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Retail & CPG Packaging

The competitiveness of the retail and consumer packaged goods industries means that only the best packaging designs continue to exist. Even though most companies are hyper-aware of this, many CPG brands continue to manufacture mediocre packaging. As a brand, it’s critical to stand out from the competition, and that’s where we come in. We can create picture-perfect CPG packaging that’s aligned with your brand and fully customized to reflect your brand and its values.  

Benefits of Purchasing
Your Packaging Product from CarePac 

There are quite a few benefits to working with CarePac to package your CPG solutions. With decades of experience in the industry, there are plenty of things that set us apart from our competition. Here are a few of the benefits of CarePac’s flexible packaging.

Packaging Design That's Totally Customizable

On production quantity orders, you’re in control of the customization of your bags. We’ll tailor your bag to the specific needs of your product, and distribution chain, while maintaining the cost point you need. From the top to the bottom and side to side, you can customize every inch of the bag! We have solutions for everything!


Flexible packaging has a great cost point over other solutions, like old-school hard sided containers, clamshells, thermo molding, or cardboard boxes. Consumers are very familiar with flexible packaging and the enhanced printing surface and printing effects allowed in flexible packaging are a marketer’s dream. Modernize your brand by ditching the retro pouches and opting for something bigger and better.

Brand Aligned and Sustainable

A new advantage of CarePac’s flexible packaging is the ability to truly align your packaging with your brand whatever the brand’s ethos, voice, and value proposition. Take for example sustainable and eco-friendly brands. Initially you might believe that flexible packaging isn’t on-brand, but as you explore compostable, and recyclable options as well as solutions such as paper face exteriors (including kraft paper) you’ll see that flexibles can be on-brand and not just a green-washing.

High-End Finishes Look Great on the Shelf

With high-end finish solutions such as soft touch, spot UV, and more you can adapt flexibles to even the most high end and demanding CPG brand needs. With PMS colors available you can rest assured that you’ll also be on-brand with your colors. Additionally, we can even incorporate multiple finishes onto your bag; for example, you may want soft touch packaging with holographic elements. We can do that, and so much more!


CPG packaging needs to attract your customers' attention and keep them coming back for more. CarePac’s flexible solutions do just that. Our CareDesign® team can also provide you with design insights and technical assistance in developing memorable bag designs. Many companies are difficult to get ahold of or don’t answer your questions; we’re proud to say that we are NOT like those companies! From start to finish we’ll guide you through the design process.

Regulator Compliance

Compliance is a growing concern of our customers, not just traditional high compliance areas such as food, and pharma, but even historically compliance light industries are facing more and more compliance pressures. Unlike buying packaging from a foreign factory with iffy understanding of your compliance needs, and even iffy’er looking compliance docs, with CarePac you get a USA-based team able to answer and address most any compliance need you might have from PFAS, Prop 65, to REACH and more. Don’t get stuck with a retailer refusing your product due to lack of adequate compliance documentation, stick with the safe play.

Perfect Pouches & Designs: The
CarePac Guarantee

Still not sure? CarePac focuses exclusively on flexible barrier packaging, including retail and CPG packaging. We have exceptional customer service representatives who are committed to making sure your order bundle is completed to perfection. With our CareDesign® process  you can rest assured that your flexible packaging will be perfect, no matter what. 

From nailing down the right colors to making sure your brand’s logo is in the right place, we understand you put a lot of time into perfecting the look and feel of your product’s packaging. With vivid colors, quick printing, and a variety of materials to choose from, we have the tools, the technology, and the expertise to make your CPG packaging project a reality. Ready to experience the CarePac difference? We think now is the right time to give us a try. 

Cost-effective, innovative, easy to use, sustainable and customizable CarePac’s custom CPC packaging is the best choice for your next packaging project. Get a Quick Quote today!

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