header1 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

A common question that we get is “can I print in the seal zones and the zipper area on my pouch? Fitting all the client's content onto the bag can prove a challenge to say the least. Less-is-More isn't always possible. Sometimes you're adapting artwork from a different packaging medium, other-times you using the same artwork on multiple bag sizes. Whether it's the limitation of design, client requirements, or other variables there will come a time when you must put graphics in the seal zones and zipper areas. 

5078060 Монтажная область 1 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas
Zipper print 32 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas
Zipper print 31 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas
Zipper print 27 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

Can I print in the seal zones, zipper area, or near the hang hole?

The short answer is yes, but it’s best to avoid putting important design elements in those areas. But the long answer is, it depends.

Zipper print 22 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

What is a seal zone?

Seal zones are where the material of the bag is sealed together. Without seals you don't have a bag. Depending on the pouch configuration involved you may have as few as 2 seal zones or as many as 8.

On our dielines seal zones are show using dashed lines. Seal zones typically run along the edge of the pouch. As in the picture below.

seal zones Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

Zipper Area Explained

trick or treat 3.5g bag Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

The zipper area is where the zipper is built into the pouch. The zipper is a physical item which takes up space and creates a slight bump and ripple in the pouch surface. Most styles of zipper are heat sealed into the pouch during the pouch making process. Standard zippers will have a zipper flange on both the front and back side of the bags. Ez-Pull / Pull tab zippers exist only in one face of the pouch. Either way, there will be a bump in the material where it conforms to the extruded zipper. 

What are “important design elements”

Important design elements are anything that is critical to the success of the packaging. This might include barcodes, USDA / FDA stamps or icons, P65 statements, or other compliance warnings, nutritional information etc. When designing your bag, you ideally want to follow our art guidelines and avoid placement of critical graphics in zipper, area, seal zones or around hang hole because you don’t want someone claiming they these items are distorted or otherwise not readable.

logos 18 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas
logos 26 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas
logos 19 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas
logos 28 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

Basic Rule for printing in seal zones

The basic, fall back rule is don't put anything in the seal zones or zipper area that you need maximum readability. Generally, graphics like logos can be placed in the zipper area with subjective results. Bar codes should never be placed in zipper or seal areas, the seals and zipper can create read errors.  

Never Place the following Items in Seal Zones and best to avoid placing them in the zipper area. 

  • Barcodes
  • Ingredient Allergen information
  • Compliance icons (USDA, EPA, ETC)
  • Nutritional information
  • Ingredient lists. 
  • Compliance warning statements. 

Generally OK to print in the seal zone and zipper area

Zipper print 25 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

Generally its best to bleed out graphics, backgrounds, etc through the seal zone. When it comes to the zipper area, the amount of possible distortion is lessened. Here are some design elements which we commonly see placed in the zipper area when the customer is left with no other options: 

  • Logos
  • Slogans "the best product ever!"
  • Marketing phrases "100% organic", "free range" 

Remember the tear notch

Zipper print 26 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

The tear notch is meant to be used, but many times graphic designers forget that it will be! Anything you place above the tear notch will be removed when the consumer opens the pouch. So you'll want to avoid putting warning logos, and important things above that area. 

What result can I expect?

The exact outcome will vary based on several variables including bag material, and colors used, but generally print in the seal zones or zipper area turn out just fine, you just have to be willing to accept that there will be some bumpiness, and possibility of a little distortion.  

Examples: here are examples of print results obtained when printing in the seal zone. 

Logo in Zipper Area

Zipper print 23 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

Optimal Placement

Zipper print 24 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

Everything is made-to-order, and we'll ultimately print whatever you need wherever you want it,

but following the best practices will make for a better outcome!

Contact us today for a free consultation.

Everything is made-to-order, and we'll ultimately print whatever you need wherever you want it, but following the best practices will make for a better outcome!  

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health 10 Creative Uses of Flexible Packaging for Health Supplements and 5 Packaging Trends for your Brand

10 Creative Uses of Flexible Packaging for Health Supplements and 5 Packaging Trends for your Brand

Getting healthy and starting a new wellness journey is always going to be trending, with consumers perpetually on the lookout for newer, modernized supplements, treatments, pills, powders, and more. Make sure that your product stands out among the crowd with supplement packaging design that sells.

Supplement Packaging Design Trends

The easiest way to do this is by keeping up with industry trends. Learn about five current trends as you create your packaging.

5 trends for your brand 04 10 Creative Uses of Flexible Packaging for Health Supplements and 5 Packaging Trends for your Brand

1. Use Natural Hues, Nudes, and Pastel Palettes for Your Health Supplement Packaging

Your color palette is often the first thing your potential clients are going to notice. It's what's going to catch their eye- but is it what's going to sell them on your product and make them open the package? Wellness-oriented products tend to attract customers who are looking to treat their body and mind. They look for things that are "all-natural", "organic", "non-GMO", "plat-based", etc. Having a color palette that is either a natural, earthy shade like creams, beiges, browns, and sage greens, or nudes with various shades of taupe, or muted, pastel variations of bright and bold colors tend to evoke the right energy for selling a health product.

2. Single Use Sachets

Modernization is all about convenience, and convenience helps consumers save time in their day. For a lot of people, this means having single-use pouches for supplements or daily packs for vitamins. They can grab just one sachet and know exactly what they’re getting without having to measure and pour scoops or count out vitamins. When you offer single-use sachets or one-a-day packs of a product, it's seen as a time-saver as well as an easy way to grab what the consumer needs and head out the door! A small sachet of vitamins is easier to grab and put in a purse to take later with breakfast rather than sorting and grabbing a handful of loose vitamins and losing them. Get on the same page as your customers, and make your product packaging simple and convenient. 

3. Stand-Up Pouches are Great for Dietary Supplement Packaging

Protein powders, collagen blends, smoothie mixes, supplements, and more are in powder forms that most consumers want to be able to store on the shelves in their cupboards. If you're offering a product that needs to be stored and saved, having it be a sealable stand-up pouch is going to make their life easier. It's also going to help sell your product as opposed to having a bulky box or a saggy bag, both of which are harder to keep stored and prevent spillage. Stand-up pouches not only fit better in a pantry but they also make it easier to count out portions, which can be poured into a measuring cup or scooped out.

4. Small, Flexible Wrappers and Packagings

Small and flexible wrappers as packaging are ideal for supplement design for similar reasons having single-use sachets are. They offer consumers the convenience of transportation. No time to grab an electrolyte drink, but keeping the small, flexible single-use pack (or a few) in a purse, pocket, backpack, or work desk make for a world of convenience. The size and flexibility mean they’re subtle and easier to transport than having to truck along a whole box of the product. The same can be said for certain products, like hand wipes or ED pills, that would only need to be used in certain moments, but one wouldn't want to be caught without them.

5. Clean, Fresh Branding for Supplement Label Design

When it comes to what we put in our bodies, consumers are looking for products that are clean with better-for-you ingredients and protein, so your branding should convey the same message as the ingredients in your product. This includes clean lines, calm colors, mellow fonts, simple yet creative design elements, and avoiding loud, messy, chaotic, or in-your-face designs that may work for other products on Pinterest.

Supplement Design and Supplement Packaging Design We Love

health supplement packaging design clean and fresh. 10 Creative Uses of Flexible Packaging for Health Supplements and 5 Packaging Trends for your Brand

1. beam

As a supplement and protein powder manufacturer, beam has a series of products that are designed to supplement consumers' daily lifestyle, with products like dream, which support sleep, or revive, which supports recovery. The matte packaging is sleek, with stand-up pouches that reseal for convenience. The ombre transition of the package from purple to white is subtle and calming, much like their products. Their logo is simple and all lowercase, which furthers their message effectively.

Complement Protein Supplement Packaging

2. Complement

Complement Protein is a plant-based, organic brand that offers capsules, powders, snacks, dps, and more similar types of wellness products. The flexible, stand-up package has a resealable top for maintaining freshness and allowing easy storage. The source is simple, with an ombre transition from blue to orange, san serif fonts that are easy to read, and minimal graphics that convey the plant-based product messaging.

hims ed viagra Supplement Packaging

3. hims

As a big market item, hims products are simple, minimal, yet incredibly effective. The brand came in hard and fast, with its own variation of the Viagra pill and other men's and women's wellness and supplement products. Very simple serif font with little to no elements on the package keep it sleek yet subtle. The beige is neutral and natural in shade. The single-use tear package is convenient to allow the consumer to keep a single pack with them for the time when it's needed most.

Lyfefuel Supplement Packaging

4. Lyfefuel

Lyfefuel offers daily shake and protein powders for consumers in a variety of flavors. Their reseal packages are flexible and stand-up, which is ideal (if not essential) for bulk powder supplements. The color palette runs on a nature-based aesthetic, with a beige tone on the bottom half (earth) and a blue tone on the top half (sky). They incorporate little badges of essential information across the package as well to alert consumers to need-to-know information.

