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Beef Jerky Packaging

Beef Jerky Packaging | Jerky Bags & Packaging

Beef Jerky packaging that adds personality to your brand and freshness to your jerky

With popularity comes competition. Numerous companies, big and small trying to offer something that would help them stand out and get a share of the market from Jerky to Biltong.

Most brands only focus on launching more variations in an attempt to beat the competition. Others focus on the newest micro niche to make their play. There is something however that hides in plain sight…

An element that most brands are unaware of, creating an invaluable opportunity for you. An element that not only has the potential to become your number one marketing asset but can altogether revolutionize the experience you offer: jerky packaging design and how you choose to present your beef jerky food. 

It is the packaging that you use to packet your jerky. The opportunity to custom print this packaging and share your brand image in the most explosive and power-packed manner. Although the perfectly tender jerky is the impeccable end to the jerky experience, it starts when buyers first get their hands on those personality-packed bags of meaty goodness. Grabbing those savory snack pouches must feel right, it needs to feel like the element that will complete an experience or an adventure.

This is marketing that speaks for itself through bold, vibrant packaging and offers experiences that make your brand the most talked about brand in the market. The most aesthetically pleasing packaging and the most memorable experience – who wouldn’t want to share that on social media?

Beef Jerky Packaging That Makes Your Customer Feel Alive

Beef jerky is the perfect snack for people who like living life to the edge. Consumers are not just looking for succulent jerky but a snack that completes an experience. Be it an outdoor adventure, a post-workout indulgence, or a late-night protein-packed snack. Beef jerky is the perfect delicacy for any occasion.

To preserve that experience you need packaging that preserves the perfection of your jerky. As such, we have used the latest research and cutting-edge technology to develop packaging films that ensures the protection of your jerky’s quality.

With our packaging design, every experience can be as good as the day it was packaged ensuring that a customer rushes to the market or clicks reorder, as soon as they devour that last bit of jerky from their last batch.

It is this experience that makes every customer fall in love with your product and makes them come back for more.

Make an Impactful Entrance with Your Jerky Packaging Design

What are the exact qualities customers are looking for in your packaging? Accessibility. Convenience. Portability. They want bags that they can confidently take with them on the go, that they know will keep their beef jerky fresh!

In a market that is worth billions of dollars. Entering the Beef Jerky market is inarguably a promising decision. The only problem, the untapped potential of the market is quickly becoming known to many and is therefore resulting in a rise in competition.
Amidst these challenges, no other option helps you stand out like the best custom beef jerky packaging. It is THE way to brand yourself and create an unforgettable impression in the consumer’s mind.
At CarePac, we understand the challenges that you face as a seller and go out of our way to ensure that you create the most impactful entry into the market. Offering the most reasonable prices, providing express delivery options, and creating bags that are tailor-made to your needs and specifications.  All that with a technology that preserves the freshness of your jerky so that you offer a flawless experience from A to Z.

Why Brands Are Switching to Carepac to Package Beef Jerky

Current packaging providers offer bland and tasteless packs that offer a forgetful experience.

What’s more, they use ineffective packaging material and technology that leads to quick degradation of your jerky leading to customers receiving moldy jerky and causing irreparable reputation damage.

Not to mention the issues that you will face with increasing lead-times, receiving packaging that does not meet your requirements, and struggling to get in touch with customer support.

Unfortunately, if you settle for other providers you will have to choose between cheap sellers that offer no quality assurance or customer support and sellers with limited services…

As a result, an increasing number of brands are switching to CarePac’s refreshing flexibility, quality assurance, and customer support…

All while offering the most competitive per-unit pricing that will ensure that you achieve historic profit margins…

Our Flat Barrier Bags Offer Unmatched Customization Abilities

Unlike other Flexible packaging companies, CarePac offers total customization, offering many material and bag configuration options for you to choose from, along with an assortment of features for you to mix and match when you package beef jerky.

Any size or shape is possible, no matter how small the product. We can even package your beef jerky in single use pouches that fit individual sticks of jerky. Whichever size you choose, our end goal is to make sure you have the right size for your beef jerky packaging so it can look and function exactly as you want.

Why CarePac Beef Jerky Bags?

At CarePac, we take out the guesswork when it comes to making the perfect bags your customers will love. We sell high-quality, fully customizable packaging that comes in a variety of materials with multiple options for bag size, configuration, seal, finish and more. We’ll optimize your custom beef jerky packaging, and give your customers all the features they want, without breaking your bank.

Package with confidence

Know that your perfectly succulent and tender jerky will stay that way offering your customers an uncompromised experience.

100% Customizable

Eye-catching designs that make your product stand out and make it recognizable from a mile away.

Print Directly On The Bag

Reduce or eliminate labeling, and get a professional fully printed pouch that markets the heck out of your beef jerky. 

Incredible Finishes

Choose from unique materials based on what is most important to you.

FDA Approved

Our packaging complies with food authorities’ standards (FDA, EU, REACH)

Flexible sizing

We offer total customization of pouch sizing.

Vacuum Sealing

If you're vacuum sealing your pouches we have the right materials for you.

Compostable Materials

Get on the train before it leaves the station with environmentally friendly compostable pouch films. 

Help As You Need It

Our team goes above and beyond for your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the beef jerky business or already a household name brand, we'll help answer your questions and work to ensure you get the best-fit pouch for your beef jerky. 

Configurations: Lay Flat Pouches or Stand Ups

Most beef jerky is sold in lay flat 3-seal pouches. We offer lay flat pouches in top load and bottom loading configurations. Bottom loading is a great choice to reduce load times and prevent zipper fouling. Another option is a stand up pouch. Stand Up Pouches can still be used for peg-board display at checkout, but can hold more product in the same overall profile. True to our mission of working with beef jerky makers at all levels, specialty jerky pouches are available for those who produce artisanal meat snacks to larger scale brands looking to enhance their packaging.

The Right Materials

Beef jerky faces some unique spoilage challenges. The materials we use for our pouches create a powerful barrier against oxygen and moisture migration that extends your beef jerky’s shelf life, while keeping jerky fresh and staling at bay. Materials’ composition can even help increase maximum flavor. Your customers will be thrilled about that! If you had problems with the packaging materials you used in the past, experiencing spills and spoilage that negatively impacted the quality of your products

Get Particular About Beef Jerky Pouch Features

Multiple zipper options for resealable beef jerky bags, and offering all three types of hang-holes: Center punch hang hole, Delta, and Sombrero hang holes. 

Printing That Make Your Bags Come to Life

CarePac offers printing that scales with you. From dynamic digital printing, great for prototyping and startups. To Per-unit cost reducing plate printing. If you're in the process of shifting from labels to pre-printed packaging for your jerky we’ll help make sure you optimize your print so your brand stands out from the crowd. Reach out to the team today and we'll help you package your meat snacks, whether you're looking for something sustainable or with your branding text on it.  

This is creativity and science-backed technology at its finest. When wanting to offer the complete experience, CarePac is the only option. 

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