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Customer Jerky Pouches, No Matter What Your Jerky is Made From!

Jerky has unique requirements when it comes to food packaging and since nearly all brands use custom jerky bags you need packaging that markets your brand and helps you stand out.

Graphics, logos illustrations all help attract the consumer’s eye. Plus your custom vegan or beef jerky packaging should protect the meat from oxidation, and maintain the freshness of the contents. We offer a wide variety of bag configurations, features and finishes. Regardless of the size or shape, we can make a bag that's right for you. 

We Make All Types of Custom Vegan & Beef Jerky Bags

Single Use Stand Up

Jerky Pouch

This type of food packaging is for individual sticks of jerky, or small portions of jerky. The most common configurations for this type of packaging is 2-seal and 3-seal lay flat packaging, bags and tubing.

Retail Beef Jerky Packaging

Retail packaging for beef jerky comes in standard weights like 4oz, 8oz, and 12oz , and is often designed as bottom loading 3-seal bags.

Specialty Jerky Pouch

This type of jerky packaging is for connoisseurs who enjoy making home made vegan or beef jerky. The most common configurations for this type of packaging is our clear stand up pouch from our stock packaging.

Benefits of Our Printed Jerky Pouches

Keep It Fresh

Not all plastic is created the same. Having jerky bags that extend  shelf life and prevent spoilage is critical. Materials like our CareClear, or  CareSilver line of films provides great barrier, or upgrade to our highest barrier CareFoil material.

Flexible Lead Times

CarePac offers flexible lead times to meet different customer requirements. From express to economy, pick the lead-time that fits your budget and timetable. We can get your custom jerky bags to you when you need them.  

Custom Size Your Bag

Customize the size of your vegan jerky packaging to exactly the right size you need. Width, length, and gusset side can all be adjusted. 

Art Help!

If you're in the process of shifting from labels to pre-printed packaging for your jerky we're here to help make sure you optimize your print so your brand stands out from the crowd. 

Sell More with Custom Jerky Packaging

Customers enjoy the benefits of re-closable zippers + the stand-up pouch with your custom printed design helps your beef jerky bags stand out on the shelf.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

We offer completely custom packaging solutions from 5,000 bags, with option of either digital or plate style printing. 

We Offer Clear Pouches & Other Materials


Care Silver

CareSilver is our line of Vapor Metalized polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films also known as MET/PET or VMPET. Metalized PET is an economical and effect pouch solution! CareSilver is a great material and is free of toxins – BPA, TSE and sulfur, and Phthalates.

Care Clear

Clear barrier films formulated with PET, PE, CPP, and BOPP are a keystone of barrier packaging. Clear base barriers are both affordable and provide quality protection against moisture + oxygen.

Care Foil

CareFoil is our line of flexible foil barrier packaging materials. Aluminum foil pouches provide an incredible barrier to both oxygen and water. Our CareFoil material is a Mylar foil pouch material that gives you the barrier of Aluminum with the added strength of Mylar.

What Material Is Right For Your Jerky Packaging?

Moisture problems? Jerky going bad in the bag? The composition of your material can help increase shelf stable life expectancy and maximum flavor. We want your customers to experience that mouth watering, amazing flavor that you intended when you developed your jerky. 

We can maintain the aesthetics you're going for and add performance characteristics without compromise to quality to ensure you’re getting the right material.  With such a variety of barrier materials to select from we can meet different price points and requirements.

Barrier Rating

Strength and Thickness

Compliance (FDA, EU, REACH)



Physical Appearance

Unlimited Sizing + Configurations

Proper sizing is probably the reason you investigated custom jerky packaging in the first place. Any size is possible down to .125″ increments. We also work with multiple bag configurations like side gusseted options with a valve or zipper. Many people don’t even know what their options are, that’s what we are here for.

Stand Up Pouches, Lay Flat Pouches and more. 

New to Custom Bags?

FREE Consulting: our friendly packaging experts are just a phone call away, 5 days a week. Have an idea? Have questions? Call us at 949-336-1541 and talk to a REAL person in the U.S., not voice mail or an overseas call center! our friendly packaging experts are just a phone call away, 5 days a week. Have an idea? Have questions? Call us at 949-336-1541 and talk to a REAL person in the U.S., not voice mail or an overseas call center!

Low Minimums on Custom Printed Orders: you can order as few as 1000 custom printed pouches!

Whatever Jerky you're making : CarePac will help you develop truly custom, stand-out packaging that helps you sell more Jerky. 

Looking for a new supplier?

Customer Service Who Really Cares: We’re here for you! When you call us, we’ll answer the phone (not voicemail). If there’s ever an issue, we’ll bend over backwards to fix it ASAP.

The Highest Quality Pouches (Seriously): there’s never a reason to worry about the quality of your CarePac pouches. We are fanatical about quality, and pay extreme attention to detail.

Going the Extra Mile we want your project to succeed. 

Lets get your Jerky Pouched Up!


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