Moon Juice Supplement Packaging

5. Moon Juice

Moon Juice markets off supplement powders for a variety of effects, including sleeping, energizing, calming, libido support, focus and concentration, and more. These small, single-use sachets are perfect for consumers who want a grab-and-go when they have the need come up. The matte colors are sleek and help convey the different protein powders from one another. They're also small and flexible and easy to keep in a purse or desk drawer until needed.

mushroom revival Supplement Packaging

6. Mushroom Revival

Mushroom Revival offers consumers gummies, drops, powders, capsules, and more, all enhanced with mushrooms for various effects. They distinguish their different products with bright, vibrant colors that parallel the effects, as well. The flexible packaging stands up, has a resealable top to preserve the gummies, and has design elements that don’t overwhelm the visual palette.

Olly Supplement Packaging

7. Olly

Olly is one of the bigger names in wellness on the web, offering a variety of gummy vitamins and supplements. These are their "Happy Gummy Worms," taking on the form of a treat instead of the traditional block gummy pieces. The Happy gummies are designed to be a natural mood-booster, and the packaging is intended to reflect that with bright colors with positive connotations, like yellow, orange, and teal, for a sunshine combo. The packaging is also flexible and seals shut to preserve the remaining treats.

Onnit Supplement Packaging

8. Onnit

Onnit doesn't have the most attractive packaging, but it gets the job done. Their daily sachets for single-serve vitamins make it easy for consumers to take their daily vitamins without needing to count out vitamins or keep dozens of pill containers in their cupboard. The brown earth tones give a message that reads natural and healthy. The easy-tear top is also convenient.

Vegamour Supplement Packaging

9. Vegamour

Vegamour’s effective packagings are as elegant as can be. The whole aesthetic feels glamorous, rich, and visually pleasing, with a neutral color palette in shades of tan, pink, and orange that pair well with their signature gold lettering. The individual sachets are ideal for grab-and-go usage and convenient to keep on hand for whenever one wants to enjoy the powder in a beverage. Their supplement label design and typography is clean, sharp and elegant at the forefront of their dietary supplement packaging.

Care of Electrolyte_Boost Supplement Packaging

10. Care Of

Care Of sells a line of products, including their best seller, which is the personalized daily vitamins, name-stamped for individualism and all. Their packages are all artsy with abstract minimalism, and most are sold as single-packs, like their powder supplements. The clean, refreshing, and simple product label design is aesthetically pleasing, and the packs are easy to keep on hand.

Health supplement packaging and wellness products have increasing market trends as consumers look for award winning products on the market. Catch their eye on the shelves with packaging that is clean, refreshing, and convenient. Care Pac offers a variety of pouches, sachets, and packs that are perfect for daily vitamins, powder supplements, single-use vitamins, and more. Check out their product line to figure out the right packaging for your small business.

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Header 1 Spice Packaging Design

Spice Packaging Design

Spices add flavor to our life. They make food exciting, they elevate basic cooking, and they open doors to new cuisines and cultures. Help them add flavor to their own life by crafting the perfect spice packaging design that makes them want to grab it right off the shelf and step into the kitchen. Looking for five tips for creating packages that sell? Here you go!

Spice Packaging Design Tips

5 Spice packaging tips 03 Spice Packaging Design

1. Bold fonts for bold food flavors.

Everything about selling flavor has to stand out, and the font choice is no exception! Fonts should be bold, playful, fun, and energetic. Serifs, san serifs, scripts, and a combination of the three are all welcome in exciting but still legible fonts. It's an opportunity to pick a font that would otherwise be taboo for most products. Let the fonts play a significant visual role and add plenty of variety. Flavors, brand names, ingredients, and nutritional information can be displayed in a way that is crafty, unique, and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Pleasing and appetizing pictures.

When we eat, we enjoy food with more than just our sense of taste. We smell as it cooks, we feel the texture as we chew, and we see how yummy and appetizing they look. Selling a spice packet is easier when you have appetizing images of the finished product, so consumers have an immediate idea of how to use it as well as a newly whetted appetite. Likewise, you can also incorporate images of what the spices look like in the packet or even include a viewing window in the package so they can see it directly. They can see it and then visualize how they might use it in their own cooking or imagine how it might taste rubbed on some chicken or tossed in with vegetables, or sprinkled over a taco.

3. Vibrant colors to tantalize tastebuds.

This trend goes right alongside the suggestion regarding font choices. Generally, the more colorful a plate is, the tastier we often presume it to be. This is true for the packaging of your spice or mix as well. Incorporate fun, exciting colors that catch their eye and draw in your consumer. Add some flair to dinner with this delicious mix that will easily elevate your cooking. Keep them bright and vibrant, but still within a uniform color palette. Avoid chaos, but don't be afraid to be loud and bold with the colors.

4. Pepper in fun, engaging graphics.

Consumers want to feel the excitement that comes with cooking and eating delicious food. Sell them on your product with fun and engaging graphics that decorate the package itself. Be creative with logos and design elements or incorporate graphics that relate to the dish or the culinary origins of whatever your mix pack involves.

5. Make good use of single-use sachets.

Single-use sachets make trying something new easier because they don't bring the commitment of having a 50-serving pack of the spice blend. They also make it easier on the consumer, who can simply pour the packet into whatever they're making without needing to measure it out. They're a product of convenience, and most modern home cooks looking to buy flavor are looking for a convenient way to do it. If you aren't going to use a single-use sachet, however, make sure to incorporate some way of closing the container, whether it's a resealable zip-top or a fold-over box-top. Even though seasonings are dried and generally have a longer shelf life than other products, consumers want to ensure they preserve the freshness of their purchase!

A Dozen Cousins Spice Packaging

1. A Dozen Cousins

A Dozen Cousins creates flavored food, like rice pouches, but they also sell their own blend of seasoning sauce mixes. They sell single-use packs in groups of ten or more and include images of what the seasoning sauce is used for right on the front. They immediately look tasty and delicious. They also incorporate fun, cute graphics around the packaging and in creative ways like to denote the type of product and spiciness level. On these packets alone, there are five different fonts used throughout.

Iya Foods Spice Packaging

2. Iya Foods

Iya Foods uses a few of the items from the trending list, starting with a number of fonts to bring some flair and variety. They aren’t the most exciting of fonts, but they give a touch of enthusiasm to the package that would otherwise be missing with one uniform font. Each flavor pack has a different color on the top and bottom and for the flavor title (e.g., Pepper Soup). They decorate the package with plenty of ingredients, namely, what would be used in the spice packet, so you have familiarity with the ingredients right off the bat. It's a multi-serving packet, but the flexible packaging and resealable top are a must.

Flavor Seed Spice Packaging

3. Flavor Seed

Flavor Seed starts off its packaging with bright, friendly, welcoming shades of blue, emblematic of the blue skies and blue ocean waters surrounding much of Greece. This Greek seasoning has a graphic of the iconic white structures famous on islands like Mykonos and Santorini, and the fonts are fun and unique and placed all throughout the package. It is also a multi-use package but has the flavor seal to lock in and preserve the freshness of the herbs and spices used.

Milk Street Spice Packaging

4. Milk Street

Milk Street uses white space effectively on its packaging, keeping it white and clean to place greater emphasis and attention on the name of the seasoning and the images as well. The three-font combination is consistent across the different packages, with one font for the name, another for the brief description (e.g., "Tongue-Tingling"), and a third for the information. The spices look visually powerful, displayed on top of the all-white wrap. The packages are also resealable and stand-up pouches, which make them great for storing in kitchen cupboards.

Spice Cartel Spice Packaging

5. Spice Cartel

The Spice Cartel has a great branding concept that feels natural and earth-bound, with playful but legible fonts, a creative name, a viewing window to view the exact product you're buying, and plenty of essential information on the packet, like spice level, flavor notes, and taste.

Siete Taco Seasoning Spice Packaging

6. Siete

Siete Family Foods sells better-for-your Mexican-American foods, including grain-free tortillas and chips, paleo seasonings, and dairy-free queso for those with sensitive food allergies. Their taco seasonings come in a range of spice levels and purposes, but all have their signature Siete bird logo and bright, colorful packaging that emphasizes the bright, vivid flavors in their foods. The matte packaging makes their products look slick and smooth without dulling the colors at all. They have their signature fonts as well, which are fun and creative. They're also single-use packets with a clear designation on how to use them, which make them nice for those looking for convenience!

Sugar Roti Spice Packaging

7. Sugar Roti

Sugar Roti is a great example of a company that strays from the trends but still has a powerful impact and uses subtlety in an appealing way in their spice packaging designs. Their matte, flexible packaging contains minimal graphics, with a single symbolic logo on the front, along with a flavor, the logo, and unique color to denote the flavor. There isn't much variety, but the consistency is clean and refined. The single-use, flexible packages are convenient and easy to use when cooking, which is a major bonus.

Tasty Spice Packaging

8. Tasty

This spice packaging isn't the cleanest of packaging, but it hits a lot of points well. There's the blending of fun, energetic fonts, along with a bright color palette of orange and blue. They also include graphics of the ingredients, like garlic and cayenne peppers. The viewing window is the biggest bonus to their packaging, which looks distinctly red-orange and very flavorful. The flexible packaging is single-use, making it easy for those cooking, too.

