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There’s an old saying Quality, Price, or Speed, pick two. At CarePac all our bags are produced to the same quality standards.

While our innovative lead-time menu gives you the control to adjust the price-to-speed ratio depending on your project’s specific needs.


CarePac’s Innovative lead-time menu has three options:




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How can CarePac offer lower pricing on slower production schedules?

Everything we make is totally custom, so the more time we have to plan, and optimize our production scheduling, the more efficient our production is, the less material waste, and machine downtime between production runs.

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Is our fastest production schedule, you’re getting priority placement, are front of the line, and each step of production is pushed forward as quickly as possible. Our fastest Express option is Express Digital which is 15 working days.

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Our standard schedule is comparable to most domestic custom pouch makers. Unlike some competitors who have streamlined their production scheduling by limiting customers choices on material, bag configuration, and sizing. We let our customers totally customize the bag, which results in unique product packaging that makes your product stand out.

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With our economy production schedule you sacrifice speed for the lowest per-unit price we can offer. With plenty of time to plan our material utilization, and factory machine time, we can extend to you the best possible pricing.

Who is each lead-time best suited for?

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Bag Emergency

Perhaps you didn’t plan ahead, or an unforeseen opportunity (or emergency) arises. With Express you get totally custom pouches as fast as we can make them. 

LEAD 32 Lead Time Menu


Busy Businesses

You’re looking for that sweet spot of price to speed. Small businesses that have to balance unit cost with cash flow. Standard is best for most companies. 
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 Established brands

These are established SKUs and you are forecasting and planning months in advance for pouch utilization and new product development. 
Manufacturing Lead Times Lead Time Menu

How does CarePac stack up against the competition?

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As we mentioned several competitors state amazing lead-times, if you’re willing to sacrifice customization, work with a few sizes, materials, and configurations they offer, and are only wanting digital printing. 
With CarePac we offer competitive lead times while still offering you complete pouch customization. Oh, and let’s not forget the Chinese, they might quote you “20 days” but they don’t tell you about the 3 months your bags sit on the boat, or the (expensive) express shipping fees. With the never-ending supply chain issues in China, your 20 days can become 10 months very fast.
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