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Weed Measurements

Weed Measurements

The most common cannabis measurements 

Across the world, cannabis flower is usually measured in increments within an ounce - a gram, an eighth, a quarter, a half, and an ounce. Although cannabis can also be sold in pounds, this is typically reserved for industrial spaces, as purchasing and possessing cannabis of this weight is illegal in most recreational and medicinal markets in the United States. Yes, cannabis may be legal in one way or another in most states, but there are still regulations on the quantity one can purchase. 

Group picture of Stand Up Pouch" with  bottom gusset, rounded corners, zipper and tear-notch.

At CarePac, all our CBD and THC packaging is made-to-order, meaning it can be purchased in any size, color, or material. For the purpose of this article, we’ll discuss the most common cannabis measurements so you can purchase the cannabis packaging in the size that’s right for your products.

Weed measurements 1: Gram 

Outside of one-hitters, a gram is the smallest weight of weed a customer can purchase at a recreational or medical dispensary. This size is often reserved for new customers to try something new, without having to waste money in case they don’t like the strains, taste, or product. This amount will fit into the palm of your hand and is enough marijuana to fill one average-sized joint or two smaller ones. 

It’s important to note that all cannabis sizes, grams included, are measured by weight -- so a very dense nug of cannabis flower will weigh as much as a few fluffy pieces of cannabis. Additionally, pre-rolled joints are often sold in one-gram sizes. Inform your customers that all your marijuana is weighed for accuracy, as this is a common misconception in the industry. 

Custom cannabis packaging flat bags with glossy surface 1 gram dried flower
1/8oz Child Resistant Weed Packaging Mylar Bags Red Pouch Round Corner Front Logo Design

Weed measurements 2: Eighth 

An eighth of marijuana equals 3.5 grams, and this is the perfect amount for the average cannabis user. It may seem small compared to a quarter, half an ounce, or a full ounce, but it is the most popular amount purchased in the United States. So, if you’re shopping for CBD and THC packaging, you’ll definitely want to stock up on eighth-sized packaging. 

The reason it’s popular often comes down to freshness. Many customers don’t consume cannabis daily, so this amount is enough to last them up to a few weeks. To enhance the freshness of your cannabis, make sure to purchase cannabis packaging that has a built-in zipper. 

Weed measurements 3: Quarter 

As you probably guessed, a quarter ounce of weed is double that of an eighth -- so 7 grams if you want to get technical. A quarter ounce can fill about 7 joints or 10 bowls, depending on the size of your customer's pipe or bong. This is also a great amount for customers who are interested in making home made cannabutter for edibles, as cannabutter does require more cannabis than you’d think! 

Cannabis flower bag design Odor Proof Bags Stand Up Pouch Printed Weed Packaging
Custom Printed 1/2 Oz Mylar Bags - Hemp Graphics | Cannabis packaging Stand Up Pouch Matte Finish Glossy Spot

Weed measurements 4: Half 

A half-ounce is 14 grams of cannabis. This is a pretty substantial amount of cannabis and is often purchased by customers who consume cannabis daily. If you’re purchasing cannabis packaging in half-ounce sizes, a built-in zipper is essential for freshness.

Weed measurements 5: Ounce & Pound

One ounce of flower is 28 grams, and this is usually the highest volume a customer can purchase at one time. An ounce is commonly called a “zip” because this amount of weed usually fills a small Ziploc bag. Often times dispensaries don’t have an ounce bag -- they’ll divide the cannabis into multiple smaller bags. Fortunately, CarePac does sell ounce-sized bags, so you can impress your customers with one bag for their ounce purchase. 

We do also sell 1-pound-sized stand-up pouches. As mentioned previously, this is best reserved for wholesale cannabis companies that sell to buyers or dispensary owners. 