Pearl and Johnny Spice Packaging

9. Pearl and Johnny

The Pearl and Johnny dip and spread mix is another example of a company that strays from the formula a bit, although their packaging looks a bit better than SugarRoti. The matte finish of their flexible packaging looks bold, especially when the graphics of the chili and lime are placed in the center with a reflection beneath. It looks rich and bold in flavor. The combination of bold and thin fonts is also elegant alongside the rest of the packaging. It's a single-use sachet with an easy-tear top, which is perfect for throwing together a delicious dip in little time.

Eastern Standard Provisions Spice Packaging

10. Eastern Standard Provisions

Eastern Standard Provisions sells gourmet food products like jams, waffles, toppings, and pretzels. Their gourmet Black Truffle and Parmesan dip has to look gourmet as the name suggests, and an elegant blue is just the color to do so. Their packages are resealable and have an easy-to-tear top. It's a flexible package that makes it easy to work with and use. The royal blue package is emboldened with a yellow block denoting the flavor and is covered in little graphics relating to the product. Their font combinations aren't as loud or bold as some of the others on this list, but the choices here go better with the gourmet product line.

Care Pac makes deciding on the right spice packaging design easy. With customizable pouches in a variety of styles, you can select the ideal pouch that works with your product and appeals to your target demographic. Find out more about our packaging for seasonings, spices, rubs, and more. Our helpful packaging designers are on stand by to help you start your spices packaging. Get started now! 

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cannabis2 Cannabis Pouch Designs

Cannabis Pouch Designs

Cannabis can be a tricky business to enter into. With more and more states legalizing its use, 

brands know some areas are oversaturated with competition while others are ready for shops 

to start opening up. To successfully brand, market, and sell your designer weed brand, your cannabis packaging design is key. 


Cannabis Pouch Designs & Marijuana Bag Ideas for Weed

Here are five packaging tips from cannabis professionals that will boost your chances in the 


5 Cannabis packaging tips 02 Cannabis Pouch Designs

1. Matte Packaging Design for Marijuana & Cannabis

Matte colors, and, in particular, matte black, are among the most popular cannabis packaging trends. It's a major trend among both big and little cannabis brands alike. Matte black is easy to spot on shelves across stores everywhere. The sleek finished look pairs well with the modern, clean, and futuristic styles of many up-and-coming designer weed shops. Matte blacks paired with one bright, vivid color is attractive but refined at the same time. Matte finishes also add an elegant texture and a regal look to packaging, whether it’s black or another color.

2. Mylar Foil Preservation for Weed & Cannabis

Mylar foil packaging is one of the biggest demands in the cannabis industry for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because the mylar foil is able to contain the very pungent odor that typically emanates from cannabis. It has a very distinct smell, and most customers are looking to be discreet with their products. If you can offer packaging that allows them to keep it in a purse or briefly store it in a car or in the cupboard without attracting unwanted attention from children or adults, it will help your product maintain an element of professionalism and desirability.

3. Custom Flexible Package Sizing for Weed Bags

Some cannabis companies sell a variety of products, from vape cartridges to flowers to pens, blunts, and gummies, while some sell just blunts and flowers. Regardless of what types of products you’re marketing for cannabis, consider the size of your packaging in how you market different types or quantities of products. Different sizes help customers become regulars because they can recognize the sizes and associate it with their familiar products. It also allows them to feel more discreet in their purchase or bold in their purchase (with a larger size package) and ultimately appeals to a wider variety of customer needs.

4. Print Fun, Bold, and Sleek Branding & Cannabis Labels

If you walk into some of the most popular cannabis shops today, shoppers will often find themselves in these hyper-modernized, almost futuristic facilities that feel clean, sharp, and almost like walking into some sort of health clinic. They have a similar aesthetic to the Apple stores we walk by in malls. With the increasing legalization of cannabis, many companies are looking to capitalize on the relaxed experience consumers desire, rather than the former days of what felt like shopping for illegal substances. It's about transparency, attractiveness, and crafting a full consumer experience from the moment they walk in the doors. Your packaging can easily reflect this attitude, with fun and unique packaging, bold and bright colors, and sleek styles that look as smooth as the cannabis feels.

5. Custom Flexible and Resealable Weed Packaging Bag

Flexible packaging is a big draw and works for everything from gummies to buds and flowers to cartridges. They're easy to toss away once you have what you need, but they're also easy to store in back pockets and purses or to keep up high on a shelf in the home. In addition to flexible packaging, resealable packaging is also essential. Keep edibles and flowers from drying out by allowing buyers to close their packages back up afterward. Some states and counties even require child-proof seals or a film to ensure that small children aren’t able to mistake a pack of THC gummies for their own sweet treats.

With these five trends in mind, check out these 10 brands and how they use the trends in their own print and packaging.

Leafs by Snoop

1. Leafs by Snoop

Leafs by Snoop is one of the biggest selling products on the market, for both the quality but also the branding. The small boxes are among our favorites- they're stylish and iconic, with minimal-color icons and graphics so shoppers can identify different products and ounce connotations. The packaging centers around the recognizable logo and is largely white, drawing attention to the logo. The only downside is the lack of flexible packaging. While boxes look nice and clean and professional, they’re also easy to smash, including in transit, leading to dented packaging on the shelves.

Rythm High CBD

2. Rythm

The logo for rythm does a lot of the work for their branding and their marijuana bags, with the smooth beat symbol taking over the ‘m’. They use the matte black packaging effectively, keeping the color palette minimal with a black and teal ensemble. There’s little else going on for a powerful minimalist appearance, but it all works well together.

Select X Bites Cannabis Packaging

3. Select X Bites

Another great example of matte black packaging paired with a few select flavor/product colors is Select X Bites. The matte black sheen gives texture and a subdued, cool finish with small pops of color in the different flavors. The highlighter colors, green, orange, and pink are very minimal, as well. It's bold, flexible, and odor-blocking, as well.

Wana Gummies Cannabis Packaging

4. Wana

Wana is a great example of how matte doesn’t always have to come in black, especially on cannabis bags. They use whole package matte colors in a monochromatic design that parallels the flavor of their gummies. Their fonts are unique and recognizable, which helps set themselves as a familiar brand to their consumers. The packages are also resealable, which is essential for saving the remaining gummies until it’s time to enjoy.

Lost Farm Cannabis Packaging

5. Lost Farm

The Lost Farm gummies and chews are sweet cannabis candies individually wrapped in their flexible, easy-to-open gloss package. The colors are bold and attractive and evoke smooth vibes, similar to how they market their product. They also use a viewing window to show the wrapped product in its packaging, which can be a great bonus for consumers. It's resealable as well, although, with a window, it is unlikely to be perfectly odor-proof.

Venice Cookie Co

6. Venice Cookie Co.

There's nothing flashy or bold about The Venice Cookie Co. packaging, nothing unique or particularly eye-catching, but they keep it straight, simple, and to the point. Consumers immediately know exactly what they're getting (a chocolate chip cookie) and how much (250mg THC). It’s a two-tone color palette with orange and white, and the big tasty graphic of the cookie is physically appealing and appetizing for potential buyers. The package is for one cookie, but it has a resealable package for keeping that cookie fresh in case a user would like to save some for later. 

Old Pal Vape

7. Old Pal

Yet again, we see effective use of matte packaging, and yet again, it's not a matte black. The sage green is soothing, earthy, and herbal, which makes it quite the appropriate color for cannabis packaging. It partners well with the gold tone of the lettering and graphics that decorate the package as well. The package is for a shareable vape pen and is packaged in a flexible and resealable wrapper.

Farmer and the Felon

8. Farmer and the Felon

The Farmer and the Felon has masterfully crafted an out-of-the-box design for their packaging that really makes it stand out from the other trends. Their font is a bold typeface in all capitals that stands at the forefront of their package's branding. The orange and black tones play off prison colors, which plays off of the felon connotation, making light of the former illegality of cannabis. The packaging is also flexible and resealable, and odor-proof.

Circles Vape Cannabis Pouch Design

9. Circles

One more matte black finish is thrown into the mix with Circles. If you aren’t picking up on the sleek, elegant look of the matte finishes, then it’s time to start. Circles, as their name suggests, uses circles placed throughout the package as their logo, but in different colors and places. Each matte black package is resealable, has minimal design elements, and has a two-tone color theme.

Wyld Blackberry Gummies Cannabis Pouch Design

10. Wyld 

Wyld sells its gummies in a white matte finish, with resealable packages that are flexible and easy to grab and store. They also play off the “wild” theme of their namesake, with graphics representing the flavor decorating the package and a collection of colors to match the flavor as well. It feels earthy and natural and includes all the necessary information right on the package.

Packaging that is designed to be fun, functional, and attractive is easy when you work with Care Pac designers. Small and medium-sized businesses can find an affordable way to make their own cannabis products stand out with a range of sizes, materials, package types, and closures to meet the needs of your product as well as your state laws. Check out the CarePac website for more information or to see some options! Contact one of our designers today and fill your cart with wonderful options! 

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jerky packaging 5 Tips for Jerky Packaging That Sells and 10 Companies Who Get it Right
Food Industry Packaging

5 Tips for Jerky Packaging That Sells and 10 Companies Who Get it Right

If you’re just getting started or looking to refresh your beef jerky packaging design, start here. 

