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Soft Touch Packaging

Soft Touch Coating Will Elevate Your Product Above the Competition

Soft Touch Packaging

Soft-touch packaging gives your product the ultimate feel of luxury. Not only is the feel of soft touch packaging like the most delicate suede you’ve ever felt, but its super-matte finish renders colors amazingly well. Bright colors are brighter than with plastic, blacks are deeper, and high-contrast embellishments give the impression that your product is the best one around. Your packages will seem to leap off the shelf, leaving your competitors in the dust.

We laminate the luxury of a soft touch coating with layers of flexible barrier film protection to give you the ultimate in packaging design. CarePac knows how to make your products shine. Our packaging specialists can work with you every step of the way to implement a soft touch coating onto packaging for any product. Give us a call today or click below to get a custom quote.

Why Choose Soft Touch Coating vs Plastic To Laminate Your Bags?

Flexible Barrier Packages with Soft Touch Design Will Linger in Your Customers Hands

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Your customer enters your product section. He sees tons of packages. Instantly, he feels overwhelmed and tired. He still has a long shopping list to go through. But wait! The bored customer spots your product. But how? There were so many...

His eyes are glued to your premium soft touch lamination packaging. The colors are so unique and vivid. He is mesmerized. He must take a closer look. He goes for your product on the shelf and his fingers touch the packaging. "It's so soft. I mean, it's really really soft. It's so … so…"

He doesn't know how to put the feeling in words. The only thing he is sure is that he likes it!

"If a company takes so much care with the package, what's inside must be outstanding! One item down, moving on with the list…"

This is the decision pathway our brain goes subconsciously in a split of a second. And that is precisely the type of impression you want to leave on your client.

Choosing a product is an emotional multisensory process and we've turned into a haptic society. Haptic is a fancy word for anything to do with our sense of touch. And right now, everything from clothing to our electronic devices, from plastic to metal, uses haptic technology to improve end-user experiences.

You have very little time to impress your customers, and that's where Soft Touch packaging comes in. Our soft touch paper will help bring your product into the spot light, where it deserves to be. 

What is Soft Touch Packaging?

It's a flexible barrier pouches with elegant and soft finishing.

We work with both soft touch laminations, and Soft touch coating. With soft touch coating after the printing ink has been applied, a liquid is used onto the packaging in an inline process. Once the soft coating is dry, your package will acquire a velvety soft touch texture with a matte coating. With a soft touch lamination a layer of pre-treated material is used for the exterior of the pouch. 

Adding a soft touch coating to your package gives your product that extra something special. It turns regular products and accessories sitting on a shelf into something warm and inviting. With soft touch packaging, you get a high-end appearance in an affordable way.­­­

Soft Touch Packaging leaves a luxurious, unique impression with smooth touch and elegant colors. Also, it doesn't yellow over time and it is eco-friendly and easily recycled. It's truly gift worthy! 

Soft Touch Coating

  • Can be used with Plate or Digital printing
  • Soft Touch Coating can create bags with a spot or combination finish. 

Soft Touch Lamination

  • The entire pouch is soft touch, plate or digitally printed. 
  • Cannot be combined with a clear (unfrosted) window. 

Why CarePac?

We Save You Money

We have many different flexible packaging solutions for budgets of all sizes. Now you can compete with the largest brands in the industry at a price that works for your business.

Fast Lead Times

We offer some of the fastest lead times in the packaging industry. Expedited lead times for digital and plate printing come in at 4 weeks and 5 weeks respectively.

Lock in Freshness and Flavor

Packaging your product in high quality flexible packaging keeps your products fresher for longer and make storage simple for the end user.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Our MOQs can't be beat. Print and customize as few as 5,000 bags.

FDA Approved

All of our packaging is FDA approved, and free of TSE, BPA and Sulfer & Phthalates. See why we're a favorite in the industry?

Art & Design Services

Soft touch packaging was made for branding. Do you need a logo, design or custom labels? No problem. We provide brand design services to help you create the branded packaging your product deserves. We'll get your product to stand out from the crowd!

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