The square bottom bag is an older pouch configuration that's often used in the coffee and food industries.

8 seal coffee bag

Before the invention of K-style or Doyen stand up pouches, square bottom gusseted bags dominated the industry. Also referred to as box bottom bags or flat bottom bags, there are many benefits to square bottom bags.

  • Cut back on food waste, since they protect the contents inside from exposure to air and moisture. 
  • Square-bottom bags purchased through CarePac are fully customizable, down to the colors and packaging. 
  • Free of harmful additives and chemicals.
  • Quick turnaround times; ranging from 15-90 days depending on the option selected. 
  • They easily zip open and are easy to close.
  • Your product can stand upright on a shelf, without requiring large boxes or packaging.

Common Square Bottom Bag Types

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Pull Tab Zipper

Pull-Tab Zipper

The zipper is located on only one face of the bag, great for roll stock pouches. Pull-Tab zippers are built into one face of the bag (the front) allowing the top of the bag to be complete clear and open during loading.

Standard Zipper

Our standard zipper configurations are just that: a zipper that opens and closes with ease.

Tin - Tie Zipper

Tin ties keep your bag shut after it's been opened. It's not as air-tight as a zipper, but it still does an acceptable job keeping out air. 

Coffee Bags

Why Choose CarePac

Square bottom bags, also known as flat bottom bags, are gaining popularity very quickly for a variety of applications. Square bottom gusseted bags will keep the contents fresh, are especially easy to zip open, and will help you save on food waste costs over time. You can add your logo so your brand is represented beautifully. Browse our shop today! 

Shop our Square Bottom Zip Bags: Offered at a Price That Can't Be Beat 

You can take advantage of the benefits of a traditional bag AND those of a stand-up pouch by purchasing flat bottom bags from CarePac. Ideal for ground coffee, tea leaves, coffee beans, and other similar food products, our square bottom bags ensure that lower-density items will stand upright on a shelf. 

By purchasing your square bottom bags from CarePac, you can customize the bags right down to the foil, colors, zipper type, and packaging. We'll work with you to ensure that your square bottom bags are representing your brand in the best possible way. Shop our selection of square bottom gusseted bags today! 

Experience and Quality You Can Trust

At CarePac, we have over 5 years of experience with liquid and food packaging, including fruit juice, water, baby food, oil, salad dressing, and even alcohol and wine. Our sealed pouches can be filled with hot or cold products, and can be refrigerated, frozen, or kept at room temperature. Each pouch is designed based on the specific needs of your products: how it will be filled, shipped, stored, and ultimately sold on a retail store shelf. Shop today! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Printed Packaging

Q: What is the difference between a square bottom bag and a stand up pouch?

A square bottom bag has four independent side panels and a flat bottom panel like a open top box. A stand Up pouch consists of three sides a front, back and bottom. 

Q: What are the most popular uses of Square Bottom Bags

Coffee packaging is the most common use for square bottom bags, but they are also used for dog and cat food, rice, and many other products.   

Q: Can a square bottom bag hold liquids 

No, this would not be a good use for a square bottom bag

Q: What is the Best size square bottom bag to hold 12oz of coffee?  

All our square bottom bags are made to order including the size, and material. A popular size for 12oz of coffee with a ez-pull zipper is a 5x8x3 (127mmx203mmx80mm)

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