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Custom Protein Powder


Sustainable Material Food Contact Renewable Designed Whey Protein Powder Bag

Why Use CarePac's Flexible Barrier
Packaging For Your Protein Powder?

  • Lower your Per-Unit Cost
  • Maintain Freshness
  • Avoid Bag Blowouts

Protein Powder bagged packaging

When it comes to your business, figuring out what protein powder packaging to use should be the least of your worries. Luckily, we make the packaging process simple. Our friendly staff is always available to discuss your needs and walk you through our extensive options to find the perfect package for your product. Whether you’re bringing your protein powder to market or you’re already in business and considering a change in your marketing and provider, we have the protein packaging solution for you!

Whey Protein Powder Eight Side Seal Bag Protein Powder Bag With Aluminum Foil Ziplock Eight Side Seal
Protein Powder Pouch for Gaining Weight Stand Up Pouch with Zipper Heavy Bag for Powder
Flexible Whey Protein Powder Bag Nutrition Packaging Stand Up Pouch
Protein Powder: Cookies 'N Cream Side Gusset Matte Finish Printed Bag

Protein powders are the secret ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. It’s essential for repairing and strengthening muscle, and the idea that it’s only important to athletes and avid gym-goers is a myth of the past! The modern individual is wary of the importance of a well-balanced diet when it comes to nutrient intake and is always on the lookout for the most effective solutions.

Protein Powder Bagged Packaging

Protein Powder Jars VS Pouch Packaging Cheapest Way To Sell Your Product

Wide Mouth Jars

  • Higher Cost
  • Additional shrink wrap or labeling costs
  • Higher storage and transportation cost
  • Impact resistance

Protein Pouch Packaging

  • Reduce cost by 50% or more
  • Easy for your customer to Store in pantry
  • Fully pre-printed, no label application required
  • Care Pac's reinforced materials reduce blow outs
  • Take a vacation with all that $ you'll saved ;) 
Printed Laminated Pouch Glossy Custom Protein Powder Packaging Pouches Zipper Bag
Wholesale Custom Protein Powder Bag For All Your Storage Demands

CarePac is your protein powder packaging partner

We go against the grain of most protein powder packaging. While many on-the-market protein products are housed in plastic bottles, we offer an effective and fashionable protein packaging alternatives: bags! The standard (and often large and unforgiving) supplement bottles most companies use tend to occupy an ample amount of counter space, but our barrier flat pouch rivals the idea that more is more and can easily squeeze into tight areas without damaging the appearance of the package or the contents inside. Our stand-up bags and square bottom pouches are favored options for powders and sit durably in any space of your customers’ choosing, whether it be on the counter or in a cupboard.

FDA Compliant

Our protein packaging solutions are flexible to your budget while still allowing you to uphold the product standards you have for your business. Our FDA approved flexible barrier packaging is designed to keep protein powders secure, moisture-free and fresh, and our numerous size options allow you to find the perfect bag that will comfortably encase your powder to create an enjoyable experience for your customers, including ample space to hold a powder scoop. Extra reinforcements are also available to prevent the dreaded powder blowout when opening the bag!

We understand the importance of keeping your powder properly sealed and fresh without forsaking a smart branding opportunity. With the need to market your protein powder in mind, we offer customizable printing and sizing that allow you to be as creative as you’d like. 

Need bags quickly? Our printing process allows quick turnaround times, with our inovative lead time "menu" we offer express, standard, and economy lead-times to save you money, or to get you you’re bags as fast as possible. We don’t stop at creating visually enticing packaging—we also provide multiple finish options. 

Flat Bottom Whey Protein Powder Packaging Bags

Massive Blow-Out Reduction

You open a email from a customer, the protein package blew out in transit, oh no!

Or, perhaps even worse, you get a email from FBA saying you have unsellable inventory. 

Either way Blow-outs are not good! At CarePac we use a proprietary film composites to reduce blow outs as much as possible which incorporates a combination of Nylon and our super special (top secrete) sealant layers.

Bag Finish Options

Bag Finish Options options including glossy, matte, soft touch, spot matte, spot gloss, embossed gold foil, and holographic effect, so the look and texture of your package can be tailored to your (and your customers’!) liking. Our stand-up bags beautifully and distinctly display your logos and prints from every angle!

With over 40 films available, we have a material that will ensure your stand up pouch is of the highest quality. We can also combine materials in a custom order. You can combine a black film with a clear film, or metallized with a glossy finishing. It's your choice! Contact us to learn more about custom printed pouches and stand up pouch projects. Give us a call at 626-466-3915 and request a quotation. We'll be happy to help you.

Recyclable Nutrition Whey Protein Powder Packaging Stand Up Pouch

Compostable Packaging

What’s more—If you and your company have the health of the planet in mind, we offer the best eco-friendly, compostable, and biodegradable options on the market and at the fairest price! In recent years the ability to purchase eco-conscious products has become of great significance for consumers, and we made it a priority to keep up with those standards and provide the most viable options to you without surrendering quality. Protein powders packaged well and with the environment’s needs at the forefront will not only attract the modern customer, but keep them as well.

We Make Custom Protein Powder
Packaging Easy

Protein Powder is Your Business

Supplement Packaging Design for Protein Powder Pouch
We make packaging protein powders easy. With the recent uptick in wellness supplement purchases, we know that standing out in the crowd is of utmost importance when it comes to picking the right packaging for your protein powder. Athletes looking for the most effective sports protein powders, and wellness enthusiasts looking for the perfect addition to their morning shakes can be overwhelmed with the plethora of options, but the choice will be made easy when you set your product apart from the others with bagged packaging from CarePac!
Protein powder is your business, and packaging for your product is ours. Give us a call today
and work with our team to package your protein powder like the superfood it is!

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