Customized Printed 1oz Weed Herb Packaging Smell Child Proof  Bag with Ziplock Matte Black Resealable Aluminum Foil Ziplock Mylar Bags

Features to include in your cannabis packaging 

As a leading manufacturer of cannabis packaging, there are a few features many of our clients include in their cannabis packaging, including: 

Packaging product for cannabis mylar bags CBD Printed Packaging Black Stand Up Pouch Ziplock with Hang Hole

Opaque properties

Security Bag use for Cannabis Stand Up Pouch with Tamper Evident Zipper Round Corner Printed White with Green Details

Tamper-evident packaging

Ziplock Pouch Bugga Customized Stand Up Resealable  cannabis bag Childproof Pouches

Resealable options

Glossy White Child Resistant Pouch Exit Bags   Smell Proof Child Resistant Mylar Bags

Child-resistant properties

Holographic Printing Packaging Bag for Cannabis Pouch Holographic Mylar Stand Up Bags Scent Proof and Child-Resistant - Marijuana  Packaging Solution

Design features like holographic elements or soft-touch materials

To learn more about our custom cannabis bags, click here. 

Trust the experts in cannabis packaging 

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider about cannabis packaging - including the size. Fortunately, we’re here to help! As a trusted cannabis packaging manufacturer, we’ll help you every step of the way. We’ll help you select the right size, font, and colors to make your cannabis packaging shine. 

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The meat itself, some factors are not considered by the USDA. This includes factors of the animal's diet, including grass-fed or grain-finished and if the animal was raised in a pasture or not.

A guide to the USDA meat stamp

A guide to the USDA meat stamp

Decoding Your Meat: A Guide to USDA Beef Labels Beef in Plastic Packaging

A Guide to the USDA Meat Stamp

 What Do These Stamps Mean?

Meat inspection is a mandatory part of the meat industry in the United States. However, the questions of who inspects the meat, what this stamp means, and what is approved or not still may remain as a question with this fact.

In the U.S., is meat inspection required?

Meat processing - Labels and standards Detection and destruction of diseased meat and or contaminated meat

The Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA) requires all commercially sold meat to be inspected and labeled properly. Meat inspections assure the consumer the meat they purchase is safe and clean for human consumption at the point at which it is purchased. This includes the inspection of the live animal, carcass, internal organs, plant facilities where it is processed, equipment, personnel, and transportation. Therefore, it is imperative that meat and meat products are unadulterated or misbranded.

How to grade beef: prime, choice, and selection?

While grading beef is optional and voluntary after beep passes inspection, not all grades are the same. There are eight quality grades within the meat grading system, and they are from best to worst: Prime, Choice, Select, Standard, Commercial, Utility, Cutter, and Canner. However, most consumers are familiar with the top three grades Prime, Choice, and Select.

How The USDA Grades Your Steak, Know the difference between USDA  Prime, Choice, and Select Beef
USDA Prime beef is produced from young, well-fed beef cattle

USDA Prime Grade

USDA Prime is the highest quality grade, with a small percentage of total cattle numbers achieving this grade. The minimum degree of marbling required for carcasses of this grade is "Slightly Abundant." These are the highest-priced cuts and are typically sold at restaurants or "full service" cases at grocery or butcher stores.

Choice beef is high quality, but has less marbling than Prime. It has at least a Small amount of marbling.

USDA Choice Grade

USDA Choice is the second highest quality grade and is the most frequently produced. This grade has a minimum degree of marbling and is graded when marbling is "Small." This cut is very tender and juicy and makes up the largest group of carcasses.

Select beef is very uniform in quality and normally leaner than the higher grades. It is fairly tender, but because it has less marbling, it may lack some of the juiciness and flavor of the higher grades. It has at least a Slight amount of marbling.

USDA Select Grade

USDA Select is the second most frequently quality grade produced and has a minimum amount of marbling as determined by "Slight." This cut tends to be leaner both internally and externally and is commonly found in retail stores as the "common" beef purchased for everyday use.

How is the grade of beef determined?

USDA beef grades are determined based on the animal's maturity when harvested and the amount of intramuscular fat (marbling) in the surface of the ribeye muscle seen between the 12th and 13th ribs. While most cattle in large facilities are processed between 9-30 months of age, the marbling is the determining factor in the quality grade.