With five tips to create a packaging design that sells and some current sellers for inspiration, you’ll easily get started off on the right foot.  Learn more package design tips below. 

Jerky pouches 5 Tips for Jerky Packaging That Sells and 10 Companies Who Get it Right

5 Tips to Consider for Your New Jerky Packaging Design

1. Matte Finish Packaging For a Sleek Look

Matte coloring packages have started to trend among plenty of jerky packaging companies looking to create a certain aesthetic for their meat. Matte black is the biggest trend, but any matte finish packaging, in general, gives a polished and handsome look to any jerky package. It's sleek and suave as a design element and is effective at drawing attention (think of matte finishes on cars or in homes). Matte finishes, especially blacks, add dimension to packaging and are bold as well. Not to mention, when it comes to packaging, matte finishes are textural in that consumers often find themselves wanting to run their fingers along the smooth, sleek finish.

2. Resealable & Flexible Jerky Packaging

Resealable packaging is a major plus for temporary snack food like jerky. Jerky is, by definition, a preserved food but having a resealable container to lock in the flavor and freshness is an attraction to buyers who know they want to snack and store it. Jerky is not only a snack, but it's a popular on-the-go snack, which is why a combination of resealable packaging with a flexible container is a solid combo. Flexible beef jerky bags make it easier to store jerky in backpacks, coolers, pockets, center consoles, and more. As a food of convenience, it's trendy but also attractive to make it convenient to buy.

3. Bold Branding on Your Beef Jerky Packaging

Bold, often masculine branding often makes for a great package of jerky. Bold, loud, identifiable flavors pair well with bold colors, loud fonts, and iconic packaging. Consider pairing a bold font with a soft color palette or a bold color palette with subtle fonts, so your packaging doesn't overwhelm. Fonts with a touch of masculine edge help attract meat-lovers who often enjoy beef jerky are another consideration. Bold can fonts can also be paired with a minimalist design to evoke bold flavors with your basic, no-frills beef jerky. Branding that is loud is different than bold, which is why finding the right balance of bold and subtle elements is key!

4. A Sneak-Peek Window So Customers Can See the Meat Snacks

There's a popular expression about how we eat first with our eyes before we eat with our mouth, and to an extent, this carries a lot of truth. If something looks enjoyable and appealing, we are more likely to enjoy it. It’s our first way of developing an appetite for something, which is why your brand may want to consider a viewing window in your packaging so that potential shoppers can get a look at their snack. It will whet their appetite and make them more likely to pick it off the shelf, especially if it looks as good as it tastes.

5. Eco-Conscious, Ethical, and Healthier Bags for Your Beef Jerky

When it comes to meats and produce, consumers tend to look for goods that are labeled: grass-fed, free-range, organic, non-GMO, low sugar, high protein, sustainable, gluten-free, limited ingredient, natural, cage-free, etc. If you can prescribe some of these labels, per FDA standards, to your jerky, it’s going to be a draw for your package. Banners across the top or bottom, badges on the front, or just placed in an eye-catching font or color alert your potential customers to the benefits of your healthier, sustainable, or more ethical jerky than the competitor. Another approach with the packaging to achieve this end is to utilize either compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable packaging, like those made of bio-plastics for a more sustainable effect for your flat barrier bags.

10 Jerky Companies to Look to for Design Inspiration

Stryve Jerky Packaging

1. Stryve

Stryve hits a few great trends with its packaging. The bold, easy-to-read fonts placed on bright, matte packaging with a fun blend of colors combine eye-catching with convenience. The flexible packaging is also easy to store for later in small spaces, making this a great choice for on the go. Also included in their packaging are nutritional essentials, like the zero-sugar and high protein markers across the top.

Righteous Felon Jerky Packaging

2. Righteous Felon

The Righteous Felon uses creative, fun, and engaging graphics that are immediately eye-catching. It's framed perfectly on their eco-friendly packaging, with a minimalist color palette of a touch of red. They incorporate all the key information, like flavor, gluten-free, and all-natural labels, into the primary graphic on the front. They also have a resealable pouch which further attracts buyers. It has a masculine name as well as a more masculine graphic, but in a fun, comical way so as to not seem overcompensating. Overall, it's fun meets functional in a great way.


3. Archer

Country Archer Provisions plays off of colors to help identify their different flavors, with navy blue and light blue for their original flavor jerky. They use orange for a mango-habanero blend, magenta pink for their teriyaki flavor, and lime green for hatch chili. Their typography is straightforward and to the point, keeping it simple and not distracting but not too eye-catching as well. Their biggest wins are the flexible packaging, the health and ethical labels stamped on the front (9g of protein, gluten-free, etc.), and the viewing window in the front to buyers can see the freshness of their snack.

Lorissa’s Kitchen Jerky Packaging

4. Lorissa’s Kitchen

Lorissa’s Kitchen uses color to identify essential information: organic, grass-fed sustainable beef, gluten-free. Buyers know what they’re getting and are drawn in by the bright green labels. The packaging is flexible and has a resealable top for preserving freshness. They also use all the official labels for USDA Organic and NonGMO foods. Another big bonus is that they’ve printed images of their jerky all over the package, which isn’t as effective as having a viewing window but is better than nothing.

Savage Jerky Co Jerky Packaging

5. Savage Jerky Co

Savage Jerky Co uses matte black packaging to the best effect, with a sleek, smooth package with a lone bold color. This flavor, Reaper, uses a vibrant red, while other flavors use different colors, like Maple Buffalo Bacon in burnt orange and Lime & Garlic with rich green. It makes their packaging bold but iconic and not too busy or loud. The package has a tear-top and a resealable closure for freshness, plus the flexible packaging for the convenience of carrying it everywhere. Their logo is simple and memorable, just like the rest of their package.

Uncle Buck’s Original Jerky Packaging

6. Uncle Buck’s Original

Uncle Bucks’ Original Beef Jerky is in a matte black finish, similar to a lot of other stand-out brands. It’s handsome and masculine, with a simple font pairing that doesn’t detract from the logo and information. They don’t use a viewing window, but like Lorissa’s, they print an image of their jerky on the front of the package. Printing images can be great when you don’t use a viewing window, but your final product should look very similar to the printed images. They also include essential information on the front, including protein, calories, and fat-free.

7.	People’s Choice Old Fashioned Beef Jerky Packaging

7. People’s Choice Old Fashioned Beef Jerky

The packaging for People's Choice Old Fashioned Beef Jerky evokes old-fashioned energy and traditional simplicity with its graphics, fonts, and logos. The overall design is constructed of thin lines, thin fonts, and kerning that makes everything simple, minimal, and legible. They incorporate big selling points into creative graphics, like banners and stamps across the packaging to identify "Handmade in LA," “ Gluten-Free," "All-Natural," and the fat and protein counts. Visually, it's a mostly black and white color palette, which goes with the theme of old-fashioned and traditional. Although it is in flexible packaging, they don't use a reseal top for preserving what's left uneaten.

Kalahari Biltong Jerky Packaging

8. Kalahari Biltong

Kalahari Biltong keeps it vibrant, colorful, and eye-catching with flavor-coordinated colors that are bold and bright- orange for original, lime green for chili lime, red for their spicy peri, and blue for garlic. All the colors are extremely bright and pair well with a consistent package graphic across all the flavors. They creatively pair a san serif and script font, and they use it to convey all the necessary information.

Prevail Beef Jerky Packaging

9. Prevail Beef Jerky

Prevail is another brand that combines the matte finished packaging but, unlike some of the others, uses a monochrome color palette, like the oranges shown here. Their other flavors use a similar method, but with green tones for their lemongrass flavor, blue tones for their original flavor, and red tones for their spicy flavor. The matte finish is smooth and refined but keeps it simple and handsome. The fonts are in either all capital letters or all lower-case letters, which pair well together with san serif choices. They use the same colors to convey their information in stamps (gluten-free, protein count, soy-free, etc.).

kaimana jerky packaging

10. Kaimana Jerky

Salmon jerky is often seen as a healthier, better-for-you version of beef jerky, like Kaimana Salmon Jerky. Along with selling a healthier version of the product, their packaging appeals to the type of buyer who is more likely to go for healthier choices- those who are also eco-conscious. The packaging is environmentally friendly, with compostable packaging that is printed without colors to look even more natural and earth-friendly. Their logo and graphics are simply printed in shades of brown, black, and white to keep things minimal and attractive, as well.

Luckily, a lot of these great ideas can be achieved at an affordable quote from this site, simply email us. With CarePac, you can transform your packaging without blowing up your budget on the web. Reach out for more information or to order some samples to see your packaging first-hand! Email us -- we'd be happy to provide a quote. 

Jerky Packaging Design Tips scaled 5 Tips for Jerky Packaging That Sells and 10 Companies Who Get it Right

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tubes CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)
Data Sheets


CareSilver-PVP is a PET/VMPET/PE barrier lamiation film that serves as a great base for printed bags, and provides a quality general use barrier to protect the contents from oxidation, moisture, and premature spoilage. CareSilver, is a 3-layer lamination structure consisting of PET, Vapor Metalized Polyethylene Terephthalate, and PE. It is the primary line of Vapor Metalized polyethylene Terephthalate (VMPET) or Mylar films. 

