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The Cookie Packaging Industry Is Huge

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The more crowded and competitive your market space, the more you need your product to stand out from the rest. That's where custom printed bottom gusset bags come in. Not only is packaging your cookies, confections, and pastries in flexible barrier packaging good for its shelf life but it’s just the thing you need to take your product to the next level.

The cookie packaging industry is huge, so we know how hard it is to stand out from your competition. Almost everyone likes a good cookie, so let’s help you cut a bigger piece out of that pie, err cookie, with our custom professional packaging!

From traditional chocolate chip to over-the-top cookie bars, the right cookie packaging will help close your next major business deal. That’s where multi-layer barrier liner films really do the trick in preserving your sweet treats. It'll be like your cookie came straight out of the bakery. 

With a variety of films to choose from plus options for printing on the bags, you’ll attract more vendors and see increased revenue in your business.

Save Money

Packaging your cookie treats in a flexible bag reduces costs over more expensive paperboard boxes. Plus, it will help you compete with the major cookie brands, Buy wholesale and save even more.

Full Color


Add any logos, graphics, and nutritional information on your custom cookie bags. Partnering with a hotel chain or airline? Add language that speaks to travelers for a personal touch that’s sure to be appreciated.


Sized Bags

Customize the size of your personalized cookie bags to exactly the size you need. From a handful of tiny chocolate chip cookies to one giant cookie with M&Ms, our packaging is (quite literally) built around your product, whether it's for a wedding or as an everyday snack.



A cookie packaged in these materials keeps fresh much longer than traditional treat bags, extending shelf life and improving your ROI! The last thing you need is a new customer biting into a stale cookie! Plus, we can create tamper evident plastic packaging for your cookies.

Sell More


Customers enjoy the benefits of re-closable zippers and the high-quality feel of soft touch, matte packaging. Our fully customizable cookie bags are made to help you sell more cookies. Low Minimum Order Quantities

Low Minimum

Order Quantities

Whether you’re trying to land a major deal or are curious about switching vendors, we make it easy to test the waters. With CarePac, you can print as few as 5,000 pieces. But trust us, once you experience the CarePac difference you’ll be back for more.

Cookie Boxes vs Cookie Bags

Cookie Cartons and Boxes

  • Higher per-unit and labor costs. 
  • Lower barrier / shorter shelf Life.
  • More labeling typically required.
  • Slower production line.
  • Less consistent re-close option for the consumer. 
  • limited display options, typically self display only. 

Cookie Pouches and Bags

  • Lower per-unit costs, reduced loading labor.
  • Extend cookie shelf life with barrier films.
  • Reduce or eliminate label or photo application.
  • Easy and fast loading, no assembly required. 
  • Consumers love re-closable zippers, easy to carry. 
  • Shelf, display box, and peg display compatible. 

Best Cookie Bag Materials


CareSilver is our line of Vapor Metalized polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films. Metalized PET is economical, yet effective, bringing you the best of both worlds. Plus, it’s free of toxins, meaning you can cater to even the most health-conscious cookie fans. Place a photo of your cookie on front and wait for your product to sell out! 


Clear barrier films formulated with PET, PE, CPP, and BOPP are a keystone of barrier packaging. Clear base barriers are affordable and provide quality protection against moisture and oxygen


CareKraft is our line of flexible kraft paper exterior cookie bag materials. Final pouches can incorporate a viewing window, and can be enhanced with high barrier layers to extend the shelf life of the cookie products in the bag. These materials are compatible with zippers, and tin-ties.  These are great for events, like a wedding or classic birthday party. 

Custom Cookie Packaging Configurations

(per Item or for Bulk Packaging)

Here are some popular configurations for custom printed cookie bags
Roll Stock


Tubing and Rollstock for form fill pouches is the most cost effective, but these configurations require loading machinery typically referred to as Form Fill machines, and the expertise to run the machine. Roll-stock is advisable for high volume mass produced and distributed cookies where speed, efficiency and cost savings are key project requirements. 

3 Seal Pouch

Two and Three Seal


For cookie bags, consider the design and shape of clear three-seal bags. This allows for a stylish take on stand up packaging, with the strength and durability needed for bulk-sized cookie quantities. It is an intermediate cost point and allows for peg board display.

Reclosable Zipper  Pouch Bags

Reclosable Zipper

Pouch Bags

These are indispensable for all cookies. Custom printed cookie packaging that can be easily sealed again by customers helps keep their products fresh. Adding a Adding a reclosable zipper gives your customers the ability to practice portion control or enjoy their snack on-the-go. This is ideal for higher margin cookies.

Cookie Packaging FAQs

Whether you are new to custom printed packaging or a seasoned pro you may have a few questions about our products and process.

Q: Can I print on a pouch for cookies?

Yes, we offer full printing services for our cookie customers. From simple prints to full bleed. CarePac offers both digital and plate style printing. Printing your cookie packaging gives you the entire surface of the package to use for marketing, graphics, logos, and nutritional information.

Printed cooking pouches, tubing, and roll stock can help you reduce or eliminate labeling and speed up your loading times. 

Q: Can I get a zipper closure?

Yes of course. Press and close zippers are very common with food items, allowing your customer to enjoy the product over time. You can also add hang holes and tear notches for added versatility. We also now off a hook and look style zipper closure option as well. 

Q: I want a printed cookie bag but also an area where my customers can see the cookies. Is that possible?

Yes, that is known as a “window.” Simply lay it out in your art file and we can add it in. Windows are commonly shaded light grey or blue to call them out.

Q: What sets you apart from competitors?

Yes, our cookie bags are fully customizable and stylish, but what really set us apart is our customer service and discount prices. We will work with you to design the perfect bag, and will be available throughout the entire process. Unlike other companies that disappear after the order is made, we’ll always be available for re-orders, questions, or to address your concerns. That’s why so many of our customers are repeat customers.

Q: Will the barrier films help keep the cookies fresh?

Yes, we only work in flexible multi-layer barrier films intended to keep oxygen and moisture out of the pouch, helping your cookies stay fresh longer in our cookie bags. There are alot of variables to the exact shelf life any particular product can expect. With Shelf Stable baked goods, two of the biggest concerns is the migration of moisture, and oxygen intrusion. Barrier Films, such as the materials we use to make pouches, create a environment that reduces the transmission of moisture and oxygen into and out of the pouch.  

Q: What size of pouch would you recommend?

It’s fully customizable to suit your needs. Cookies come in all different sizes and thicknesses. That is why custom sizing is so important ( and helpful). Generally you want a pouch to be a little bigger than you might otherwise think so there is ample room to fill the pouch with your cookies. Another great trick is to see if a competitor already makes a cookie in a similar size and style as yours then see if your cookie fits in their packaging, and we can use that as a basis to work from. Tell us your dimensions and we’ll tell you if it’s possible. And it’s almost always possible.

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