USDA Prime beef is produced from young, well-fed beef cattle
Choice beef is high quality, but has less marbling than Prime. It has at least a Small amount of marbling.
Select beef is very uniform in quality and normally leaner than the higher grades. It is fairly tender, but because it has less marbling, it may lack some of the juiciness and flavor of the higher grades. It has at least a Slight amount of marbling.

USDA Quality Grade comes from the amount of marbling observed at one location within the carcass across every cut of meat from that carcass. Therefore, marbelization is important as it gives the beef tenderness and added flavor.

As the animal matures (ages), the meat becomes tougher and leaner, so the cattle's age dictates the beef's tenderness. Thus, the USDA grade showcases the quality of the beef based on the grade and the amount of usable lean meat when the beef is graded.  

What does beef grade not tell you?

The meat itself, some factors are not considered by the USDA. This includes factors of the animal's diet, including grass-fed or grain-finished and if the animal was raised in a pasture or not.

Beef grades, while they do offer some information on the meat itself, some factors are not considered by the USDA. This includes factors of the animal's diet, including grass-fed or grain-finished and if the animal was raised in a pasture or not.

In addition, it is important to note that grass-finished beef will not be graded under Prime as they are leaner and do not achieve the USDA's Prime Grade requirements for tenderness, juiciness, and flavor.

Types of Meat Inspection stamps your products may need

Inspect mark on raw beef, pork, lamb and goat
Raw Meat

Inspection mark on raw meat from beef, pork, lamb, or goat. 

Inspect mark on raw and processed poulty

Inspection mark on poultry that is raw or processed.

Inspect mark on processed beef, pork, lamb and goat
Packated and processed meat

Inspection mark on packaged and processed meat containing beef, pork, lamb, and/or goat. 

Understanding Meat Stamps

While it may seem daunting to understand what the USDA inspection stamp means, we hope this article has given insight into what it means and how and why it is used. CarePac is here to answer any further questions you have about the USDA meat inspection stamp and its use on packaging.

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Packaging design spelling and grammar 08 Design Proof Review Checklist
Art File Setup

Design Proof Review Checklist

Design Proof Review Checklist

Carepac dielens design packaging 06 Design Proof Review Checklist

Your design proof, also called a dieline, or Master art proof. Is a to scale schematic of your pouch. The design proof shows you all the elements which are expected to be present on the finished pouch. Reviewing your design file in detail is very important because once you sign it, you're telling us to make the pouch based on the design. If you later find a mistake, like a spelling mistake, it could be too late to change, or could incur costs to you. In this article we'll cover some of the most important steps you should take when reviewing your proof. We also offer a complementary design proof review check list which you can download below. 

5078060 Монтажная область 1 Design Proof Review Checklist

First things first: Check your Pouch Size

carepac dielines design 05 Design Proof Review Checklist

Since your design proof is to-scale, the dimensions listed on the proof will be the finished size of the bag. The biggest mistake customers make is not checking that they size of bag they are ordering will actually fit their product. The best way to confirm sizing is to take whatever bag you're basing 

What if I don't have a bag to base sizing from?

The best advice would be to review the samples that we sent you to confirm if any of those work. If you're not working from a sample we sent, then we suggest going to a big box retailer and purchasing pouches that you think might fit your product, then testing it out. 

Make sure you're not confusing O.D. size and I.D. size.

O.D. is outside diameter, and refers to the size of the pouch edge to edge with no additional material existing beyond that size. I.D. is inside diameter and refers to the interior usable space. The I.D. will vary depending on the size of your bag seals, position of the zipper or other closure and whether your pouch is a stand up pouch or a flat pouch. This is why it's critical to have reviewed and confirmed your sizing before proceeding. 

Spelling and Grammar

Packaging design spelling and grammar 08 Design Proof Review Checklist

It might seem obvious, but every day a customer will catch a spelling or grammar mistake that they didn't notice previously. While these mistakes may not always be the end of the world, they project a unprofessional appearance so, it's best to have two or three people read over the pouch, preferably people who didn't write the content. This is because our minds will often fill in words to our own writing without us even noticing. But these mistakes will stand out to a reader who is unfamiliar with the content. 

