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Customizable Tin Tie Bag Options
Bulk Tin Tie Bags for Coffee  

Customizable Tin Tie Bag Options

Our wholesale tin tie bags will help keep your products fresh and are a great alternative to pull zipper pouches. Our tin tie bags offer the best of both worlds: the convenience of pull zipper pouches with the freshness of single-use pouches. These bags are very versatile in nature, and include a built-in tin tie closure that will keep the contents fresh.

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of a tin tie bag vs. pull zipper bags, and how you can customize your tin ties to best represent your coffee or tea brand.

Benefits of wholesale tin tie bags

Tin tie coffee bags can be fully opened

Many coffee drinkers can become frustrated with small openings that don't allow them to freely use their coffee scoop. With tin tie bags, the customer can fully open the top of the bag, meaning their hands (and coffee scoop!) can enter the bag fully, without tearing or discomfort. And a happy customer = a lifelong coffee drinker!

Filling tin tie bags is easy

With tin tie bags, you no longer have to struggle with packaging coffee beans. The tin ties can be affixed by us, or you can use a tin tie application machine to affix the tin ties to the bag. Whether you're packaging coffee, bakery items, cookies, candies, pastries, or other dry goods, this convenience can help save time in your packaging or shipping departments.

Resealable for extended shelf life

Tin tie bags are resealable in nature, meaning your customers can use the tin tie to fully reseal the bag. This feature, in addition to the degassing valve, expandable side gussets, and high-quality materials, means there's a tight closure. This closure keeps what's inside as fresh as the day it was put into the packaging.
As you can see, tin tie paper bags are a superior option for a variety of products, particularly coffee. With tin tie bags (and CarePac's premium food packaging materials) you can give your customers the very best products.

Disadvantages of tin tie paper bags

At Carepac, we are all about transparency. As such, we're here to tell you about a few of the drawbacks of tin tie bags. This way, you can make an informed decision about your coffee packaging. Here are a few other potential drawbacks of tin tie coffee bags.

Resealability can be an issue

Yes, resealability is both a pro and a con because so much of it depends on how careful the coffee drinker is. If you opt for a tin tie that folds over the top of the bag, it likely won't provide a consistent barrier seal against the elements, meaning preserving the coffee inside is a more difficult task.

Paper tin tie bags require more work to close

Simply put, tin tie bags require more work to close than a pull tab zipper. You'll need to use a sticker or heat sealer to perform the initial sealing. So while filling tin tie bags is a lot easier than other types of bags, the time your employees save during the filling process will be spent properly closing the kraft paper tie bags.

Requires tear notch or EZ-peel

Finally, if you don't include a tear notch or use an EZ-peel heat seal liner, your customer will need to use scissors to open their tin tie coffee bags. This isn't a great option if you want to make your Kraft paper bag as easy as possible for your customer to use.

Ultimately, the drawbacks are relatively minimal, especially when compared to the myriad of benefits that plastic tie bags offer, including extending the shelf life of your product.

Customization options for tin tie coffee bags

Tin tie bags are very customizable in nature. They can be used to package and showcase a variety of products, including coffee, candy, cookies, bakery items, and anything else your company may produce. Here's a little more information about how we can customize your tin tie bags.
  • Colors- Tin ties packaging is available in a variety of colors, including white, black, and gold. You can also purchase this packaging in custom colors to match the styles of your products.

  • Finish- If you want to up the ante of your branding with a high-quality finish, we can incorporate finishes like soft touch or holographic elements. We can also use biodegradable materials, so your package is eco-friendly.

  • Special features- Prefer a poly lined bag? What about window bags? We can customize our tin tie bags to include these options, a valve, custom labeling, secure notches, or anything else you'd like to create the perfect packaging for your coffee products.

  • Custom sizes- We offer custom sizes. Whether you need to customize the length or width to fit your products inside, we offer a variety of standard and cust

  • Purchase coffee packaging at CarePac today

    At CarePac, we're all about creating the perfect tin tie packaging. Our company will work with yours to create the packaging you desire, and will work with you to customize every part of the bag. Contact us to learn more about the process or get an Instant Quote today.

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