As with most of CarePac's barrier films, CareSilver-PVP is designed for FDA applications (foods and beverages). CareSilver-PVP is free of toxins such as TSE, Sulfur, Phthalates, and BPA. It is specifically designed to maintain the freshness of FDA Food Items like dried goods, snacks & chips, pet food (cats, birds, and all kinds of dog breeds), and its low thermal permeability rate, as well as the UV resistance. 

Barrier Properties

PET/VMPET/PE is a good general use three-layer film . Cost effective with medium-high barrier properties, CareSilver-PVP provides a better barrier than most clear films. 

Note: The performance of any film will be influenced by a number of factors and testing must always be performed to ensure the film meets the use.

Relative Performance Indications

Oxygen Barrier

Moisture Barrier

Light Barrier


Heat Resistance

Freezer Storage

Customer Profile

PET/VMPET/PE is a great choice for many food products.
PET VMPET PE Granola Bag CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)

Granola, snacks, and other food items are a great use for Care-Silver-PVP. In the case of granola a full color CMYK lifestyle photo of granola displays well with CareSilver-PVP as its base material. 

Film Specifications for CareSilver-PVP

Our lamination film is finely coated with vaporized Aluminum film (AL) to provide an opaque base material for printing while enhancing the barrier properties of the base polymer film.

Here are some of the common indicated properties for this film

Sample Data

Available Thicknesses

2mil - 8mil

Sample Data Thickness



<1.5 JIS Z 0208


<0.9 JIS Z 1707

Elongation at Break

MD > 55 TD > 50

Bond Strength

PET/VMPET >400g/15mm VMPET/PE >400g/15mm

Environmental Impact of CareSilver-PVP

This material is a multi-layer laminated plastic and will typically fall into the check-locally. The product is not compostable.

icons eco 20 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)

At Home Compost

icons eco 20 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)

  Industrial Compost

icons eco 19 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)


ECO 09 1 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)
Select Columns Layout

Compliance Information

Compliance is always an important topic. All our films including our CareSilver-PVP PET/VMPET/PE film meets or exceeds applicable compliance and regulatory standards. 
small Icons 18 33 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)


logos 24 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)


logos 29 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)

FDA Food Approved

small Icons 18 32 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)

EU Food Approved

logos 26 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)


logos 21 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)

RoHS / R.E.A.C.H

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cannabis2 Montana Cannabis Laws
Other Packaging Topics

Montana Cannabis Laws

Montana has a long history of legal cannabis legalization, starting in 2004 with medical. But then back-and-forth made Montana medical marijuana harder to get. In the US state of Montana, marijuana has been legal for both medical and recreational use since January 1, 2021, when Initiative 190 came into effect. Prior to the November 2020 initiative, cannabis was illegal for recreational use from 1929. Medical marijuana was legalized in 2004 in an attempt to vote. [1]

The labeling and packaging rules apply to marijuana and marijuana products that are for ultimate adult-use cannabis sales to a consumer, registered cardholder, or their designated purchasers. Please note: cannabis legalization is not currently national and this blog and the policy information in it is specific to Montana. 

Montana Cannabis Laws - Marijuana Packaging Requirements

Protect: Cannabis packaging must protect the product from contamination and not impart any toxic or deleterious substances to the marijuana products. This means you should use FDA approved barrier packaging, like flexible barrier packaging.

Resealable:  If the package contains more than one serving, it needs to be resealable, meaning it needs to have a recolorable zipper.

Not 'primarily' appeal to children.

You cannot include depictions (pictures, illustrations, or other graphics) of children. 

Your graphics and packaging, cannot include images, drawings, or other portrayals of objects, images, celebrities, or cartoon figures that "primarily appeal to children" or are "commonly used to market products to children". This can be dicey territory, but generally avoid all cartoon characters.

Finally the state includes a subjects catch all provision that doesn't allow packaging or labeling that otherwise has special attractiveness for children beyond the general attractiveness for adults.

Use of Trademarks

McDowells Montana Cannabis Laws

The regulations prohibit trademark infringement. So unfortunately you can't be the McDowell's of Montana Cannabis.  and this section is similar to several other states like Maine and Oklahoma, the state of Montana very much limits the use of trademarks or graphics that resemble trademark, or and this is a bit of a distinction  between it and other states, which "bears any reasonable resemblance to" the trademarked or "characteristic packaging of any commercially available product, including but not limited to candy, snacks, baked goods, or beverages. 

 In this way it appears the legislative intent of this section was to prevent confusion of marijuana products with non-medicated products, and not encourage knock off marijuana versions of unmedicated products. 

Exit Packaging

Montana is a exit bag state. Exit bags or exit packaging is a required for all marijuana and marijuana products at the point of sale. This means that at the point of purchase all marijuana products have to be put in "exit packaging" which is:

  • Child Resistant
  • Opaque
  • Includes required warnings. 

Child Resistant Standard in Montana

In the state of Montana the child resistant standard is found in ARM 42.39.102(8). The standard of child resistance is defined by reference to the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and 16 CFR 1700.20. 

Labeling Requirements for Legal Marijuana

The general labeling requirements for Marijuana products in Montana are found in ARM 42.39.314. These basic requirements are in addition to specific requirements that are set for Flower[2], Edibles[3], Topicals[4], and Concentrates and extracts[5]. 

Montana cannabis label 05 06 06 06 Montana Cannabis Laws
  • Unobstructed and Conspicuous: All required information needs to easy to access. The state does allow  multiple labels, booklets, accordion flaps, just as long as they can be easily access and not permanently obstructed from viewing. 
  • Font: The state of Montana merely requires a "legible font" but do provide some examples (Times New Roman, Arial, or Helvetica) , which if we were you, we'd stick to what they suggest. 
  • Font Size: The primary font size requirement is that the letter "o" must be at least 1/16th" in height. This is very unusual and as far as we can tell, specific to Montana. Most states that prescribe font size use standard language like "6pt font". 
  • Contrasting Color: The required text must be in a contrasting color to the background.
  • English Language: You must put all required text in English. There is no requirement for dual language warnings.  

PRO-TIP: For required warnings, use Times New Roman, in a minimum 4mm font size (Adobe Illustrator). 

Required State Information List 

  • Strain Name: They don't state how specific you must be with the strain. 
  • Common name: This is an interesting one, they want the package to include the "common" name for the product, so what the laws refer to as ingestible Marijuana-Infused Products" you must include "edible" or Marijuana cookie on the package as applicable. 
  • Names:  of the dispensary, and license number of the cultivator, manufacturer. 
  • ID Number: ID number from the seed to sale tracking system. 
  • Date: Harvested, or manufactured. 
  • Net Quantity: They are very specific on weight / net content, it must be stated first in "U.S. Customary" and also Metric (SI) units with the metric in parentheses. For example. 1/2OZ (28g). 
    • If Solid or Semi Solid: Net quantity  is expressed by weight, and must be prefaced with "Net Weight", or "Net".
    • If Liquid: use fluid measure and include the preface "Net Contents" or Net".
    • Number of Servings: You must also include the number of servings. 
  • Testing Statement: ""This product has been tested and meets the requirements of the state of Montana."
  • QR Code: QR Code must link to the products certificate of analysis, and statement telling the user they can scan code for "additional product information"

PRO-TIP: Here is an example of a good net weight statement. 

Net Weight: 2 oz. (56.7 g) (10 cookies));

Montana's Universal Marijuana Symbol

Montanas Universal Marijuana Symbol Montana Cannabis Laws

Ah yes, the ever-present "universal symbol" which as we have discussed before, is anything by universal... In the case of the state of Montana though, they did op for the International Intoxicating Cannabis Products Symbol (IICPS) which is a step in the right direction towards "universal". 

The state requires the symbol will be at a minimum .33" x.33" in size. 

Below we have included press ready, vectorized copies of the three symbol versions available on the state's website. 

Download the Montana Marijuana Warning Symbol Vector format.

Required Warnings Label Text

Basic Warnings:

Montana's required warning labeling for Marijuana products is found in MCA 16-12-215. And is as follows: 

(1) "WARNING: Consumption of marijuana may cause anxiety, agitation, paranoia, psychosis, and cannabinoid hyperemesis.
(2) "WARNING: Consumption of marijuana by pregnant women may result in fetal injury and low birth weight."
(3) "WARNING: Consumption of marijuana by nursing mothers may result in infant hyperactivity and poor cognitive function."

The format required for the Montana warning is found in MCA 16-12-208

Additional Warnings:

  • "Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • "This product may be addictive"
  • "This product may have intoxicating effects. Do not drive while under the influence of marijuana."

Ingestible / edibles warnings

"The intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by two or more hours."

Medical Use Warnings

If the product is for medical use card holders only, there are two additional warnings: 

- "For medical use only"; and

 - "This product is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

Flower Specific Requirements 

Each package of marijuana flower must include a marijuana fact's panel which must indicate the percentage of concertation of:

Must Include:

  • Total potential psychoactive THC;
  • THC;
  • THCa;
  • CBD; and
  • CBDa

May Include: 

  • the percentage concentration of each additional marketed cannabinoid or terpene, if applicable[6]

Edibles Specific Requirements

Ingredient List

Edibles and other ingestible products must have an ingredient list which must include all ingredients listed.

