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De-gassing Valves

De-gassing Valves

You’ve seen de-gassing valves on many of the pouches you have purchased. De-gassing valves, also called one-way valves allow for gases that are being produced in the bag to escape preventing the bag from bursting. These valves are commonly used for coffee, but can be used in any pouch application where the contents of the bag emits gas, such as Kimchi.

De-gassing valves allow the built of gas inside the bags to be released but does not allow normal air from entering the bags within the performance limits of the valves. We offer several versions of the de-gassing valves to meet different needs and sizes of pouches.

For the highest level of product protection our premium de-gassing valves are imported from Switzerland, and are considered the world’s leading degassing valve from WIPF AG.


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