Packaging Sleeve Templates

Packaging Sleeve Template (Free Printable Packaging Sleeves)

When designing the perfect packaging for your beverage product, you need to make sure every nitty gritty detail is nailed down, from the size of the bottle to the way it looks. This includes the shrink sleeves that are added to your bottles before they’re sent to your vendors and placed on the shelves.

Fortunately, our packaging sleeve templates can help you purchase the perfect size packaging sleeve because nothing screams “unprofessional” more than a packaging sleeve that doesn’t fit the bottle.

How to use our templates for packaging sleeves

Our goal is to help you create the perfect packaging sleeve, and part one of this is selecting the appropriate size. One important thing to keep in mind is that you should have extra material to account for shrinkage. Simply measure the circumference of your bottle, and use the chart below to determine how much extra you’ll need to purchase:

Now that you’ve decided on the perfect size for your packaging sleeve, it’s time to take that information and use it to design the perfect packaging sleeve.

Tips for designing the perfect packaging sleeve

Now that you’ve decided on the appropriate size, you’ll need to make sure the design is up to snuff. Here are some quick tips for designing your packaging sleeves:

  • Don’t forget your logo- Since your packaging sleeve is your customer’s first touchpoint with your product, you’ll need to clearly include your logo on the sleeve.
  • Incorporate brand colors – Brand colors are just as important as your logo! Although some brands, like Tiffany or McDonald’s, can get away with using JUST colors, we recommend adding both to your packaging sleeve.
  • Include relevant information – Relevant information for a bottle sleeve include nutritional information, like calories, sodium, sugar, and ingredients. You’ll also want to clearly include any allergen information on your packaging sleeve.
  • Outshine your competition – Let’s face it, your design needs to be catchy enough to convince a customer to grab YOUR product from the crowded shelves at the convenience store. Get creative with your designs!

Our CareDesign team can help walk you through the entire packaging sleeve design process from start to finish. We can be as involved or hands-off as you prefer! If you need help with logo placement, material selection, or anything else, we’re on standby to help in any way we can.

Packaging sleeve templates: FAQs

How do you measure packaging sleeves?

To accurately measure the length of your packaging sleeves, wrap a piece of paper around your product and mark where both ends of the paper meet. Then, measure the space between the two markings. Make sure to account for shrinkage amounts (see below question and above chart for more information.)

What are shrink sleeve average shrinkage amounts?

Different materials shrink at different rates. You need to know the shrinkage percentage of your sleeve material to accurately calculate shrinkage amounts. Use our chart above to calculate shrinkage amounts.

Are there eco-friendly shrink sleeve materials?

Yes, PLA shrink sleeves are available!

Should I create a mock-up?

We recommend creating a mock-up or prototype with your actual sleeve and container to ensure that the sizing and artwork look correct after the shrinking process.

CarePac: Your Partner in Design

At CarePac, we truly try to take the guesswork out of designing packaging sleeves by providing easy-to-use templates. We even take it a step further by incorporating shrinkage amounts into our templates. This way, you can purchase the perfectly sized packaging sleeve without having to worry about shrinkage or having too much (or not enough) material.

Have questions about our templates or design process? Contact our team and we’ll be happy to help

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