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Custom Printed Tote Bags & Retail Bags with Logo

People Buy With Their Eyes First 

If you’re seeking a simple and straightforward yet effortlessly chic retail bags that your customers will love carrying for days, CarePac’s custom shopping bags are the answer.

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 Not only will these bags help your company get the kind of attention it deserves from shoppers, but they’re a bag that’s as simple to buy as it is to use. 

Don’t let the word “simple” deter you, though. Our customers can do a lot to make these bags look different, from adding handles and graphics to upping the luxurious feel with soft touch matte materials. If you’re in the market for custom retail bags with your company name, you’ve come to the right place. 

Custom personalization options for paper bags and gift boxes

As mentioned, much of this bag’s allure comes through in its customization options. And, since these bags are essentially a free marketing device, you’ll want to make your personalized shopping bags stand out from the rest. Here are just a few ways you can customize your shopping bags from CarePac. 

Custom Retail Bags Wholesale Printed Bags for Business Custom Personalized Paper Shopping Bags Totes

Custom sizing

Although we have plenty of set sizes to choose from, we also offer custom sizing for those customers that want something a little different for their gift bags. From super tiny to HUGE, we can make a custom merchandise bags in any size under the sun. 


Do you want printing on one side? Both sides? Both sides and the bottom? CarePac can print images or signs anywhere on our products and can include custom messaging, a photo, or anything else you’re interested in. This is one of the perks of working with us! 

Customized Small Shopping Logo Clothing Retail Bags Recycled Customize White Paper Bag Rope Handle Shopping Bag


If you’re packaging products like foods or snacks, you may want to consider adding custom foil to your bag. Our special foil laminates work great on a diverse lineup of products, from dehydrated fruit and granola to coffee and tea. Not sure if you need foil lining? Just ask! 

Handle Materials

One of the features that makes this bag so unique is the different handle materials you can choose from. Clothing brands often go for something a little more stylish, like ribbons or a different kind of fabric, while others opt for the practicality of rope. 

Shopping Bag Handle Options Ropes or Ribbon Type Custom Printed Paper Bags with Logo


Last but not least, we have a variety of finishes to choose from. You can view a full breakdown of our available finishes here, but some popular options for custom shopping bags include glossy, soft touch, and matte

Popular packaging types and materials for plastic bags & merchandise bags

Just like there are many different types of plastic stand up pouches and products (another one of our specialities!), there are also many different types of personalized shopping bags to choose from, including paper shopping bags (the most common option), matte laminate bags, high gloss bags, and Euro tote luxury shopping bags. Which custom look you choose depends on the look you’re going for and the supplies you're looking to package, but all will be constructed from the below materials.

Kraft paper

Often referred to simply as “paper” or tissue paper in the packaging business, paper bags are extremely popular because they’re offered at a discount price and durable. They have great flexibility and tear resistance, so they can be used to carry heavy things like groceries or small appliances. These bags are usually brown, although the fibers can be bleached and dyed white or any other color in the rainbow. 


If you’re looking for top-of-the-line gift boxes or bags for your business, they will likely be manufactured from cardboard. These bags tend to be thicker with a more premium texture than plastic bags, so they make wonderful promotional items for clients who expect something with a bit more oomph. These bags also often have handle details, which can be constructed from ribbons, rope, or other materials. 

Coated paper

Many people associated this type of bag with Nordstrom or another high profile company. They’re stylish, durable, and are guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd. It’s thicker than Kraft paper, softer than cardboard, and can be coated on one or both sides, and often include stickers or gift wrap. One of the primary benefits of coated paper is that ink latches onto the paper better, so it’s a great choice for companies that plan on using a lot of color on their bags. 

Recycled/eco-friendly paper

As the world turns its back on waste products and focuses more on the environment, bags made from waste paper or biodegradable waste (think: the pulp leftover after extracting sugar from sugarcane) can be used to create custom shopping bags and other types of packaging materials. An added benefit of these supplies: it also degrades faster than some of the other options on this list.

Custom ordered tote & shopping bags: FAQs

As a packaging provider for hundreds of companies, we get a lot of questions about our custom bags. Here are a few of the most common questions we get about customized bags:

Q: Why use custom shopping bags? 

Besides the obvious (your customers need a way to get their products home!), custom bags are amazing marketing tools. Just imagine your customer walking through the mall carrying YOUR bag and your products inside- does it get any better than that?

Q: Can I put my logo on a bag?

Yes! We can make it so the bags for your retail store to include an image, brand colors, or other design elements to your custom printed shopping bag. Some of the other customizable features we can add include handles and holographic elements. 

Q: How many colors can you print? 

Typically, we can include 1-3 colors on our custom shopping bags. We do love a challenge, though, so if you want to include more than three colors reach out to us and we’ll see if it’s possible. 

Q: Can custom shopping bags be reused? 

Yep! Encourage your customers to reuse their shopping bags. They’re great for taking lunch to work, small accessory or office supplies storage, or can be used as gift bags, depending on the bag’s design. To encourage reuse, you may also want to offer your customers a discount if they bring the bag back.

Q: What sizes do you offer?

What size does your store need? Our custom shopping bags can be ordered in virtually any size -- from a bag small enough for a pair of earrings to large enough for a small appliance, we can create a custom shopping bag to match! You can also order a low quantity. 

Experience the CarePac difference 

At CarePac, we’ll be with you every step of the way -- we’ll help you select a material, perfect your branding, and decide on a bag volume that’s right for you and your industry. Overwhelmed with the options? We’re here to help, and can help you get set up with the perfect custom shopping bag. Contact us today!  

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