Roll Diameter Calculator

Determine Diameter of Roll Material

Roll Diameter Calculator

Roll Diameter Calculator to Determine Diameter of Roll Material

Whether you’re a brand new client or a repeat customer, determining the appropriate roll diameter is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. If the roll diameter is too large or too small, it won’t fit onto the machine it’s going on to. Both scenarios aren’t ideal, which is why nailing down the appropriate roll diameter you need is so important.

Determining the appropriate roll diameter can be quite confusing for many of our customers, but our roll diameter calculator does the calculation for you.

Using Our Roll Diameter Calculator

Our interactive calculator is incredibly easy to use: simply input the requested dimensions (core diameter, the thickness of material, and length of material ), and our calculator will crunch the numbers and let you know the outside diameter of the rolled material. This way, you can quickly order the accurate roll diameter for your machine and application. 

For example, if your machine offers a max roll diameter of two feet and you want to figure out how to fit 10,000 feet on the roll, our calculator can help. One important thing to remember is that our calculator does not account for variations due to stretching or softness of the material. 

Additionally, while our free tool will assist you in determining the outside diameter of the roll material, this calculation should be used for estimates and is not an exact measurement.

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