Material Type & Design

Family2 02 Design Proof Review Checklist

During your proofing you'll want to confirm the type of material your pouch is made from. The material of your pouch is listed on your sales order which accompanies your proof. One problem that occurs is during the development process, customers often switch between materials as they decide what is best for their pouch.  

Bag Configuration

Now is the time to confirm that the pouch you're ordering is the proper configuration that you want. The digital design proof will show all the sides of the pouch, so if you don't see a gusset, then your pouches doesn't have one. In the diagrams below we're showing you what some of the most common pouch configuration design schematics look like. 

Gusseted Pouch

Gusseted Pouch 09 09 Design Proof Review Checklist

Lay Flat Pouch

Lay Flat Pouch 10 Design Proof Review Checklist

Box Bottom Pouch

Box Bottom Pouch 11 Design Proof Review Checklist

Side Gusseted

Side gusseted dieline 12 Design Proof Review Checklist

Print/Proofing Review

When reviewing the print on your pouch there are several items to specifically take time and double check: Bag Finish, Colors, Barcodes and QR Codes, brand trademark usages, Nutritional and compliance information, and where the folds are. 


Carepac art pouches design 01 Design Proof Review Checklist

The colors being used on your design will be listed on your design proof. Each design proof includes a color bar which designates each color which is being used in the design. There are some differences between the colors used in digital and those used for plate printing. Also some types of bags like box bottom pouches require multiple sets of color plates. 

Digital Colors

digital colors print 03 03 Design Proof Review Checklist

Pouches which will be digitally printed will be created using a White Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black ink combination. This is often referred to as five color process (or many times mistakenly called four color process). 

Pantone Colors

digital colors print 02 Design Proof Review Checklist

Pantone colors are commonly used by customers to increase overall color fidelity and consistency. Pantone colors applicable to flexible pouches will be from the Formula Guide Solid Coated, or Formula Guide Solid Uncoated.  Pantones from other Formula Guides are typically not compatible with flexible bag printing. 

Printed Pouch Finish

packaging finish 17 Design Proof Review Checklist

Your pouch finish, and the position of any Spot Finish will be indicated on your design files as a separate set of graphic bag schematics. It's important to check that the finish indicated is the finish that you wanted us to produce for your brand before you order. 

Barcodes and QR Codes

barcode carepac 13 Design Proof Review Checklist

Now is the perfect time to confirm that your Barcodes are correct, and have been placed on the correct designs. You don't want to later find out that the your vanilla flavor's barcode graphic is actually on the chocolate flavor bag. Scan your barcode or read your QR code on your screen to ensure it has the correct information encoded into it. 


trademark packaging 14 Design Proof Review Checklist

Now is also a perfect time to confirm that any trademarks you use on the bag are properly licensed before you put in the order so you don't get in trouble later. 

Nutritional and Compliance

nutritional facts packaging design 15 Design Proof Review Checklist

Nutritional information needs to be accurate, otherwise you're going to be relabeling the bags later with stickers which is time consuming and easily avoided. Those pesky compliance icons, symbols and consumer warnings should also be given a second look. Typically compliance warnings must be properly formatted and sized. Is your USDA icon the correct size? Is the font on your Surgeon general's warning the right size? These are important and can be costly mistakes if you don't double check. 

Bag Features & Touch/Feel

bags features design 16 Design Proof Review Checklist

Getting back to the basics, the bag design schematic shows you the pouch that will be made, in a to scale rendering. The schematic also shows you all the features (i.e. zippers, tear notches, hang holes, valves spouts etc) that will be on the finished pouch, in addition to other aspects (matte, soft touch, etc.). If you don't see a feature on the bag it's not being made. 

Dieline Review Checklist

Pouch design proof 6 Design Proof Review Checklist

We hope this article has given you a nice overview of the dieline review process. We're including a dieline review checklist which we believe is the most complete check list available and is based on years of experience. Click here to download the design file review check list. 

