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Degassing Valve

Degassing Valve

You've seen valves on many of the pouches you have purchased. A Degassing valve, also called one-way degassing valve, allows gases produced in the bag to escape, preventing the bag from bursting. These are commonly used for rigid coffee packaging but can be used in any pouch application where the bag's products emit gas, such as Kimchi.

Degassing valves allow the built of gas inside the bags to be released but do not allow normal air from entering the bags within the performance limits of the valves. We offer several versions to meet different needs and sizes of pouches.

Our premium degassing valves are imported from Switzerland for the highest level of products protection and are considered the world's leading degassing valve from WIPF AG.

What is Degassing?

When talking about a degassing coffee valve, we are mainly talking about coffee beans. As you might know, roasting is a much-needed process when dealing with coffee. Green coffee beans are soft and mushy with a grassy smell. Through roasting, the beans unlock that rich aroma and flavor we all love. Along with it, gases are formed inside the beans and are released for several days. In the first 24 hours, almost 40% of gases (mainly carbon dioxide) leave the beans. Degassing can be a challenge when it comes to packaging, and that's when the degassing valve steps in.

What is a Degassing Valve?

 A degassing valve is a one-way valve that allows the gases released from the beans to be expelled from the bag without letting air come inside it.

Coffee Bags with Degassing Valve

Why Do You Need a Valve on Your Coffee Bags?

Due to degassing process, coffee beans release gases even after being packaged. The coffee bag can become bulged and eventually burst, provoking loss of packaging and product, even hurting workers and customers. A valve will prevent that by letting the gases out.

Since it is a one-way valve, it won't allow the outside air to come in. That will avoid oxidation and moisture, keeping the beans fresher for longer, preserving the original aroma and flavor.

Another plus of having the degassing valve is faster packaging. Two-thirds of CO2 is released from the beans within the first hour after the roasting process. With valved bags, you can start packaging your products in coffee bags right away, being less time-consuming.

From stand up gusseted bags to spouted ones, you can customize your bag in any way you think is the best for your brand and product.

Stand up gusseted bag

Stand up pouches are manufactured with a bottom gusset which, when deployed, allows the bag to stand up on the shelf in a store instead of laying down like flat pouches. Commonly referred to as SUPs, this gusseted bag has more space than a 3-seal with the same outer dimensions

Side Gusseted

Side gusseted pouches are an older and more traditional style. This square bottom pouch is trendy in the coffee industry, can be used with most closure options, and it's fully printable. Differently from the stand up pouch, this bag will only be standing after it is loaded.

Different materials

We have several materials for you to choose from, depending on your needs.

CareClear - Polyester & Nylon Barrier Films

CareClear is a flexible, durable, and robust barrier film due to BoPET and high nylon content. Despite having two layers of different polymers, CareClear is crystal clear, making it a great choice if you want to add die-cut windows to your bag.

CareSilver - Metalized Barrier Films

CareSilver is our line of metallized PET that provides extra protection against moisture and oxidation. With high tensile strength, it's more affordable than aluminum foil packaging.


CareFoil -  Foil Barrier Films

CareFoil is our line of flexible foil barrier packaging materials. We offer several variations of foil to meet the needs of different applications. This metallized material provides the best barrier to both oxygen and water.


CareKraft - Kraft Paper Barriers

CareKraft is our high barrier solution with kraft paper. It appears as paper bags but with high resistance. It's commonly used on coffee bags and when seeking a natural earthly look.


Here are some of the configurations for custom edible packaging we recommend

You can make your customized coffee bag precisely the way you've imagined it. If you are not certain about the design, you can contact our specialists to ensure we are on the same page and create the packaging to fulfill your brand's needs. We specialize in personalized bulk orders, so there's no job too complex or big for us. We do have a minimum order quantity, so please get in touch with us for a free quote.

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