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Custom Cheese Packaging

Custom Cheese Packaging Will Make Your Product Fly Off the Shelf

People Buy Cheese Packaging With Their Eyes First

Cheese makes everything taste better —pizza, pasta, salads, casseroles and more. As people get busier and busier, they are turning to time saving products like shredded cheese, cheese sticks, and pre-sliced cheese. As sales of cheese increase, the number of players in the market also increases. How do you keep yourself ahead of the competition? Your packaging.

CarePac specializes in custom cheese packaging solutions for small-to-medium producers of all kinds. Almost all retail cheese makers use some sort of specialty packaging. Our highly specialized technology protects your cheese from moisture + oxygen — two things that ruin good cheese. Our packaging experts are there for you every step of the way to make your packaging shelf ready!

We combine the convenience of a large packaging manufacturer (think fast lead times, low MOQ's, high quality) with the service of a small family owned business. You bet that our products are designed for performance in mind. Our clients range from independent business owners with cheese businesses to retail stores. We help them keep their cheese and other dairy products fresher, for longer. We are different from other large manufacturers in that we view our customers as family. Order a free sample today to see the quality of our products. Once you go with CarePac you'll never go back!

We Make Custom Packaging For All Types of Cheese & Dairy Products

Every type of cheese requires different forms of packaging to keep them fresh. Because cheese is a natural product, it can get stale quickly when not stored properly. We design our products with film seals that keep moisture and air out. Our partners rely on the performance of our dairy packaging to run their businesses. We don't take this lightly. When you work with CarePac you are in good hands. We're proud to be the preferred cheese packaging partner for many independent businesses in the US.

Shredded Cheese

If you're selling shredded cheese, your packages will most likely need to include the convenience of resealable zipper tops. 

Cubed Cheese

Our flow pack film packaging is perfect for separating your cubed cheese into bite sized morsels. We have rollstock options for your convenience.  

Sliced Cheese

With so many different options for sliced cheese on the market, the way to get consumers to view your company as the superior option is to invest in quality packaging. 

Benefits of Custom Printed Packaging For Your Cheese Products

Save Money

We have many different options for budgets of all sizes. And our prices aren’t only competitive; we offer a 5% price match guarantee on all custom cheese packaging.

Fast Lead Times

We offer some of the fastest lead times in the business. Expedited lead times for digital and plate printing come in at 4 weeks and 5 weeks respectively.

Custom Sizes Based On Your Cheese Type

Customize the size of your bag or pouch to exactly the right size you need.



We take every customer seriously. When you call, an actual person, in the U.S. will answer the phone, eager to answer all of your questions.

Sell More


Customers enjoy the benefits of re-closable zippers + the stand-up pouch with your custom printed design helps your cheese stand out on the shelf.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Our MOQ’s are some of the lowest around – as little as 5000 pieces with a digital print job!

Different Packaging Options Available Based On Your Cheese

Stand Up

Pouch Packaging

Stand up pouches have a wide face and back, which makes them perfect for custom printing and/or applying a label to your dairy product packages. Stand up bags can be custom printed and available features include heavy duty zippers, tear notches, hang holes, pour spouts, and valves. They're designed with performance in mind.

2+3-Seal Pouch Packaging

If your cheese doesn’t need to sit on a shelf, these economical choices may be just what you’re looking for. Just as the name implies, 2-seal pouches are sealed on each side with a folded bottom. The more popular 3-seal bags are sealed on all three sides, allowing the top to stay open for filling.

Fin Seal Cheese Packaging

Fin Seal pouches are a form fill design and is used in certain fill machines. It is available both as a finished pouch and a fin seal tubing ready configuration. Fin Seal pouches are a traditional pouch design that has been used successfully for years in cheese packaging designs. They can even be used for yogurt packaging. 

Not Ready for Custom Packaging? Check Out Our Cheese Bags In Stock + Ready to Ship

CareClear 2x3 - 100 Pack

CareClear 2×3 – 100 Pack

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CareWhite 3.5×4.5 – 100 Pack

CareWhite 3.5×4.5 – 100 Pack

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CareBlack Child Resistant 3.75×6×2 (1/8 oz) – 100 Pack

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CareKraft 4×6×2.5 – 100 Pack

CareKraft 4×6×2.5 – 100 Pack

From $20.99

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