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Meat Packaging

Our custom meat packaging gives you the flexibility to decide what's right for your meat product. From the size of the bag to how the product is loaded, and whether you opt for vacuum or high barrier materials, CarePac's unique customization process means you're in control of the packaging for your beef, poultry products, and other processed meat products. Learn more about our custom sizing, printing, and other customization options below.

Custom Sizing Available for All Bags

-At CarePac, we pride ourselves on our fast shipping, easy going characteristics, cost efficient products, and fast turnaround, but what truly sets us apart from our meat labeling and packaging competition is our customization capabilities. We can product meat packaging that meats your exact specifications! We realize that not every butcher or meat processing company's products fit in the same size package, which is why we offer several standard sizes and full customization services for our clients that want something different. Whether you need a really big package or a really small one, we can create meat and poultry labels and packaging to match.

Learn more about our printing process and customization capabilities.

Top + Bottom
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We're in the business of keeping each and every consumer happy, and that includes allowing our customers to select how they load their meat or produce. With our unique packaging, customers can load their meat into the bags from the top or from the bottom. Top load bags are loaded by you through the same end the consumer will extract the product, while bottom load is the opposite.

Whether you opt for top or bottom loading, you can guarantee that your beef and meat products will look great on the shelves. And, with fast turnaround and quick shipping, your customers will be able to purchase your meat faster than if you worked with a different meat packaging brand or company.


Full Design

Another unique benefit of working with our business to design and print your meat bags is our attention to detail and customization process. Our CareDesign team is comprised of design professionals who will walk you through the customization process. If you want custom colors, to print your bag with a special material, or would like to incorporate specific labeling or brand messaging to your fresh or frozen meat pouch, our team will identify what will look best.

Learn more about our custom design, printing process, and pouch configurations.

Vacuum vs. High Barrier for Meats? 

The customization doesn't end with adding a logo, stickers, adhesives, or custom colors to your packaging. CarePac can also customize the materials and how your custom meat, pork, or poultry bag is sealed. For fresh and frozen meat products, specifically, most customers opt for vacuum sealed or high barrier bags.

Vacuum sealed pouches

Our commercial vacuum pouches can be used for a variety of meat preparation, labeling, and storage purposes, including storing frozen or fresh meats. If you transport meat products from a food prep facility to a restaurant or grocery store, high-quality chamber vacuum bags are essential for your success and bottom line. We offer vacuum pouches in a variety of thicknesses, including 3 mil, 4 mil, and up to 7 mil, for especially heavy-duty purposes.


High barrier bags

High-barrier bags contain more layers, preventing oxygen permeability. This is a great option for certain meat products, like beef jerky, that has a high moisture content. They’re often made with heavy duty plastic label materials and liners that have puncture and smell-proof properties, meaning the strong scent of dried or cured meat won't permeate through the bag.  Learn more about our printing process and bag materials.

CarePac: Your Partner in
Customized Meat Packaging

CarePac focuses exclusively on custom packaging for a variety of industries, including the meat packaging industry. We have exceptional customer service reps who are committed to making sure your meat packaging is completed to perfection. With our CareDesign® process you can rest assured that your pouches will be done right, no matter what. Our team is ready to to produce a high quality bag for your poultry, chicken, or beef products. With quick shipping, a state-of-the-art printing facility, and a friendly team of helpful design reps, you'll notice the quality difference if you work with CarePac. Get an Instant Quote today to learn more.

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