

Soap pouch features and configurations


Liquid Spout 

Liquid spout bags are gaining popularity for use in a variety of applications, soaps and hand gels included. Pouches with a built-in spout are an economical and efficient choice for packaging liquids, and make resealing the bag easy for your customers. The location and size of the spout can be adjusted.

Customization Capabilities

From holographic effects and high-gloss features to subtle pops of color and soft touch packaging, we can help add stylish embellishments to your soap packaging. Need a logo or custom labels? No problem. We provide brand design services to help you create the branded packaging your product deserves. Everything is fully customizable, from the top of your pouch to the bottom and everywhere in between.


All of our bags are manufactured with materials that are approved by the FDA, meaning the contents within will be safe and free from chemical impurities. All soap pouches purchased from CarePac are free from TSE, BPA and Sulfur & Phthalates.


Our bag finishes can be incorporated into the entire pouch or on one section to achieve the look you desire. Our most popular finishes include glossy (it’s the default finish for barrier pouches for a reason!), matte, soft touch, and holographic. For a full list of our different finishes, please click here.

Our sustainable packaging options 

If you’re concerned about your environmental impact, like so many companies are, we’re proud to offer environmentally-friendly packaging options, including soap pouches made out of recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable plastic. At CarePac, we have two exciting new recycle-ready materials for making recyclable plastic bags. Learn more about our sustainable packaging below.

5005 Recycle-Ready

Our “Code 4” material is a recycle-ready Biax PE. It has a lower barrier than traditional lamination, but has nice clarity, and can be matte varnished.

5006 Recycle-Ready

Clear barrier films formulated with PET, PE, CPP, and BOPP are a keystone of barrier packaging. Clear base barriers are both affordable and provide quality protection against moisture + oxygen.

Compostable materials

We also offer industrial, managed, and ambient compostable materials, including CareCompost-KP, CareCompost KVP, and CareCompost PVP. These are made from both bio-based and non bio-based materials, like PLA and PBS materials.

Experience the CarePac difference

Still not sure? CarePac focuses exclusively on custom packaging for a variety of industries and companies, including soap manufacturers and distributors. We have exceptional customer service reps who are committed to making sure your order bundle is completed to perfection. With our CareDesign® process you can rest assured that your custom pouches will be done right, no matter what. In a rush? With our Express option, you’ll get priority placement and you’ll receive your product in about 15 working days.

From nailing down the right colors to making sure the logo is in the right place, we understand you put a lot of time into perfecting the look and feel of your product packaging. With vivid colors, quick printing, and a variety of materials to choose from, we have the tools, the technology, and the expertise to make your project a reality. Ready to experience the CarePac difference? We think now is the right time to give us a try. Call us today for more information and to get one step closer to perfecting your soap packaging.

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