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Cannabis Hub 18 Utah Marijuana Laws 2022
Non Food Items Packaging

Utah Marijuana Laws 2022

Utah Marijuana Laws 2022

Cannabis Hub 18 Utah Marijuana Laws 2022

Utah Marijuana Laws - Marijuana Law in Utah

On Monday, March 2, 2020, the first Utah medical cannabis “dispensary” opened in Salt Lake City. After two years of legal cannabis sales, Utah’s medical cannabis program has made improvements. Patients can now have medical marijuana delivered to their home or have cannabis delivered through a drive-thru. This is especially important for maintaining the health of the medically vulnerable in the light of COVID. And in 2022, a range of bipartisan bills passed during legislative session expanding Utah’s medical cannabis program. These Utah marijuana laws aim for clearer protections for patients to expanded access to cannabis for qualifying conditions and more regulatory labeling. Learn more about the laws below. 

These new 2022 laws in Utah for medical weed are as follows:

Cannabis Utah law 19 Utah Marijuana Laws 2022

 Hemp and CBD THC Amendments

These laws make it illegal to distribute, sell, or market any industrial hemp product with a THC concentration of more than 0.3%.
It also makes it illegal to transport these materials out of state and manufacture, sale or use of cannabinoid products to add to traditional foods and beverages, attract children or smokable flowers.
Additionally, the involvement of the Utah Department of Agriculture in regulating hemp cultivation is eliminated.

This bill was passed and signed by the governor on 21st March 2022.
Cannabis Utah law 20 Utah Marijuana Laws 2022

State amendment in the definition of marijuana

This changes the definition of cannabis or “marijuana” in current Utah code to include all species of the cannabis genus and all parts of the genus which are growing or not. It contains synthetic equivalents of substances found in the sativa cannabis plant. Any component or cannabinoid extracted or isolated from plants, including extracted or isolated tetrahydrocannabinol.

This bill passed as was signed by the governor on 22 Mar 2022.
Cannabis Utah law 21 Utah Marijuana Laws 2022

Medical Cannabis Patients Protection Amendment

This Utah law would amend the Utah Medical Patient Protection Act to ensure that government employees are protected from discrimination for having a medical card, which it says should be treated like any other prescription. This cannabis bill only covers Utah's government employees, not private citizens.

This bill passed as was signed by the governor on 23 Mar 2022.
Cannabis Utah law 22 Utah Marijuana Laws 2022

Medical Cannabis Governance Study

This legislation would require Utah's Health and Human Services Interim Committee to create a subcommittee to study and recommend a single state agency to oversee all regulations and laws related to Utah medical cannabis. In addition, the Department of Agriculture and Food and the Department of Health should report to the sub-committee if requested.

This bill was passed and signed by the governor on 21st March 2022
Cannabis Utah law 23 Utah Marijuana Laws 2022

Medical Cannabis Act Amendments

This bill made amendments to the provisions and laws related to the production and distribution of medical cannabis in Utah. Notable law changes include the following:
  • Clarifies the distinction between allowable hemp products and medical cannabis
    Products based on their tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and THC analog concentration;
  • Requires certain retailers marketing a hemp or cannabinoid product to include a statement that the product is not cannabis or medical cannabis;
  • Makes unlawful the act of distributing, selling, or marketing an industrial hemp product that contains a certain amount of THC or a THC analog;
  • Includes an aerosol as an approved medicinal dosage form;
  • Allows the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) to issue conditional medical cannabis caregiver cards in relation to designating patients with a terminal illness;
  • Allows UDOH to issue a conditional medical cannabis pharmacy license when a license renewal process is not complete before the pharmacy’s license expires.