  • List all ingredients
  • Use common names
  • list ingredients in order of predominance by weight. 
  • use the word "marijuana" before the part of plant (flower, trim) or type on concentrate (oil, infused butter, etc). 
  • Trace, insignificant amount that doesn't serve a technical purpose, or have any functional effect does not need to be listed. 

Allergen Statement

Declare the presence of all major food allergens that may be present. No specific format is required other than the use of "plain language"

Marijuana Facts Panel

The milligrams per serving size or dose of:

  • THC;
  • THCa;
  • CBD; and
  • CBDa;

The number of servings or doses per package; and For multi-serving packages, the total milligrams per package of:

  • THC;
  • THCa;
  • CBD;
  • and CBDa;

Additional Warning required for any ingestible product:

"The intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by two or more hours."

Lotions, Patches, & non-ingestible product Specific Requirements 

The requirements for non-ingestible products is substantively similar to that of ingestible products. With the exception of there is no requirement for Allergen list, or delayed effects warnings.  

Extracts and Concentrate Specific Requirements

The legislation requirements for extracts and concentrates are substantively similar to that of ingestible products. Food allergen statement can be omitted if the product is not intended to be cooked with, eaten, or otherwise swallowed or digested.  

Additional warning regarding delayed effects is also required. [7]

Frequently Asked Questions About State Law

Q: What is the THC limits for recreational marijuana products?

Montana's THC limits are found in 16-12-224. any product that exceeds the threshold must be labeled as "for medical use only" and "This product is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

  • Flower:  1 ounce of usable marijuana. The total potential psychoactive THC of marijuana flower may not exceed 35%.
  • Capsules: Maximum 100 milligrams of THC per capsule and no more than 800 milligrams of THC per package.
  • Tincture; Maximum 800 milligrams of THC;
  • Edible or food product:
    • Single Serving maximum 10 milligrams THC
    • Maximum 100 milligrams of THC per package.
  • Topical product: Max concentration 6% THC and 800 milligrams of THC per package;
  • Suppository or transdermal patches: Maximum 100 milligrams of THC per suppository or patch and maximum 800 milligrams of THC per package
  • Maximum total for any marijuana product, no more than 800 milligrams of THC.

Q: If the marijuana product DOES NOT require heat to administer must the marijuana facts panel contain total THC or total potential psychoactive THC values?

No, these items are not required on the facts panel for non-heat products. 

Q: Does Montana require the method of manufacturing and solvent used be listed on the label?

Yes, the method of manufacturing, and if chemical extraction was used, the solvent used in the manufacturing process must be listed on the label. 

Q: What is the packaging is too small to fit all the required compliance information?

You can (if approved by the department) display the information in a legible font that otherwise does not meet the minimum size requirement. 

Labeling and Packaging Template

Montana labeling and packaging templates can be found here.


States with a lot of open land, natural resources, and a fertile environment for agriculture, such as Montana. There are about 28,000 ranches and ranches in the state, each averaging 2,000 acres. Cannabis farms have sprung up all over the state over the past few years. In 2019, Montana farmers planted a total of 22,000 acres of hemp across the state, averaging half a million dollars per farm. Medical marijuana, like cannabis, is not accessible to everyone and cannot be thrown in a jar. After the plant is grown, harvested and cured, there are regulations that must be met for both packaging and labeling. If one doesn't adhere to these laws, it could result in a punishable misdemeanor, fine, or felony.


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header2 08 5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas
Food Industry Packaging

5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas

Granola Companies Who Did It Right:

5 Essential Rules for Creative Granola Packaging & 10 Brands for Inspiration

It’s crunchy, tasty, healthy – and maybe a little bit messy – but with big-brand competition on the shelves, how can you package your granola to really make it sell? It’s not just about the flavor because your consumers first have to pick it off the shelf! When it comes to packaging your granola to sell, there are five essential rules any company should follow. Read on for some great granola packaging ideas. 

Rule #1: Let them see the snack.

Fully covered granola is hard to sell. Consumers are all about what they can see, and incorporating a viewing window so they can see just what they’re getting is a hard yes. Having a viewing window in the pouch lets them know what to expect, it entices a consumer's appetite, and overall, marketing research has shown that when a consumer can see what they’re buying, they’re more likely to make the purchase. It helps boost credibility, so when they open the bag, they aren’t surprised at what they find.

Rule #2: Make food freshness easy.

Stale granola is teeth-cracking dangerous. It’s also a waste of money and a waste of food. Boxed granola with tear-open bags goes bad easily, plus they can be messy if tipped over. Granola packaging that comes with a freshness re-zip seal is not only the way to keep it fresh but saves your customers from wasting food and money. Zippered pouches that lock in flavor ensure your granola stays tasty for as long as possible and is a huge selling point for consumers. Also consider using a high barrier material like CareClear-XP.

Rule #3: Offer delicious variety that consumers can see.

Consumers love when they have choices, especially when those choices are flavorful. But they also need to be able to see distinct differences so they know what flavor they’re picking. Rather than just making five different flavors in the same packaging that looks identical with the exception of one small line of print identifying that flavor, make it visible. Create packaging that has a range of colors for each flavor or different graphics to reflect that flavor. Creative packaging that reflects the flavors so your consumers can really see and taste the difference has an impact.

As a bonus, if you create limited-edition flavors or flavors that go with the seasons, you can create a new sense of demand with your buyers. A sense of urgency over a delicious flavor leaving at the end of summer, with fun, creative packaging to match, encourages them not to want to miss out.

Rule #4: Make organization easy for them.

Our subconscious needs to keep the chaos at bay, even when it comes to something as simple as keeping our cupboards organized is a big deal. Consumers love being able to keep their cupboards organized and orderly. While a box may make that easy, boxes aren’t great for freshness. The solution is to use stand-up pouches, especially those with a resealable top. Stand-up granola pouches sit easily on shelves, don’t take up too much space, and make it easy to scoop or pour granola from them.

Rule #5: Use packaging designs that are creative, identifiable, and professional.

Granola is a great product because it’s enjoyed by a solid variety of consumers. People who love breakfast, people who like to eat healthy, those who enjoy more natural foods and ingredients, and those who enjoy crunchy, sweet textures and nutty flavors. But there are also a lot of available granolas on the market, which means your granola packaging needs to stand out and be memorable. Custom printed granola packaging designs look more professional than pre-purchased seal pouch packaging with a small printed sticker placed on the front. Proofed and printed packaging that is eye-catching, accurately descriptive, and high-quality is going to boost your sales.

granola infographic 5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas

10 brands that understand packaging! 

Manna Granola

Mana Granola Packaging scaled 5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas

Manna Granola does a lot right with their artisanal granola packaging. The matte finish package, a vibrant color that doesn’t overwhelm, minimal graphics to match a minimal-ingredient granola, and a peephole so buyers can see their food. The color palette is a bit retro, but it works. The only questionable choice is the script font for the word “Granola,” which is hard to read. Good thing we have that window to know what we’re getting.


Sakura Packaging scaled 5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas

Sakura’s granola packaging brings bright, colorful, and exciting graphics to their granola in a resealable stand-up pouch. Although they’re missing the window for viewing the granola, it’s still a very appealing package. The choice for the graphics is questionable, though, because although they are pretty, what do the cacti and florals have to do with the flavor? Overall, it’s eye-catching and likely to grab a consumer's attention.

Small Batch Organics

Small Batch Organics Packaging scaled 5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas

Small Batch Organics checks off most of the rules. They don’t have the most exciting, stand-out packaging, but it hits their target demographic well. It is simple and easy on the eye. The font choices go well together. The color palette is very much reflective of a natural, organic product with greens and browns. It may not be the most eye-catching product on the market, but when it comes to finding a healthy and wholesome granola product, the package reflects the product.

Lark Ellen Granola

Lark Ellen Granola scaled 5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas

Lark Ellen Farm’s packaging gives off a cute, friendly, and wholesome with a matching color palette, fun typography, and inviting graphics. It combines fun and functional together well, with a package that keeps the granola fresh and the packaging fresh. It’s easy to read, it’s easy to see, and it looks like it’s going to taste good.

Public Goods

Public Goods Granola Packaging scaled 5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas

Public Goods goes with an ultra-minimalist packaging that works for their product and their brand identity. It keeps it simple and to the point. The packaging would definitely benefit from a viewing window, which would match the packaging with the shades of brown and make it a bit more appetizing to the consumer. However, the rest of it is right on the money.

Thrive Granola

Thrive Granola Packaging scaled 5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas

The soft yet colorful shades of pink and peach on the Thrive granola packaging, along with the large color blocks, make it stand out without being overbearing. The easy-tear, stand-up pouch with fun graphics is certainly going to appeal to a consumer. The biggest downside is going to be the lack of a zip-lock top to keep it fresh and to avoid any spillage from a tipped bag.

Keto Hana

Keto Hana Granola Packaging scaled 5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas

Keto Hanas font choice is simple and direct, but the typography goes perfectly with their brand premise and the limited ingredient, simplified granola concept. The faded packaging with a peekaboo window gives the impression of transparency, literally with the ingredients. Although it is simple, the vine graphics elevate it with a touch of sophistication.

