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Custom Pouch Features

 Custom Pouch Features

If you’re designing custom stand-up pouches for your brands, you know it’s ALL in the details (which, in the packaging industry, we call features.) Custom features are what transform an ordinary, run-of-the-mill pouch into printed packaging that truly represents your brand.

From hang holes and tin ties to child-resistant properties and flexible packaging features intended to improve shelf life, we can incorporate a myriad of features into your high-quality digitally printed custom pouches. Each pouch is unique and will be designed and printed just for you.

Learn more about the many benefits of the customizable features we can incorporate into your custom packaging, because, as a business owner, you know your product isn’t basic, and its package shouldn’t be either. Stand out on the shelves with our custom gusset stand up pouches that we'll create just for you. Request more information about our custom stand up pouches today.


Especially important for food and snack brands, tamper-evident features give your customer peace of mind that the food in the pouch hasn’t been tampered with and is of high quality. Ideal for many products, from snacks and candy to cannabis, this pouch feature is even required in some industries.

The added bonus? Tamper-evident pouches are less likely to open during transit. These custom stand-up pouches are available in three different styles (easy loading, reclosable, and clear) we have the perfect tamper-evident packaging for your product. Learn more.

If your product is potentially dangerous to children (or you’re in a highly regulated industry) child-resistant packaging is essential. All our child-resistant pouches are smell-proof and opaque and come in a variety of zipper formats. They're high quality and this printed pouch will keep kids out.

Some common products that require child-resistant packaging include detergent pods, pharmaceutical products, medicinal herbs, cannabis edibles, marijuana concentrates, and chlorine, and this feature can be incorporated into single-use packaging or “lifetime” child-resistant packaging. Learn more.


Resealability is a great feature to incorporate into your printed pouch if you’re looking to keep your product fresh, safe from the outside elements, and to avoid spills and leaks. Resealable bags come in many forms from stand up pouches (k seal stand up pouch, and Doy style stand up pouches. Read more.

Resealable Zippers

CarePac can incorporate a few different resealable options into your pouch, including standard press to close zippers, pull-tab style zippers, child-resistant zipper for a child-resistant pouch, as well special use zippers like powder zippers, and heavy duty dual flange zippers, and the basic string zipper. Available in multiple configurations and styles, we’re sure to have the resealable pouch you’re looking for that works with the material you are using. Read more.

Hang Holes

Custom hang-hole pouches are often taken for granted, but are indispensable for many products. A hang hole allows your pouch to be displayed on the shelf OR from a peg board. Typically placed at the center of the pouch, we have three different hang-hole options (round, sombrero, osha), giving you even more stylistic control over your final product.

While round, sombrero, and osha hang holes do come standard on most of our stock products, it is also a customizable option on any custom-printed pouches we create. More info on hang holes is available on our hang hole page!


Custom Tear-Notch Bags

This customizable feature allows your customers to easily open the custom stand up pouches when they’re ready to consume what’s inside. Similar to our tamper-evident pouches, tear notches also provide assurance to your customer that the bag hasn’t been tampered with.

We can incorporate tear notches into pouches with and without zippers and will work with you to determine the perfect placement for the tear notches. This is an extremely common feature of flexible packaging, even custom-size ones, and one we’re very familiar with. Check out our tear notch placement table on our tear notch page.

Spout Pouches

Whether you’re packaging food items like baby food, soaps and cleaning chemicals, alcoholic beverage mixers, fitness drinks, or yogurt, spout pouches are an economical and efficient way to store and transport liquids, pastes, and gels. If your brand deals with a liquid material, these are the custom stand up pouches for you.

Our spout pouches have the shelf life of a can and the convenience of an easy-open pouch, giving you the best of both worlds in one convenient design. We even have a standard and anti-choke spout cap, with custom colorization and full customization available with both types of spout pouches (MOQs apply). Find out More.


Degassing Valve Pouches

These custom pouch options allow gases produced in the bag to escape (without allowing outside air to enter the bag), which effectively prevents the bag from bursting. This is an extremely common bag feature in the coffee industry, but degassing valves can also be used in packaging for sauerkraut, kimchi, and other fermented foods.

We offer several versions of this feature, and our highest quality degassing valves are imported from Switzerland for the highest level of protection. A bit more info is available on our degassing valve page. 

Tin Tie Bags

Perfect for packaging and merchandising a variety of specialty items, tin tie bags are often used to sell fresh grounds or whole-bean coffee. The bottom gusset allows them to stand up on their own, and the built-in tin ties, often made of a metalized material, make them versatile and easy to use.

Though these bottom gusset paper bags are especially popular in the coffee industry, tin tie bags can also be used to package baked goods, pet treats, and other on-the-go snacks. Ideal for short-term packaging, CarePac has a variety of tin tie colors for you to choose from. 

If you want the end user to be able to close the pouches permanently, lip and seal tape packaging is just what you’re looking for. Commonly used for courier bags, cell phone storage pouches, “return to us” pouches, or to package cleaning chemicals and specimen bags, these bags will create a permanent seal while in transit and can be designed and customized just for you. Learn more.

Often used on a 2-seal or 3-seal pouch, they can also be placed on a stand-up pouch. 

EZ Peel Pouch Packaging

With custom peel pouch packaging, your customer can easily peel open the pouch and access the product inside without having to fumble around with zippers or tin ties.

Often used for dermal pouches infused with oils, single-use cleaning wipes, or gauze and bandages, this type of packaging is easy to open and guaranteed to protect the product inside from the elements. With our protective peel packaging, you can provide your customers with the convenience they deserve. More info on EZ Peelable pouches here.


Have you ever needed to track an individual product (or your entire inventory) for QA or safety reasons once it's been packaged and shipped to your vendors? Looking for a way to "prove" product authenticity to your customers? Thanks to CarePac's innovative serialized labels, we make inventory management easier than ever before, allowing you to achieve the maximum value from your product packaging. More info on Serialized Barcodes.


Customize Your Custom Stand Up Pouches with CarePac

As leaders in the custom packaging industry, we have tons of experience with all of the above features and configurations, regardless of the bag size, barrier film, or durable materials used.

No project is too large or complex, and we are happy to add any of the above features to your bag to complement your printing, logo and print finish choices. We've got you covered, no matter the bag dimensions, shape, materials, or if a hang hole is used.

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