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While plain white pharmacy bags and labels will certainly do the trick, why not leverage those boring to-go baggies as an exciting advertising opportunity? Custom wholesale pharmacy bags and pill baggies are a great way to increase the visibility of your brand, promote your unique service offerings, and engage your patients in a way that won’t invade their privacy. With perfectly branded bags, your existing customers will regard you in a new light!

By purchasing branded and fully customizable pharmacy bags from CarePac, you’ll easily be able to promote your private label pharmaceutical company without ugly labels or black marker. Plus, you can rest assured that our pill baggies will meet compliance standards set forth by the FDA and won’t rip or break during handling. We specialize in adding custom branding to wholesale packaging in a variety of industries, ranging from foods and snacks to pharmaceuticals. 

Bill Baggies and Single Serving

Whether you’re selling pre-metered vitamins, supplements or
prescription medication. VFFS roll stock or finished pouches are a great packaging solution, with lower per-unit costs, and better printing surfaces. They also reduce the application requirements of using labels or tape. 

The Benefits of Branded Pharmacy

When it comes to white branded pharmacy bags, there are a plethora of benefits. Not only are they a discreet and convenient way for your customers to transport their medications, vials, and syringes, but our custom printed paper or flat poly pharmacy bags are among the strongest bags you’ll be able to find on the market.

Here are a few other advantages of using custom printed bags for your medical products: 

Custom Printed Flat Poly Bags Offer 

  • Tear resistant so the bag won’t accidentally rip or tear                 during transport 
  • Opaque materials help guard your patient’s privacy
  • Our gusseted poly bags can be heat sealable to provide the utmost tamper       resistance.
  • Our high-density materials mean these bags are stronger             than traditional paper bags with labels.
  • They’ll keep oxygen and contaminants out so the medical supplies within stay potent 
  • Can be ordered in a variety of sizes, so you can fit a variety of products inside

Custom Printed Paper Pharmacy Bags Offer

  • Marketing and branding to keep your brand on the top of consumer’s minds.
  • Differentiate your compounding pharmacy from the big        brands.
  • Educate your consumer on the special services your pharmacy offer.

As you can see, branded pharmacy bags with labels added have a variety of benefits to consider.
Plain white bags will get the job done, but why settle for plain when you can take it one step further and
create the perfect bag for your brand?

Features to Consider When Customizing Your Poly Bags 

While CarePac can incorporate a variety of features into your pharmacy bags, there are a few features that we think are a natural fit. Learn more about our sustainable materials, color customization capabilities, and high-quality finishes.  


Those who are concerned about their health may also be concerned about the environment -- after all, one’s environment often has a direct impact on their health. You may wish to consider using Kraft paper or one of our recyclable or compostable plastics for your branded bag. You can view all our recycled bags materials here, and choose the one that aligns with your goals. 


All too often, the medical field is sterile -- as it should be! Fortunately, this doesn’t have to apply to your pharmacy’s bags. By incorporating bold colors or a large logo onto your dose pill pouches and pill baggies or vials, you can draw your customer’s eye to the bag itself (not necessarily what’s inside.) Add your phone number or a sweet message to take the personalization one step further.

Soft Touch or
Gloss Finishes

If you want to create a superior experience for your patients, consider adding a soft touch or gloss finish to your bag. A glossy finish is both durable and appealing (it’s also the most common bag finish!), while soft touch will provide a soft, smooth hand feel. Other finishes to consider include embossed foil, matte finishes, or a combination of 2+ finishes. 

Child Resistant

If you work in the cannabis industry or otherwise require child-resistant properties to be incorporated into your bags, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re dispensing cannabis, pre-measured pill packs for medications like Viagra, or simply would prefer to keep kids out, simply inquire about our child-resistant features, and we can definitely incorporate them. Child resistant pouches are cheaper and easier to brand than bill bottles.

Benefits of Working With CarePac

As leaders in the packaging industry, we’re often asked, “What sets you apart from your competitors?” Here are just a few things that distinguish our company from others you may be considering.


Our proprietary CareDesign process means one thing: we make it as easy as possible to customize the look and feel of your bag. From the initial design mock-ups to the final product, we’ll walk you through each of the steps. We’re proud to provide brand design services to help you create the branded packaging you deserve.

We’ll Save You Money

We have many different flexible packaging solutions for budgets of all sizes, and no project is too big or too small. By working with CarePac, your pharmacy bags can compete with others in your industry, at a price that works for you and your business.

Fast Lead Times

We offer some of the fastest lead times in the industry, especially if you aren’t going with full customization and are instead purchasing products we already have in stock. With CarePac, you’ll have your premium pill baggies in your hands in less time!

Customize Your Pill Baggies Today!

As you design your wholesale pill baggies, it’s important to find a packaging partner that offers all of the above -- and then some! Since our inception, we’ve been designing, manufacturing, and producing packaging for a variety of clients within the pharmaceutical industry, regardless of their size or budget.

When you partner with a flexible packaging company that  specializes in pharmaceutical packaging and has low order minimums, short lead times, and stellar customer service, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Plus, we have the equipment necessary to produce even large order quantities in a short amount of time. No matter your needs, CarePac is committed to providing a solution. Get an Instant Quote today!

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