Just Live a Little

Just Live a Little Granola Packaging 74 scaled 5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas

Just Live a Little has cute and wholesome energy, just like the Lark Ellen Granola. Their typography is inconsistent but in a cohesive way with two unique fonts. They have different color packaging for all their flavors, so it’s easy to tell them apart, but they all stick to the same color palette. It stands up, and it’s easy to tear open and just as easy to reseal.

NuTrail Keto Granola

NuTrail Keto Granola scaled 5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas

The packaging for NuTrail looks clean-cut and healthy. There’s nothing fancy or exciting, but most people who follow a keto diet just need to know what they’re putting in their body, which is the focus of the packaging. They don’t have a window, but at least provide a picture of the granola itself. The small color bands differentiate flavors. Clean fonts, clean colors, and clean graphics for clean eating.

 Spoon Granola

Spoon Granola scaled 5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas

Spoon Granola is a great example of minimalist design. The graphics are super simple, and the same can be said of the font choices. The typography pairs well with the colors, the lines, and the creative use of the little bowl for the viewing window. Boxes are much harder to stay fresh, but the square packaging still works with the overall design.

Bags 12 5 Essential Granola Packaging Ideas

Whether you’re looking to get your granola product into grocery stores or you want to elevate your stand at your local farmers’ market, custom seal pouch packaging for granola should be your next step. CarePac offers budget-friendly professional packaging that features stay-fresh packaging and seals with viewing windows and stand-up packages that will hit all the branding rules. With product packaging design you can print directly on, we have three different film materials to choose from and can help bring your vision to life. Customize each aspect of your flexible packaging and elevate your granola brand for 2022!

Reach out to us today to find out more about our customizable food packaging and what makes us one of the best flexible packaging companies in the U.S. Don't make a mistake -- call or email us today! 

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tea packaging 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration
Food Industry Packaging

11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

ezgif.com gif maker 8 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

Finding the perfect packaging aesthetic is no easy feat, especially when it comes to teas. You need to find just the right combination of font and color, pair it with the right logo and graphics, and maintain a visual that evokes the voice of your brand. There’s a reason why major companies pay millions a year to craft their dream packaging design. But with the right know-how, you can skip out on spending millions and develop packaging for your products that works for you and keeps you within budget.

Keep reading to learn more about how to design great tea packaging with a designer like us. 

ith over 40 films available, we have a material that will ensure your stand up pouch is of the highest quality. We can also combine materials in a custom order. You can combine a black film with a clear film, or metallized with a glossy finishing. It's your choice! Contact us to learn more about custom printed pouches and stand up pouch projects. Give us a call at 626-559-0377 and request a quotation. We'll be happy to help you.

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Tea Packaging

So, what’s there to remember as you go into designing your new packaging? To create a tea packaging concept that sells, here are some essential trends to keep in mind:

Typography-Focused Tea Packaging Designs

Blending a fun, unique, and energetic collection of fonts together can do more for a logo and brand than any poorly conceived, thrown-together clip-art graphic. Melting a bold san serif font with the perfect pointed serif text can create a visually stunning and impactful display that catches the eyes and interest of shoppers. In fact, a lot of big-name companies focus on typography-centered packaging that relies solely on a combination of font lettering, kerning, and leading to effectively convey their brand to customers. Tea label design ideas should have the perfect font.

Tea-lovers have a sensitive palette for delightful blends- whether it’s the teas or the typography!

Experiential Designs

Appealing to the senses is about more than just appealing to the sights of your customers. Enjoying tea is a full experience, from the warm sensation of one’s mug, to the aromatic fragrances of the tea leaves, to the tingling taste of the unique blend of flavors. That’s why some of the more successful packaging actually aims to craft a whole experience, with colors, textures, text, and specific language - visual “flavors,” so to speak.

Finding a way to appeal to as many of your potential customers’ senses draws them in with your packaging, only to leave them further delighted with your flavor.

Maximize or Minimalize

Two contrasting, yet equally powerful design trends that tend to convert buyers of tea - but there’s a trick to it! You can have a product packaging design that is energetic, bold, colorful, loud, and busy enough to constantly engage, or a design that is sleek, minimal, clean, and fresh. The appeal is to calm and soothe or to inspire energy and sensations. But the trick is to fully commit to one or the other, or neither. Before you pick one or the other, consider what sensations your tea evokes in the drinker. Are you expecting them to generally feel imbued with soothing, calming, aromatic flavors, or are you wanting to entice their senses and awaken their spirits?

The Eco-Aesthetic

Although tea drinkers are not exclusively eco-lovers and environmental champions, there is an element of earthy appreciation among them. The eco-friendly aesthetic design for tea packaging uses browns and earth tones on their packaging, and is often environmentally friendly, green, or sustainable in production. They often stick to soft greens, light beiges and browns, taupe color palettes, or other colors of a more natural feel. They tend to be minimal and fresh, with delicate fonts. Some of them have paper packaging that looks recycled (and typically is). Cardboard, paper packaging, and other compostable materials are a big part of this design look.

But, food packaging and tea packaging, in particular, still need to appeal to the tastes of consumers, so if you’re aiming for an eco-aesthetic, it still needs to look and feel palatable. It should read as good for you, and good for the environment as well as tasty.

Soft and Neutral Color Palettes for Your Creative Tea Packaging

Soft, neutral, and natural color palettes are another key design trend for tea packaging designs. Unlike coffees, sodas, and alcohols, teas have a healthier connotation attached. It’s a beverage for quiet moments of solitude and relaxation, chilly mornings, or afternoon pick-me-ups. Color palettes that are based around natural, earthy tones or soft, muted pastel shades bring similar energy to the packaging. If you’re packaging a chamomile tea with a label that reads loud and overbearing, it’s likely to push consumers away. Gentle neutral tones that calm and soothe are going to better parallel the experiences of your tea-drinkers. 

tea packaging 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

11 Great Tea Packaging Concepts and Ideas for Design

Euphoric Herbals

tea 74 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

The Euphoric Herbals packaging for their Iron Tonic tea is a great example of the typography-centered packaging that uses a three-font combination. They also have a soft color palette that pairs well with the fonts for an overall calming yet vibrant and eye-catching package. The neutral tones of brick and slate-blue are contrasting, similar to the script and san serif font of the label. Although it’s not the most exciting packaging, it also has a lot going on, with the floral shape graphics covering the side panels of the package.

The Pink Tea Box

tea 75 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

The pastel palette of the Pink Tea Box is cohesive, concise, and effectively conveys the springtime, floral flavors, and subdued energy of the brand. They pair it well with scribbled graphics of teacups on the label to give a bit of pop while not overwhelming the frame of the label. It breathes feminine energy to appeal to its target demographic. The use of the circular cardboard boxes is also circular, smooth and further maintains the serenity of the packaging as a whole.

Zest Tea

tea 76 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

Zest Tea advertises itself as a high-octane tea, a tea that delivers as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. This means their packaging should evoke high energy, with loud, bold, and dynamic colors and fonts. The bright, contrasting colors play with the bold-paired font in a way that is smooth and appealing, but gives off the same dynamic energy of their tea.


tea 77 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

Woash takes minimalism and neutral coloring to the max with a deep blue and beige palette. No real logo is needed when you take your typography and transform it into a cohesive aesthetic. The packaging pairs it with smooth, clean lines for a simple yet sleek package that looks as easy on the stomach as it is on the eyes.

Flowerhead Tea

tea 78 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

Flowerhead Tea’s packaging follows its own rules of designs for an experiential effect, with a clashing color palette that is almost hard to look at. The bold, all-caps font choice is equally loud and in-your-face. It’s a bold risk, but it somehow works. It’s all simple, with just two colors, three fonts, and one minimal graphic, but it comes together to sell.


tea 85 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

August’s Outlaw tea packaging is all about dramatic and bold. The stark, all-black packaging paired with simple, loud lettering (it’s literally yelling) strays from the more traditional tea packaging. The typography stays focused and centered with minor pops of color. The consumer knows exactly what they’re getting they and can expect a flavor that’s as bold as the look.

Healthify Tea

tea 80 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

Healthify Tea has cute, bright, cheery, and fun packaging that is visually pleasing. Although full package branding, as opposed to a sticker on a package, would give it more professionalism and pop, the label is experiential in design, with bright colors, textures, graphics, and unique lettering in the typography. You get a little tingle of joy even just looking at the package, let alone sipping the tea.


tea 81 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

Blume’s minimalist packaging stays consistent across most of its flavors, with the primary difference being the color of the package. They vary but stay neutral and pastel, with faded shades and tones. They’re also typography-focused for the logo and packaging, with the simple, all-lowercase “blume” as their logo in the key font, paired with san serif fonts that are sleek and linear.


tea 87 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

Sammee takes primary colors and shifts them to a soft, gentle pastel. It keeps the aesthetic simple but with a pop of color that gives energy but doesn’t overwhelm. It feels fluid with the unshaped blocks of color and feels palatable. It’s visually stimulating with colorful, abstract shapes, but in a calm and subdued way. The typography could give more than it currently does, but at least it doesn’t detract from the design.


tea 83 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

Rishi’s packaging feels luxurious and rich, with an almost velvet matte finish of the sachet that’s coupled with minimal amounts of gold detailing and sleek, thin lettering. Experiential designs make you feel something other than just a visually appealing package. It looks like whatever you drink from it will feel smooth, calming, and rich with flavorful tea.


tea 84 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

Alaya takes eco-friendly and sustainable packaging and pairs it with a minimalism that feels organic, fresh, and healthy. The colors are earthy, with the natural paper bag of the package and the mint-green and white tones on the label. The graphics add a level of complexity but still keep it minimal on the detailing, which matches well with the eco-friendly feel of the tea packaging.

