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Custom Printed Pouch Packaging

Bag Configurations

Our Custom Stand Up Pouches and Lay Flat Bags Protect Your Products from Coming Into Contact with Moisture, Oxygen Contamination, or Decay

Stand Up Pouch

Stand Up Pouches are a versatile choice. First the "stand up" on a shelf, second the gusseted bottom increases the available volume of the pouch.

2-Seal Pouch

2-Seal Pouches are simple pouches that are provide a fold over bottom which conforms to the contents. These are in essence zip lock style bags. 

3-Seal Pouch

3-seal Pouches are popular for most uses where a gusset is not required or wanted. 3-seal pouches can be bottom loaded. 

tamper evident

Tamper Evident Pouch

Tamper evident pouches are bottom loaded 3-seal pouches. No wasting time opening the zipper to fill the bag.

Box Bottom Pouch

A flexible box, the box bottom pouch also known as quad seal bags is commonly used for coffee, and provides a premium user experience. 

Spout Pouch

Spout pouches are a economical option for packaging liquids. Spout location and size can be adjusted. 

Shaped Pouch

Really stand out from the competition with a custom shaped pouch. Shaped pouches can be flat bags or gusseted, and can include a spout. 

Fin Seal Pouch

Finished Fin Seal Pouches or FFS rolls are both an option. Fin Seals are well know to consumers and gives you the look and feel of an autofilled pouch. 

Roll Stock 

Printed roll stock and tubing for use in your Form fill machine. We offer 50 material lamination combinations and full color printing. 

Poly Bags

Poly bags are a low cost option when barrier is not required. Poly bags OPP bags are a great choice for consumer goods. 

Child Resistant Exit Bags

Child Resistant

Flexible Child Resistant packaging is available as one-time or "Lifetime" which meets the requirements of 16 CFR 1700.20.

Side Gusseted

Side Gusseted

Side Gusseted bags are a traditional style of flexible packaging that is extensively used for coffee and other industries. 

Bottle with white shrink sleeve and the CarePac logo custom printed on the sleeve

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves allow you to easily label and print hard sided containers like cans, bottles, and tubs. 

Totally Custom Sizing

Unlimited Custom Printed Pouch Packaging Sizing + Configurations

Proper sizing is probably the reason you investigated custom printed pouch packaging in the first place. Any size is possible. down to .124" increments. We also work with multiple bag and film configurations, including mylar or laminated options. Many people don't even know what their options are, that's what we are here for. Contact us today.

Any size from 1"x1" on up.

Bag Features

We offer a wide variety of customizable features to help you sell your product efficiently and effectively

Standard Zipper


Reclosable or resealable bags, also known as zipper bags or poly bags, are a great way to keep products safe from outside elements, keep food fresh and avoid spilling due to their locking capabilities. Learn more about the various zipper types available for resealable bags.

Spout Pouch

Liquid Spouts

Liquid spout bags, also known as a fitment pouch, are gaining popularity very quickly for a variety of applications. A spouted pouch is an economical and efficient way to store and transport liquids, pastes, and gels. 

EZ Zipper

Pull-Tab Zipper

Pull-Tab zippers are built into one face of the bag (the front) allowing the top of the bag to be complete clear and open during loading. The zipper is located on only one face of the bag, great for roll stock pouches. 

Hang Hole

Hang Hole

Often taken for granted, hang hole bags are indispensable for many an application. It allows bags to go from shelf display to peg board in an instant. Retail ready packaging generally requires a hang-hole, usually placed at the center of your pouch.

Degassign Valve

De-Gassing Valve

Degassing valve, also called one-way valve, allows gases produced in the bag to escape, preventing the bag from bursting. These valves are commonly used for coffee but can be used in any pouch application where the bag's contents emit gas, such as Kimchi.

Lip and Seal Tape

Lip and tape bags are also commonly referred to as peel-and-seal, or lip and seal bags. Lip tape bags are designed for times where you want the end user to be able to close the pouch permanently. Once sealed the pouch must be torn or cut in order to open again.

Tear Notch

Tear Notch

3-seal Pouches are popular for most uses where a gusset is not required or wanted. 3-seal pouches can be bottom loaded. A pouch tear notch allows for the end user to easily open the bag after you seal it and ensures customers know the bag was has not been tampered with. 

Tin Tie

Tin Tie

Tin Ties are a common form of reclosure used in the coffee industry. Once the bag is opened it can then be securely reclosed by the end user with the Tin Tie to keep the product fresh. Tie Tie can be combined with Easy Peel material to aid in the initial opening of the bag. 

Easy Peel

Peelable film combined with our best poly barrier films are called easy peel bags and are perfect for all kinds of products, including ready meals, fruits, yogurt, coffee, personal care items, and more.

Digital vs. Plate Printing: Which should you choose?

The bags look exactly the same. Unless you are in the bag business you cannot tell the difference. However, the process of printing is different.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the process of printing digital-based images directly onto your package. Artwork is separated into four ink colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) This type of printing is best for small runs, or where you have a lot of different designs. Some advanced coatings, and techniques (Spot UV, Spot Matte) are not possible with digital printing. 


  • Zero setup costs but higher per unit costs
  • Great for seasonal or slow selling SKUS.
  • Shorter lead-times, get your bags faster
  • Useful for trial runs to test your designs in the market
  • Frequent regulatory changes make bag designs obsolete faster than you can use your bags 
  • Great for jobs with many low volume SKU's (e.g. chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, Raspberry, etc)
  • Perfect for short runs - as low as 1,000 bags
  • Physical proof available for $150
  • No plate fees
  • Can be used with any material


  • Higher costs
  • Not advisable for higher quantities
  • Unable to exact color match PMS colors and some other limitations

Plate Printing

Plate printing is commercial printing where the design of your bag is separated into multiple color plates. Plate printing yields the lowest per unit costs available. Brands you see in Walmart, Target, and so forth generally use plate printing. Most jobs can be completed with three to six plates. Use of metallic color may require additional plates. Use up to 10 colors.


  • Lower per-unit cost than digital printing
  • It is the most economical choice when scaling your business
  • Spot Gloss and Spot Matte available
  • Works with any material
  • Metalized colors available
  • Full range of print effects, metalized, holographic, etc
  • True PMS ink colors can be used
  • The Most versatile printing method
  • Edge to edge printing allows you to cover the entire bag with your design or color
  • Low Plate Fees of $150 per color


  • Minimum order quantity 5,000+
  • One-Time Plate costs
  • Not advised if you plan to make large design changes in the future. 

Digital vs. Plate Printing Price Comparison

10,000 Digital Printed


No Plate Fees

No Spot UV / Spot Matte

Split between designs

10,000 Plate Printed


One-time plate fees $150

Spot Gloss / Spot Matte

14.5 cents Per Bag!

*CarePac offers incredible pricing on customer printed barrier bags. Our plate and digital print is of the highest quality. Please note that depending on your choice of material, configuration, quality, and other factors your price may be more or less. Contact our office to get a quote for project today!

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