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Sea Moss Packaging

Custom Sea Moss Packaging Will Make Your Product Fly Off the Shelf

People Buy With Their Eyes First

If you are producing Sea Moss, be prepared for a lot of competition. The Health & Wellness industry is worth more than $4.2 trillion every year. It is incredibly competitive, which makes how you package your product vital to your brand’s success. If you are looking for a custom sea moss packaging solution for your Sea Moss product, consider flexible packaging from CarePac. 

The increased demand for Sea Moss is undeniable. Rising costs of Glass jars, and plastic tubs makes stand up pouches a attractive alternative. Freezable, and re-closable your consumers are used to purchasing many products in pouches, and now they can also purchase your Sea Moss in pouches as well. 

Preserve and Protect Your Sea Moss

As you're well aware, Sea Moss contains many nutrients, such as Vitamin B12, Calcium, Chromium, Zinc, and Iodine. Whether your packaging dried, gel, or fresh packed sea moss, you want to protect it from losing those vital nutrients. 

  • Lightweight: The thin paper, plastic, or other material used to create a flexible container typically weighs less than the alternatives to rigid packaging. This weight reduction may be a big help in bringing down the price of shipping. 
  • Lower Cost: Generally speaking, lighter packaging uses less material. It is simpler to create a "family of products" with packaging made of the same materials but with different sizes, printing, and other features since flexible packaging may be readily converted to a wide range of sea moss products' weights and volumes. 
  • Versatility: Packaging can be produced to meet the specific requirements of a given sea-moss product. Materials with a variety of properties are widely available, and coextrusion or lamination can be used to create materials with a combination of properties. This makes it possible for flexible packaging to be used for a variety of products, including food, sea moss-infused drinks, gel, etc.  
  • Environmental: Flexible packaging is better for the environment because it uses less material and takes up less room in landfills. These benefits have been a major factor in the rise in the availability of flexibles in retail settings.

What You Need to Know About Custom Sea Moss Packaging

Make Your Product Fly Off The Shelf With Custom Sea Moss Packaging

Our flexible barrier packaging is ideal for Sea Moss packaging in all its forms. Glass jars are not airtight, and they often break during transport. Glass jars are also very heavy, adding a ton of money to shipping charges.

We offer our custom sea moss packaging, bags and pouches made from over 40 different barrier materials so we can create a unique package just for you.



Since you only use Sea Moss in small doses, you may choose to add a zipper top to your bag or pouch. This zipper top allows your customer to keep the sea moss fresh while only using a little



Custom Sea Moss gel packaging must be strong but also flexible to protect from leaks during shipping. If you also offer your Sea Moss in a gel form, we have pouches and bags that include a spout on the corner, giving easy access to the contents inside.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sea Moss in its dried form must be protected from excess moisture and oxygen to stay fresh. You can choose from one of our biodegradable or recyclable packages to appeal to the health food market.

Benefits of Custom Sea Moss Packaging

Save Money

We have many different options for budgets of all sizes. And our prices aren’t only competitive; we offer a 5% price match guarantee on all custom sea moss packaging.

Fast Lead Times

We offer some of the fastest lead times in the business. Expedited lead times for digital printing can be as low as 15 working days, and plate printing come in at 4 weeks.

Custom Sized

Personalize the size of your custom sea moss packaging, pouches or bags to exactly the right size you need.

Customer Service

We take every customer seriously. When you call, an actual person, in the U.S. will answer the phone, eager to answer all of your questions regarding custom sea moss packaging.

Sell More Product

Customers enjoy the benefits of re-closable zippers + the stand-up pouch with your personalized custom sea moss packaging design helps your bag stand out on the shelf.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Our MOQ’s are some of the lowest around – as little as 5,000 pieces with a digital print job!

Popular Custom Sea Moss Packaging Configurations

3-seal Pouch

Sealed on three sides with a block bottom snack packaging. Ideal for a variety of uses and will call attention to your product on the shelves of any store or retail space.

Spout Pouch

Spout Pouch

The spout pouch configuration is specifically designed for liquid fill applications. From Juice, to baby food, this configuration is gaining popularity due to the cost savings of spout pouches over other liquid packaging, such as jars or rigid plastics.

Stand Up Pouch

Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouches have a wide face and back, which makes them perfect for custom printing and/or applying a label. Stand up bags can be custom printed and available features heavy duty zippers, tear notches, hang holes, pour spouts, and valves. 

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