  • This bill passed as was signed by the governor on 23 Mar 2022.
  • Cannabis Utah law 24 Utah Marijuana Laws 2022

    Medical Cannabis Access Amendments

    This bill and Utah law amends provisions regarding patient access and medical professionals in relation to medical cannabis. It includes the following:

    • Requires a hospice program to provide at least one qualified medical provider;
    • Renames the Cannabinoid Product Board as the Cannabis Research Review Board;
    • Requires physician members of the board to be qualified medical providers;
    • Adds acute pain for which a medical professional may generally prescribe opioids as a qualifying condition for a limited supply of medical cannabis;
    • Requires a recommending medical provider to consider a patient’s history of substance use or opioid use disorder before recommending medical cannabis;
    • Requires certain individuals overseeing certain higher education medical training to be qualified medical providers

    This bill passed as was signed by the governor on 24 Mar 2022.

    cannabis flower bags carepac 01 Utah Marijuana Laws 2022

    Utah Marijuana Laws & Legalization

    These are some of the laws and changes brought in Utah Cannabis Law in January-December 2022. We can see that lawmakers and criminal defense attorney are listening and continue to implement programs and Utah laws that address the needs of patients, but it must be ensured that cannabis is used for medical purposes and not for recreational purposes. For more information on these laws or other marijuana laws, speak with your criminal defense lawyer. 

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    Coffee printing 30 Digital Printing On Plastic Film
    Packaging Design

    Digital Printing On Plastic Film

    Digital Printing On Plastic Film

    Digital Printing on Plastic Film- What You Need to Know About How We Print on Plastics, Films, and Sheets

    digital packaging production digital printing press for flexible packaging

    With our innovative digital printing technology, CarePac can print short run printed pouch projects and high color count images with minimal setup and no plate costs. Not only does this improve efficiency but it benefits our customers in the form of quicker project turnaround and greater personalization. It’s the 21st century -- your business has grown and changed, so isn’t it time your screen printing solutions evolve, too? 

    Inkjet Printing vs Traditional Plate Printing

    The easiest way to understand the differences between digital printing and traditional printing is to think about the size of the machines themselves. Modern day inkjet printers are highly sophisticated pieces of machinery, and are small enough to fit on the top of your desk. Although our digital printers are much larger than an inkjet printer, they are much smaller than traditional plate printers, which often take up an entire room and require a ladder (!!!) to use. 

    Digital Printing For Packaging Pros And Cons Printing Methods

    Put simply, digital printers are more compact. They’re easier to set up and run. With digital printing, our team simply has to turn it on and run material and supplies through it. Plate printing, on the other hand, is more involved and can be difficult to calibrate and set up. This is one of the reasons that smaller printer runs, and projects involving alot of different designs can lend themselves to digital printing. 

    These differences probably mean very little to you (you’re not the one doing the printing, after all!). But when you think about the trickle down effects of these material and time savings, it’s a no-brainer that digital printing is great for many projects.  Quicker turnaround? Check. Looking for more customization capabilities? Check. It’s a win across the board! Read on to learn more. 

    Custom Digital Printed Mylar Bags Eye Catching Weed Stand Up Pouch doypack cannabis packaging
    digital printing granola pacakaging 3 side seal pouch with zipper for cereal, oat and cinnamon
    Colourful Snack Nuts Bag Plastic Packaging Digital Printing Stand Up Bag With Zipper Doy Pack Bottom Food Grade Custom Pouch
    Glossy Digital Printed Plastic Snacks Packaging Pillow Pouches Heat Sealed Pouch

    Evolve with CarePac’s digital printing

    Our digital printing solutions mean that more power is in your hands. You can choose from a wider range of high-quality materials, from paper and plastic sheet to plastic film and compostables, all of which have excellent durability and stand up or lay-flat characteristics. Our professional materials, combined with our digital printing technology, mean your bags will have better ink adhesion, UV resistant properties, scratch resistance, and fewer defects overall.

    Getting your toes wet in fully custom printed bags can be easier with digital printing, than it is with plate printing. Because you’ll spend less time worrying about your bag printing project and more time focusing on what really matters: running your business and selling your product.

    Breaking Down the Process of Digital Printing for Food Packaging

    Digital Printing

    Digital printing is the process of printing digital-based images directly onto your package. Artwork is separated into four ink colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK+W) This type of printing is best for small runs, or where you have a lot of different designs. Some advanced coatings, and techniques (Spot UV, Spot Matte) are not possible with digital printing. 


    • No setup costs.
    • Shortest lead-times. 
    • Great for start-ups and seasonal SKUS.
    • Great at printing raster images and photos.
    • Perfect for short runs, some as low as 200 pouches. 
    • Physical proof available.
    • Can be used with most material.


