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Child Resistant Packaging

Child Resistant Packaging Ensures Your Product Is Compliant and Safe

If your product is potentially dangerous to children, you need to make sure your packaging is child resistant and designed for safety. CR packaging isn’t just a packaging add-on; it’s used as a poison prevention method to stop children from ingesting dangerous items.

Child resistant packaging comes in a variety of zipper formats from press to close zipper exit bags to stand up pouch zippers. All styles require two-handed dexterity to open the package. Adults have no problem opening and accessing the contents, but it is extremely difficult for children to do so.

All our child resistant pouches are smell proof and designed to be opaque, keeping the contents hidden from view, as required by many state laws. Regardless of your industry or product, we have the right child proof packaging for you.

Child Proof Packaging For Every Industry

Detergent Pods

Pharmaceutical Products

Medicinal Herbs

Cannabis Edibles

Marijuana Concentrates


Child Resistant Zippers + Features

Child Resistant Zippers to Keep Your Products Sealed

A special tamper evident style of zipper designed to be difficult for children to open. Child resistant zippers have come to prominence with the increased legalization of cannabis, but they have long been used in pharmaceuticals as a poison control mechanism. The goal of a child resistant zipper is to protect kids from appealing, but dangerous, products while allowing the consumer to use the product when needed.

  • Complies with ASTM D-3475-15 standards)
  • High barrier construction
  • Metallized interior
  • Heat Sealable
  • Smell Proof

Types of Custom Printed Child Proof Packaging

CareWhite Stand Up Pouches and Lay Flat Bags

Single Use Child Resistant Packaging

Single use child resistant packaging is designed to resist opening by children until the bag has been opened by an adult. single use child resistant packaging is substantially less expensive than "life-time" and is permitted in some states for things like cannabis flower. 


"Life-time" Child  Resistant Packaging

Life-time child resistant packaging as it is called in some states is a bag that includes a re-closable zipper which is resistant to children opening it when properly resealed. This type of sustainable packaging is required by some states for things like edibles, THC gummies and other uses.  

Make Your Product Fly Off the Shelf With Custom Printed Child Resistant Packaging

Save Money

CarePac offers great pricing on both Single Use child resistant and Life-time child resistant custom packaging. 

Full Color Printing

Print any logos graphics, and nutritional information on your cosmetics packaging.

Custom Sized

Customize the size of your bag or pouch based on industry standards or exactly the size you need.



Products packaged in flexible barrier materials keep fresh much longer than traditional packaging, extending shelf life!

Sell More


Customers enjoy the benefits of re-closable zippers + the safety required to keep children from opening the bag.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Print and customize as few as 5,000 bags.

Custom Sized Child Resistant Packaging

Here are some of the configurations for custom sized child resistant packaging we recommend

Single-Use CR Prerolls

Rollstock is the least costly, but requires both loading machinery and expertise for work with. Rollstock is advisable for high volume, low margin product.

Two and Three Seal Pouches

The design and shape of three-seal bags allow for a stylish take on stand up packaging, with the strength and durability needed for bulk-sized product quantities. It is a intermediate cost point and allows for peg board display.

Reclosable Zipper Pouch Bags

These are indispensable for any product. Product packaging that can be easily sealed again by customers helps their products be fresh. Adding a reclosable zipper gives your customers the ability to practice portion control or enjoy their snack on-the-go. This is designed for higher margin products.

Child Resistant Packaging FAQs

Whether you are new to custom printed packaging or a seasoned pro you may have a few questions about our products and process.

Q: How much do custom Child Resistant Bags Cost? 

We sell fully custom printed and custom sized child resistant bags. To get a quote use our online estimator, or give us a call 949-336-1541 or email. We sell fully custom printed and custom sized child resistant bags. To get a quote use our online estimator, or give us a call 949-336-1541 or email. 

Q: What types of Child Resistant Zippers do you offer? 

We sell two types of child resistant zippers. Both are great solutions when you're looking for economical child resistant enclosures. We also can produce for you custom single use child resistant bags which offer a substantial savings over life-time child resistant bags. 

Q: Can I have you make a bag that encorporates both single use and life-time reclosable child resistance?

Yes, combining both a single use child resistant feature, and a reclosable child resistant zipper is a great idea. It offers your customers two forms of child resistance.

Q: What are the rules for my state? Do I need Child Resistant Packaging? 

Every state is different and you should consult a qualified attorney in your area. Generally speaking most states require Cannabis products to be in child resistant packaging. 

Q: Does Carepac offer certified child resistant packaging?

Yes we offer certified child resistant packaging. The ASTM testing standard for Child resistance is a rather complex and demanding standard to meet. We offer bags which have been tested. 

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