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Custom Holiday Packaging


Custom Holiday Packaging
& Festive Pouch Collection

Want to create festive holiday packaging, but are worried about having to meet a large MOQ and potentially being 'stuck' with the same Christmas packaging for years to come? Fortunately, CarePac helps small brands release limited quantities of holiday releases (think: holiday blends or Christmas blends for coffee roasters; holiday-colored candies for candy manufacturers, etc.) This allows small businesses to do small runs or holiday themed releases, without being forced to buy 100,000 bags.

Learn more about CarePac's holiday packaging and how you can use themed holiday packaging to make your product stand out in retail stores during the holidays. Because nothing says "happy holidays" like gorgeous custom packaging - it's guaranteed to put even the grinchiest of grinches into the holiday spirit.

Types of holiday themed packaging to consider

When it comes to holiday packaging, there are a few different types of packaging to consider. These can be used in conjunction with gift wrap, holiday themed wrapping paper, gift boxes, and tissue paper to create a festive feel. This year, skip the paper bags and boxes for gifts, and consider custom packaging that's designed with the holiday season in mind instead.

Stand up pouches

Perfect for virtually anything, stand up pouches are perhaps the most popular type of holiday packaging. Ideal for e commerce businesses of all sizes, these pouches can be customized to be colorful and representative of the holiday season.



Available in 3 seal, 2 seal, fin seal, or as poly bags, custom lay flat pouches, this type of retail packaging lays down on a counter and is often used in the food and snack industries. They're easy to load, durable, and cheaper than many other types of holiday bags on the market.

Gusseted bags

The square bottom, side gusset bag is an older pouch configuration that's mostly commonly used in the coffee industry. If you produce coffee for your customers and want to incorporate some festive spirit onto your pouches, gusseted bags are the way to go.


Die cut shapes

These pouches are custom shaped, offering you the ultimate flexibility with your themed holiday packaging design. Perfect for baby food, syrups, or drinks,diecut shaped pouches can be diecut to almost any silhouette -- Christmas trees, reindeer, an angel, or any other Christmas shape!

Sample sachets

Instead of sending cosmetic samples in basic packaging to your customers, consider using Christmas packaging for your makeup. Our design studio can help you design the perfect holiday packaging for your samples, so skip the wasteful gift boxes, tissue paper, gift wrap, ribbons, or labels this holiday season and opt for sample sachets instead.


Finishes can make a difference

Once you've decided on the perfect holiday packaging type, it's time to think about Christmas finishes. Certain finishes can help make your packaging "feel" more festive in your customers hands, while others can make them "look" more festive on the shelves. This is a great opportunity for your business to get creative during the biggest shopping season of the year. Here are a few finishes to consider for inspiration for your bags.



High gloss bags create an aesthetic that's perfect for Christmas. Glossy bags will look like gift wrap (without actually being gift wrap), and glossy bags enhance the vibrancy of the colors you use on your bag. Whether you're incorporating green, yellow, or a pattern on your plastic or paper bags, a high gloss finish is just what Santa ordered.


Matte finishes have become very popular in the packaging industry recently, as they offer an elegant and smooth finish on pouches. Packaging with a matte finish is great for gift giving around the holidays, and the matte finishing can cover the entire surface of the package or just one part. It's up to you!


Soft touch

If you're a high end brand, soft touch packaging can help give your product the ultimate feel of luxury this Christmas. This is especially important if your holiday packaging, apparel boxes, and bags will be featured in a retail store, where customers will be picking up your product and potentially buying in bulk.



Incorporating metallic effects onto your holiday packaging will provide a striking visual effect that will be sure to enhance the customer experience and help your product sell. Common metallized areas on product packaging include watermarks and a business logo. Enhance your style and branding (and spread holiday cheer) with metalized bags.

Spot finish

Last but not least, a spot finish is when just one area of a bag is glossy (instead of the whole thing.) This type of finish can be combined with matte lamination, and can help create an appealing contrast between the matte of the bag and the areas being highlighted with gloss.

Other features for Christmas packaging

Now that you're almost done creating your holiday packaging, it's time to consider some final finishing touches, including:

Depending on where your holiday bags will be displayed and what your packaging will be used for, the final touches can vary greatly. You can learn more about how we can customize and deliver your packaging with the above features (and more) by visiting our custom pouch features page.


Holiday packaging & gift wrap FAQs

As leaders in the packaging industry, it's not uncommon for a customer to ask us questions about designing their holiday bags. Here are some of the most common questions we receive.

What holidays or seasons can I get custom pouch packaging for?

Any of them! Although Christmas is a leading holiday for tissue paper, gift boxes, wrapping paper, and other holiday-themed packaging, you can create fun and festive packaging and wrapping materials for any holiday under the sun.

What are the most popular materials used for Christmas packaging?

There is not one type of material that our customers like better than the other. It ultimately depends on you, the customer, what you're selling, and what your brand specializes in. Our helpful design team can help you decide on the perfect course of action.

Are there specific design templates or guidelines for customization?

Nope! That's one of the best things about working with CarePac. Not only are our bags high quality, but they check all the boxes as far as customization goes. Want to add fun features like holographic bows? We can do that! Want to delight your customers and enhance sales with a special design or Christmas colors? Regardless of what you sell or what season you're creating packaging for, you aren't limited to what we have in stock.

Connect with CarePac today

Christmas is all about the gifts, and our unique packaging can help spread that holiday cheer! With decades of experience in the packaging industry, we feel confident that we can help design and print the perfect Christmas packaging for your customers. Contact us today to get started!

As with all product releases and packaging design, we recommend preparing for the holidays well in advance and getting your custom holiday packaging order in well ahead of time so you're beating the holiday rush.


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