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Flexible Barrier Packaging

With a depth of experience in the flexible packaging industry, we're experts in flexible barrier packaging and all it entails, including consumer packaging. If you're on the search for or are curious about the best types of flexible packaging material, please read on to learn more about us, barrier bags, and our packaging barrier. 

CareClear - Polyester & Nylon Barrier Films

CareClear is our line of clear Polyester laminated barrier films. We  offer various lamination structures that including PET, KPET, and Nylons suitable for various uses. Clear materials allow for viewing windows and for the product inside to be seen by your consumer. FDA Food contact, and BPA free. 

Popular Film Laminations:

CareSilver - Metalized Barrier Films

CareSilver are vaport metalized laminations which provide great Oxygen and Mositure barrier at an economic price. Metalized Polyesters METPET and VMPET are useful as a base for custom printing because the opaque film allows colors to come to life. 

Popular Films:


CareFoil -  Foil Barrier Films

CareFoil are very high barrier film laminations which incorporate a layer of Aluminum foil. Perfect for print, the aluminum foil provides exceptional barrier, and light blocking. For uses where maximum shelf life is required. 

Popular Films:

CareCompost - Industrial and Ambient Compostable

Our line of Compostable materials spans a selection of diverse films sourced from the leading suppliers of compostable materials, from economical PLA to cutting edge ambient compostable metalized NatureFlex. We have the eco-friendly options for you, regardless of your industry. 

Popular Films:

CareRecycle - Recyclable Flexible Barrier Pouch Materials

CareRecycle includes both virgin recyclable biax PE film, and PCR films. These films are either made of a percentage of recycled material or are made from material that can be recycled more easily then traditional multi-film lamination structures. Typically these will be considered Recycle Code #4. 

Popular Films:

  • CareRecycle-BOPE - Recyclable Biax PE lamination. More easily recycled, and allows for Stand Up and Box bottom configuration bags. 
  • CareRecycle-PCR - Post consumer recycled content, available in several lamination styles.


CareKraft - Kraft Paper Barriers

For a natural look and feel without compromising barrier, our CareKraft laminations give the paper look to a plastic bag. Combined with high Barrier layers such as VMPET, or AL. These materials can have a natural look even once fully printed. 

Popular Films:

Vacuum Barrier Films

High conformity and strength are the hallmarks of quality vacuum bag materials. CareVac materials range in thickness from 3mil - 8mil, and are ready for print, and custom sizing. 

Popular Styles:

Care Shield - ESD Static Control 

CareShield offers an electro-static, semi transparent buried metal, heat-sealable flexible packaging laminations used for pouches designed to provide electrostatic shielding properties. CareShield film is also available in static dissipative and non-static dissipative clean room version. 

Popular Films:

  • CareShield-A - General use static control.
  • CareShield-B - EMI/RFI protective film.
  • CareShield-C - Barrier enhanced for ESD sensitive devices.

What is Flexible Barrier Packaging?

The purpose of Flexible Barrier packaging is to maintain freshness, extend shelf life and prevent damages to the contents of the package, in a non-rigid form. It uses a combination of materials such as flexible plastics, aluminum, paper, and coating to keep oxygen, moisture and light out - while keeping the product inside fresh, new, and damage free. Oxygen and oxidation are major causes of damage to food's appearance and freshness and deterioration.

At CarePac we specialize in using Flexible Barrier Packaging to create custom stand-up pouches, spouted bags, lay flat bags, and tubing, and we specialize in providing the best extrusion and lamination options on the web. 

How do I choose the right Flexible Packaging Films?

If you're unsure exactly what your product requires, the best thing to do is call us directly. The experts at CarePac are happy to help you choose the materials that would be perfect for your particular product and industry, from the healthcare to the food and beverage industries. 

Simply give us a call at 949-336-1541949-336-1541 and you can talk to a real person, not a voicemail or an overseas call center. However, if you want to research things yourself, check out the table below.

Let's Talk Shelf Life of Flexible Packaging Laminations

How long is your product going to be in the package? What's the required shelf life? How important is freshness? These are all important things to ask when thinking about flexible packaging. 

Consider two examples: Corn Chips vs. Dried Berries. Corn chips are usually packaged in economical medium to low barrier materials because they are generally consumed quickly. Nobody expects chips to have an extensive shelf life and chips are a low margin retail item that must be economically packaged.

In comparison, dried berries are a more expensive product which require a longer shelf life. They are highly stable and are usually not consumed at one time.

