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PET VMPET PE Flexible Bags


The best packaging protects and preserves the product within so it’s as fresh as the day it was made. It must provide a barrier from light, moisture, and oxygen, and meet these goals at a price point that still allows food manufacturers and suppliers to remain competitive in the U.S. and international market. 

Our PET/VMPET/PE film has all these features -- and more! The plastic material comes in rolls, and this material is then used to create high-quality aluminum bags. If you’ve seen pouches that have a shiny sheen and resemble mylar balloons, then you’re looking at PET VMPET PE printing. Read on to learn why PET VMPET PE is one of the packaging material favorites, what it’s commonly used for, and which other custom laminate structures are offered by CarePac.

Choose the Best VMPET Laminate for your Bags! 

We offer several variations of this material to meet different technical needs. The various laminate materials of a bag are designed to meet specific technical requirements.  See the chart below for more information about laminate sourcing and which laminate is the right choice for your custom order:

Material Family




General use quality barrier


enhanced strength


Matte lamination Freezer Use


PVDC coated KPET to further increase barrier.


Easy pealable liner 

CareSilver Metalized Barrier


Our CareSilver plastic film is metalized Mylar at its best. Metallized PET with an FDS LLDPE interior liner. This bag is opaque silver and provides an excellent barrier with a luxury feel. Key features of our CareSilver Metalized PETs include excellent gloss, good handling properties and good barrier properties.

Metallized PET film generally has an optical density that is within the range of 1.4 to 3.0, metal/film bond of 100 – 150 gm/25mm for plain side and 130 – 180gm/25mm for corona side. The addition of Matte laminate and varnishes, along with UV spot varnish, or soft-touch coatings add a classy feel and can make any printed design come to life on your pouch. 

Here are example technical specifications for a PET/VMPET/PE 3 mil film: 


Test Method


Tested Thickness


3 Mil

Tear Strength


48 MD 48 TD

Tensile Strength


19 MD 22 TD


ASTM 1249



ASTM D3985


Why Choose CareSilver Pouches?

Food suppliers choose PET VMPET PE film for its variety of benefits, which include its versatility, strength, and non-toxicity. This bag material can be used in the freezer and heated and will protect the food within from both extreme heat and extreme cold. In addition, it’s a great base for printing. Since it’s opaque in nature, VMPET allows color and other stylized elements to really shine through.

Though it’s commonly used to package meat, vegetables, fruits, rice, snacks, coffee, sundries, and other food and pantry items, PET VMPET can also be used to package, medicine, and cosmetics, among other common household items. 

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What is PET VMPET PE Packaging Foil?

Short for Vacuum Metalized Polyethylene Terephthalate, VMPET is often referred to as METPET or MET/PET, and PET VMPET PE Packaging Foil consists of three different layers: an outer PET layer, a middle VMPET layer, and an inner low density polyethylene layer. Continue reading to learn more about each of the different packaging layers.

Outer PET Layer

This outer layer adds strength and, if you want to print your packaging,  this is the layer that is printed.

Middle VMPET Layer

This layer is constructed of vapor metalized MET/PET and is a very similar material to that of a mylar balloon. This foil layer acts as a barrier film and support layer. It provides a water-resistant surface that prevents water from penetrating what’s within. 

Inner LDPE Layer

This metallized layer works as a sealing layer and, quite literally, seals the other two layers to each other. It is food safe and heat sealable.

What is PET VMPET PE Typically Used For?

The versatile nature of our CareSilver plastic film makes it a unique choice for both industrial or FDA applications as it is free of toxins such as TSE, Sulfur, Phthalates, and BPA. It is specifically designed to maintain the fresh texture of FDA Food Items like dried goods, snacks and chips, pet food, and its low thermal permeability rate, as well as the UV resistance, makes it an ideal choice as a pouch for bird seeds, fertilizers, detergents, and many more products.

Our laminate film is finely coated with vaporized Aluminum film (AL) to provide an opaque base material for printing while enhancing the barrier properties of the base polymer film.

As previously mentioned, this metallized plastic film can be used for virtually any purpose. Its applications are many, but here are the most common: meat, fruits, vegetables, rice, snacks, coffee, sundries, tea, pet food, chips, detergents, medicine, and cosmetics. Do you manufacture something that isn’t on this list and are curious if this metalized film is the right option for you? Request more information from our customer service team. 

Can a PET VMPET PE Products Be Customized?

You bet! CarePac makes customized flexible packaging, and that includes packaging made from PET VMPET PE film. Our design consultants will help bring your ideas to life -- whether it’s adding a composite of your log or special accessories, like a zipper, spout, hang-hole, rounded corners or die-cut windows. Want a square clear window to show the product inside? We can make it!

You can pick several shapes for your bag like side gusset bags, block bottom bags or flat pouches. Want a bag that will stand up on a shelf? We can do that! What about one that has a degassing valve for coffee beans? Yep, we can do that, too! 

No matter what you have in mind, we can do it. Reach out to us and get started today!

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