Professional Packaging with CarePac

Bags 25 11 Tea Packaging Ideas For Inspiration

Finding affordable but professional packaging that helps sell your tea is easier said than done - unless you’re using the right custom packaging services. Eliminate your need to stress about quality packaging for sachets, loose leaf tea bags, and sachet bags with our customized tea packaging. 

But having a killer packaging design doesn’t mean much if your package isn’t functional, as well. Tea needs to stay dry, preserved and sealed to maintain its aromatic tastiness, and the tea information should be clearly stated on your tea product packaging. Our standup box package design and packaging's feature a multi-layer preservation barrier, easy-to-use zip closures, tear notches, hang holes, and more.

Reach out today to find out how we can help perfect your packaging! Contact us for more information! 

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candy 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy
Food Industry Packaging

5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

The candy industry is not an easy one to break into. Candy producers are competing with big-name companies for market share in a massive industry. But luckily, more and more consumers are turning to new, small-business treats to satisfy their sweet tooth. Now’s the time to go all-in with your candy packaging ideas to embrace the moment for your candy business. With the right packaging, you can establish your identity, attract consumers to your candy, and build loyalty with those consumers.

candy packaging 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

As good as your candy may taste, they first need to pick it off the shelves. So before you dive into planning out your own candy packaging, here are five trends in 2022 to keep in mind.

Sweets You Can See

A huge part of enjoying the food we eat is having it entice as many of our senses as possible, and that includes what we see. Food (or, in this case, candy) needs to look appetizing for us to enjoy it. That’s why a lot of candy companies use packaging and boxes that is clear all around, clear on the back or has a clear viewing window for consumers to sneak a peek at their treat. It sells the product, especially when that product looks incredibly appetizing, colorful, or fun. If you have a treat that is more dreary, monotone, or boring, then this may not be the best option. It also works for a wide variety of treats, chocolates, gummies, hard candies – whatever!

Popular Candy Packaging That's Eco-Friendly 

Sustainable, recycled, compostable, and environmentally friendly packaging in all forms is a huge trend right now, and it’s one to take advantage of for your candy packaging. It’s also especially effective for candies that are better for you, whether they use less sugar, alternative sweeteners, or are free of certain chemicals and substances that may be harmful to the body. A healthier type of sweet treat or candy goes well with the aesthetic of sustainable or environmentally friendly packaging. Sustainable and recyclable candy packaging is in-demand and an essential part of consumers’ desires. They look for the labels or tags on product packages that mention good for you and good for the environment.

Classy and Chic Design Ideas

Trending aesthetics are sleek, minimal, classy, and chic. And quite frankly, this design aesthetic works for consumable products like candy. Candy packaging that is new and modern sells to the social-media/influencer style vibe. Packaging that looks cute in photographs, packaging that can be left out because it looks stylish and cute, attracts consumers in today’s market. It trends well with the “bougie” (to put it bluntly) aesthetic that many buyers and appearance-lovers are drawn to. However, this is definitely not going to be a trend for everyone to buy into! If it doesn’t align with your brand, don’t go with the packaging that reflects it.

Custom-Printed Plastic Candy Boxes

Individually wrapped treats in a fun, unique wrapping, especially offering some variety in styles or colors, attracts buyers. Individually wrapped candies are also enjoyed by consumers who like to snack responsibly because it can support portion control and enjoying a moderate amount of sweets without going through an entire bag. They’re also great for sharing. Having custom-printed wrappers also add a fun little element of satisfaction with crinkle wrappers that reveal a fun, sweet treat, which makes a candy more experiential than just grabbing one after another from a big bag of candies.

Full, Vibrant Coloring

Enjoying candy is a form of escapism, whether it’s a little mood booster, a sweet reward, or a brief provider of relief and pleasure. To enhance that little bit of pleasure, give your consumers a fun, playful, and bright package. Creative candy packaging designs that enhance the enjoyment of eating the candy are just a little boost to the people who enjoy your product. It also helps make your package more memorable, which helps support customers’ loyalty, so they see it, recognize it, and buy it over and over. With fun, full, colorful candy packaging, consumers get a visual taste and idea before they get a literal taste.

Candy infographic 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Designs That Work

Gem Gem

candy 73 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

The ginger candy chews by Gem Gem come in an adorable, energetic packaging design that is playful, fun, and easy. The two-color palette of blue and yellow pair well together in a fun and bright way, while the fun fonts add to the playful feel. The unique scribbled graphics also make it fun and playful since it feels like a teenager’s notebook that is distracting and reflects the ease that is enjoyable with candy. This popular candy packaging is full of color with also feels cohesive and consistent.

Crow & Moss

candy 74 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Crow and Moss has a classy and chic tear-away packaging for their chocolate brittle bar that is sophisticated and looks rich with deep colors. The abstract shapes and patterns scattered throughout almost make it too handsome to just be chocolate. But overall, the aesthetic of this candy packaging paper totally works! 

The Organic Candy Factory  

candy 75 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Organic candies are marketed as earth and natural, which is why the Organic Candy Factory’s sweet package uses a font that almost looks handwritten, along with a bear sketch that definitely looks handwritten. The handwritten tone of the package makes the candy seem almost homemade, so the buyer gets the impression that it contains better-for-you ingredients. Plus, organic can mean healthy, which can mean flavorless – so including the package window so buyers can sneak a peek at how delicious the gummies look only helps to sell them even more.

Sabadi Organic Italian Candies

candy 76 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Sabadi Organic Italian Candies has a lot of good packaging going on. First, the box is light and playful with a bright and vibrant color palette that uses the white space well. Boxes aren’t the easiest to store or stash, but luckily, they also have individually candies custom wrapped and ready to grab. Better yet, the packing of these wrappers is fun, eye-catching, and unique. The packaging of the candy is as delightful as the candies themselves!

Giddy Up Nuts 

candy 77 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

The packaging for Giddy Up Nuts is minimal, sharp, and simple. Two shades of brown between the print and the packaging material make it look natural and earthy, which makes sense since both cocoa and nuts are earth-made. The eco-friendly packaging is spot on and works for them, although the package isn’t the most eye-catching.


candy 78 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

The designs of Tamalitoz packagings are refreshingly original. Each package takes the color of the fruit that inspires the flavor of that particular candy bag. The graphics are scattered and fun and make it look as fresh and delicious as the candy tastes. The fruity colors are super bright and vibrant, which makes their packaging pop out on the shelf.

Smart Sweets

candy 84 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

All of the Smart Sweets plastic candy boxes have three things going for them: bright and loud full-package color, flavor stamps, and the sugar quantity, which is their primary selling point. Smart Sweets is all about low-sugar candies with zero alcohol sugar, so they keep it straight and simple on their bags with only the essential bits of information on them. When considering your packaging, think about making your unique selling point clear.

Newfangled Confections Frittle

candy 80 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Newfangled Confections makes a bag that is recognizable and memorable but without being loud or too bright. The purple tone, which is a luxurious and rich color, paired with deep dark chocolate and a script font makes for a packaging that pairs bright and fun with classy and chic -- perfect for their peanut brittle.

Peaceful Fruits

candy 81 1 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Peaceful Fruits packaging is another vibrant and colorful packaging, with easy tear-away notches for easy opening for a light snack. Each package has a two-toned color with colors close on the color wheel, so they match together well. The “organic” identification goes well with the large, all-caps typography that identifies the product and flavor, and they use the package window in a creative way, shaped like the fruit that matches its flavor.

Unreal Chocolates

candy pouch 87 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

Unreal is another brand that uses bright, colorful, eye-grabbing packaging that helps it stand out on the shelves. The flexible packaging has a tear-away notch but isn’t resealable, which is okay since each piece is individually wrapped, so it still stays fresh. Their big, bold typography logo is memorable and has earned an ability to be identified by consumers, which has helped them build loyalty, too.

Budget-Friendly, High-Quality Custom Candy Packaging

Bags 02 5 Candy Packaging Ideas as Sweet as Your Candy

This year, boost your candy sales with great candy packaging that’s perfect for your product. CarePac offers customizable candy packaging design in different sizes, styles, and materials, with full-print packaging however you want it. Easy-tear packages, triple-seals, zip closures to keep it fresh, or individually wrapped packages are all options, along with clear, black, and silver films that preserve freshness. No matter what kind of chocolates, gummies, hard candies, or chews you’re looking to sell, our flexible packaging can be personalized to best attract your target consumers and can feature health information on an easy-to-read menu. 

Interested in finding out more about our packaging prices or options? Check out our website today!

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