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Custom Beauty Packaging | Cosmetics, Makeup & Skincare Packaging

The beauty industry is as competitive as they come, with new products and brands popping up all the time. In fact, there are over 4,000 cosmetic and beauty product businesses in the United States alone as of 2023 -- a 4% increase from 2022. As such, great beauty packaging is critical to the success of any beauty, wellness, or personal care brand.
In fact, for many brands, it’s the packaging that makes or breaks their success in the beauty industry. With the custom beauty packaging solutions from CarePac, your brand will be off to a great start.

Sustainable Solutions for Cosmetic Packaging

Packaging is essentially a brand ambassador and should align with your brand’s core proposition. Market positioning is almost impossible without on-brand skincare packaging, whether it's cardboard or plastic, and we’ll work with you to create the packaging that best represents your brand and everything it stands for. After all, why invest hundreds or thousands into influencer marketing if the product they’re holding up in the video doesn’t.

Most brands are actively looking to reduce their carbon footprint and packaging waste and enhance their sustainability in the process. CarePac’s got you covered with several sustainable solutions, including compostable, PCR, and recyclable material options. Each of these options is more eco-friendly than traditional plastics and can help set your brand up for success among eco-conscious consumers.

But beyond that, flexibles have a great sustainability angle over hard-sided containers, including reduced weight and volume requirements which can reduce carbon footprint in transit. The amount of material required to produce a pouch is less than a hard-sided container, and advancements in technology have made flexibles a solution for products requiring high barrier protection. Regardless of the size or purpose of your custom beauty packaging, we have a sustainable solution to match.

Experience with Packaging Multiple

With decades of experience in the custom packaging industry, we have lots of experience with manufacturing custom packaging for a variety of industries, and products within those industries. For in-depth information on your industry, please click the link below.

Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Our flexible barrier films are great for makeup packaging, skincare packaging and more. Liquids, powers, or gels will never spill or leak, and our containers protect your valuable beauty product from oxygen and moisture. Your makeup will fly off the shelves with our custom cosmetic pouches.

Facial Mask Packaging

Face masks are typically moist, and it is very important to use a packaging material that will keep the mask from drying out. Very few masks suffer from oxidative decay.  Many of our customers pick our CareSilver line of mylar barrier materials, we also offer EVOH, PVDC coated clear materials (better than standard plastic packaging or paper options) that allow the contents to be seen, yet maintains the protective barrier.

Bath Salt Packaging

Choosing the right packaging for your bath salt products is easy when you work with us. Our custom printed stand up pouches and bags offer superior barrier protection from light and oxygen, making sure your bath salts and body scrubs stay fresh and clean, and won't soak up water the way a carton would. 

Sea Moss Packaging

The increased demand for sea moss is undeniable. Rising costs of glass jars and plastic tubs makes stand up pouches a attractive alternative. Freezable and re-closable, your consumers are used to purchasing many products in pouches, and now they can also purchase sea moss in pouches as well.

Soap Packaging

Your liquid soap deserves to be packaged in something that’s not only stylish, but will protect it from moisture, oxygen, and accidental leakage. We specialize in wholesale flexible packaging and printing solutions, and we’re confident that we have the flexible hand soap packaging you’ve been looking for.

Differentiate your Brand with Custom Packaging

Aesthetics are key, and with CarePac’s full customization, you can truly differentiate your brand from your competitors. Our team of design specialists can craft the perfect custom beauty packaging for you and will guide you through the often complex design and printing process. Here are just a few ways we can customize your beauty packaging so it best matches your brand:

  • Custom finish- We have a variety of finishes to choose from. You can view a full breakdown of our available finishes here, but some popular options for custom cosmetics packaging include glossy, soft touch, and matte for an ultra-premium feel.
  • Custom material- As leaders in the custom cosmetic packaging industry, we have a variety of materials to choose from, including recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable materials. Learn more about our popular materials and films here.
  • Made-to-order sizing- Although we have plenty of set sizes to choose from, we also offer custom sizing for those customers that want something a little different. From super tiny sample packs to HUGE, we can make a custom beauty packaging in any size under the sun.
  • Unique configurations and features- There is no shortage of configurations and features we can incorporate into your makeup packaging, including zippers, view-through windows, or hang holes if you’re selling your makeup in-store.

How to Customize your Beauty Packaging Design

Now that you understand the importance of barrier pouches for your product and know the important design features you should consider, you’re probably wondering HOW to create your custom beauty packaging design. Well, it’s easy! Simply partner with a beauty packaging design company (like CarePac) and we’ll walk you through the process. Put simply, this is what you can expect:

  1. Get a quick online quote
  2. Select your size and configuration
  3. Approve your proofs
  4. We’ll print your materials
  5. We ship them off and you enjoy your new bags!

We sell commercial grade FDA-approved stand up pouches and barrier packaging. In addition, we have a collection of stock size packaging or customized options to choose from, all to fit your unique needs! Whether you are just starting a new project or considering switching packaging suppliers, talk with us to see how your product can benefit from our high-quality and fully customizable packaging.

Don’t see your product listed above? Don’t worry! We have the capabilities to create any size and type of packaging under the sun. Connect with us to learn more about our solutions, or get a Quick Quote today.

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