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Laser Scoring for Flexible Packaging

What is Laser Scoring?

Laser scoring is a manufacturing technique that uses a laser beam to create accurate perforations in packaging This means that the package can be opened easily by customers without the use of tools, like scissors. The score lines, or "tear notches", can be added to the package side to side (cross web), or up and down (down web), giving businesses the flexibility to add a tear line wherever they see fit.

Laser scoring is an extremely popular manufacturing method, as easy open packaging continues to grow in popularity around the world. In this blog, we'll discuss the benefits of adding laser scoring to your flexible packaging, its different applications, and how CarePac's laser scoring technology is superior to other more conventional methods.

Benefits of Laser Scoring with CarePac

By adding laser scoring to your bags, your consumers will know precisely where to open the bag. This can help prevent a mess -- we all know what can happen when a bag is difficult to open; it's either aggressively ripped apart out of frustration or must be opened via mechanical methods, like using a pair of scissors, neither of which is ideal for the customer experience.

Not only is flexible packaging with laser scoring easier to open, but it can improve the preservation and protection of contents inside. When implemented correctly, the tear notch will not impact the barrier properties of the bag; in fact, it can help preserve them since closing the bag after use is made easier.

Additionally, you can fully customize the tearing paths. As mentioned before, with precise laser processing, the bag or pouch can be opened side to side, or up and down. When combined with a zip-lock, the individual layers of the bag can even be tightly sealed, an ideal practice for multi-use bags that should still be opened easily.

Applications of Laser Scoring

There are a variety of products and flexible packaging materials that can benefit from laser scoring. The technology can be added to a variety of flexible materials and multilayer laminates, including polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, nylon, and multilayer films.

In addition to being affordable, convenient, and hygienic, laser scoring is just one customizable feature that can be added to your bags. Other customization options include: the addition of a zip lock type zipper, text indicating where a user should tear the films, and adding more than one rippable straight line so a user can open the bag from both sides, among others.

Common use cases

Although laser scoring can be added to virtually any bag via laser processing, here are some popular use cases for leveraging the laser beam technology on packaging:

  • Coffee
  • Snacks
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cannabis
  • Print materials
  • Any other application where precisely opening packaging is essential

CarePac's Laser Scoring Technology

When it comes to laser cutting for custom pouches, there are a few things that separate this type of industrial cutting technology from others. Here are just a few of the essential advantages of working with CarePac for your laser scoring and production needs:

It's extremely precise. This type of manufacturing process is extremely precise. If accuracy is important to you, leveraging our laser technology for precise cuts is key.

Producing pouches with laser scoring is efficient. Since our machine can add cuts anywhere on the flexible film using laser power, it's extremely efficient.

Our laser scored bags are fully customizable. Any of our flexible film packaging can be fully customized, regardless of whether or not scoring is used. If you want to achieve a certain look, we can make it happen.

Our MOQs are flexible. The laser cutting process is often used for short runs and prototyping, so you won't be tied to large orders. This is one of the key advantages of opting for laser scoring.

Getting Started with CarePac

With decades of experience in the flexible packaging industry, CarePac is your go-to source for all your laser scoring and bag production needs. We have access to the highest-quality laser cutting machines and technology, including fiber lasers, transverse flow lasers, and high power CNC machines. Our laser cutting services are affordable, efficient, and we proudly perform all work in the USA.

Our CareDesign team is on hand to answer any questions you may have, from the desired cutting width to how our high energy fiber laser works during production. Contact us today to get your project started and to see what can be achieved with this high-quality manufacturing process. We'll work with you to create the appropriate vector files, run through the settings and final file with you, and will fully explain the ins and outs of our system.

Getting Started with CarePac

Can a laser beam score paper?

Yes, you can precisely cut, engrave, score or perforate paper, cardboard or pasteboard with a laser machine during the production process.

What materials should you not cut with a laser scoring machine?

This type of processing is not ideal for every material; materials that should be avoided include epoxy and fiberglass. Although the laser source uses minimal heat input, it can still damage the integrity of these materials.

Can the laser scoring process compromise the integrity of packaging?

Research shows that laser scoring has no impact on the durability of the packaging material. It will not effect the quality of the bag, as long as the material used can withstand the manufacturing process.


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