Other Important Considerations for flexible packaging:

  • Where is the product sold?
  • Are there space constraints or other retailer requirements?
  • How much product do you need in each package?
  • Where is the product stored? Freezer, shelf, outdoors, indoors?
  • How is it transported? Is this package going to face pressure changes in air transport?
  • What is the temperature of your product at the time of filling?
  • What is your "fill philosophy" -- do you want your pouch filled to the rim with product or not?
  • Is your product multi use?
  • Do you want to view the product, or do you need an opaque package?
  • What is your production timeline?
  • How many pouches do you need quarterly? Yearly?
  • What is your budget?
  • How long does the product need to be stored? Is there a narrow consumption window?

Choose the Right Packaging Material for Your Product

Snacks & Chips
Chips, Wafers, Nuts, Popcorn, Seeds, Trail Mix

Low cost points combined with adequate moisture and oxygen barriers while providing exceptional printability key for snack and food packaging.

Cannabis, extracts, edibles, marijuana

Child Resistance, regulatory compliance, adhering to state laws, and art design along with barrier needs. Small retail quantities can benefit from different material selections than wholesale.

Dairy Products
Baby Food, Yogurt, Shredded Cheese & Butter 

Style of pasteurization utilized, Moist versus liquid product. Can be frozen. FDA consideration.

Nuts, Bolts, Tools, Plumbing fixtures

Printing consideration, Tear XM and XDM, cost for heavy tools content for your products.

Easy Pill Pouches
Yogurt and dairy

Good Seal Strength, Easy Opening. Facial Packaging and more.

Forming and Non-Forming
Meat, Cheese, Sausages, Seafoods etc.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging resistance to hot and cold temperatures, Resistant to oil and fats, High oxygen barrier properties, Excellent aroma retention power, Pasteurization*, Easypeal available. Excellent sealing and conformity for commercial chamber vacuuming.

Cookies & Candy
Biscuits, Cookies, Chocolate Bars, Candy, Chewing Gum

High-barrier packaging film will protect your product from moisture, oxygen, and UV exposure which will help extend shelf life, retain flavor, and it keep it clean.

Frozen Foods
Vegetables, Seafoods, Meat, Block Cheese

Various factors come into play. Puncture resistance, conformity for vacuum packing, pasteurization needs, freezing temperatures. Easy Peel option also available

Plant Seeds and Plant Fertilizer

Puncture resistance, impact strength, high barrier, Chemical resistance, acid resistance.

Retort Food
Microwave Meals, Curries, Gravies, Sweet Corns

Suitable for sterilization up to 135 degrees C, Shelf life up to 2 years, puncture resistance. Low Conformity.

Spout Liquid Pouches
Baby Food, Gels, Refills

Reclosable liquid spouts common for sauce. Often stand up on their own. 

Vacuum Packaging
Meat, Cheese, Seafood, Dry Fruits

Modified Atmosphere Packaging resistance to hot and cold temperatures, Resistant to oil and fats, High oxygen barrier properties, Excellent aroma retention power, Pasteurization*, Easypeal available. Excellent sealing and conformity for commercial chamber vacuuming.

Spices & Flour
Spices, Flour, Salt, Sugar, Rice, Papad, Baking Mix

Preventing spices and flours from going stale prematurely is a key goal when packaging these items. High seal strength with hot tack to seal through contamination.

Dog & Cat Food
Dog & Cat Food, Bird Seed, Livestock Feed

Product weight, and barrier requirements both play into material selection for dog and cat food which is popular. Bag configuration and feature selection will also be factors.

Agro Chemicals, Detergent, Industrial Chemicals, Cement

Seal strength, and chemical resistance, Hot Tack to seal through loading contamination.

Tea & Coffee
Tea, Instant Coffee, Coffee Beans

Suitable for sterilization up to 135 degrees C, Shelf life up to 2 years, puncture resistance. Low Conformity. 

Laser Scoring
Various applications from dried products. 

Easy to tear

Oils & Pickles
Cooking Oil, Pickles, Lubricant Industrial Oils

Low leakage, high fill rates, and excellent sealing properties help to reduce cost, while reducing thickness to help with cost points for your oil products.

Powder Product
Protein Drinks, Milk Powder, Supplementary Powder

Good MVTR for aroma retention, Seal strength and stretch, encapsulated aluminum for optimum shelf-life. Adding some nylon is best fit for this type of bags to prevent blow up.

Personal Care
Incense Sticks, Cosmetics, Wet Wipes

Cost to barrier ratio. High speed fill, tubing, Outer-pack Printing quality and marketing.

Hot & Fill
Juice, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Liquid Spices

Suitable for hot fill products up to 100 degrees C fill temperature. High moisture barrier properties. 

Printed Shrink Films
Cans or bottles flexible packaging in bulk

Shrinkable with Heat, High Strength and High Impact

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