    • Higher costs.
    • Not advised for higher quantities.
    • Limited finish options and printing effects. 
    • Unable to exact color match PMS colors and some other ink limitations.
    Breaking Down the Process of Plate Printing for Food Packaging

    Plate Printing

    Plate printing is commercial printing where the design of your bag is separated into multiple color plates. Plate printing yields the lowest per unit costs available. Brands you see in Walmart, Target, and so forth generally use plate printing. Most jobs can be completed with three to six plates. Use of metallic color may require additional plates. Use up to 10 colors.


    • Lower per-unit cost than digital printing.
    • It is the most economical choice when scaling your business.
    • All Finish options are available.
    • Works with almost any material.
    • Metalized colors available
    • Full range of print effects, metalized, holographic, etc.
    • True PMS ink colors can be used.
    • Exceptional print durability and better ink opaqueness.  


    • Minimum order quantity 5,000 pouches. 
    • One-Time Plate costs (typically $150 each)
    • Exceptional print durability and better ink opaqueness.  

    Advantages and Applications of Digital Printing

    Six Benefits of Digital Printing for Flexible Packaging Production No Plate Less Cost Fast Turnover

    There are some unique advantages of digital printing that uses a plastic sheet. There are zero setup costs with printing on plastic, and it can be used with any material, including plastic inkjet sheets. Since we can print as few as 1,000 bags or less on thin plastic films, it’s ideal for short runs (think: seasonal, slow-selling products, trial runs, industries with frequent regulatory changes that can make certain bag designs obsolete.) Additionally, plates aren’t used in this process, so you won’t be charged a plate fee.

    Our digital printing solutions are great for prototyping and start-ups with high color counts. Since the price per unit tends to be higher, many of our customers are those with smaller projects. With digital printing, you’ll get the fastest turnaround (about three weeks!). 

    Disadvantages of Digital Printing

    The advantages of digital printing should be obvious by now, so what are the disadvantages? We’d be lying to you if we said printing on smooth plastic sheets was the perfect printing option for everyone. As with everything, there are some unique disadvantages to digital printing. The primary disadvantage is the cost -- the quick turnaround, low MOQs, and greater flexibility does come with a slightly higher price tag. Ultimately, this isn’t the best option for very large orders.

    3 Disadvantage of Digital Printing for Flexible Packaging Production Limit for Small Order Color Quality Expensive

    The other disadvantage of digital printing is the color variance between batches. While there is rarely much variance within a single order, your next order may look slightly different. This has to do with the level of color calibration at the time of printing. This color variation is more apparent with lighter colors, so if your project mostly uses primarily dark colors you probably won’t even be able to notice the difference! Also the whites ink used with digital printing will be less opaque than other print processes.

    Shrink materials and plastic films for digital printing

    For our digital printing projects, we don’t actually print individual bags. Instead, we print rolls of material that’s laminated and converted separately into bags. Although any base material can be digitally custom printed, here are some of the most common materials and plastic film sheets we use for our digital printing projects: 


    Care Silver

    This is our line of metalized PET films, and is an economical and effective option for pouches. Care Silver is free from toxins, including BPA, TSE and sulfur, and Phthalates. 


    Care Clear

    Clear barrier films are the backbone of barrier packaging. Our clear base barriers are affordable and provide protection against moisture and oxygen. 


    Care Foil

    Like clear barrier films, foil barrier packaging materials offer an incredible barrier to oxygen and water. Our CareFoil material gives you the barrier of aluminum with the added strength of mylar. 

    Looking for a material that isn’t on this list?

    Browse all our materials, or reach out to us for more information. Our helpful customer support team is ready to answer any and all of your questions.
    CarePac offer Digital Pouch Printing Services - Custom Printed Flexible Packaging For Lay Flat & Stand Up Pouches

    Digital printed bag features, services, and configurations

    At CarePac, we love customization and ensuring that the bag you design has all the features you want. The below customization options aren’t limited to our digitally printed bags, either. Whether you custom order digital printed bags or go with one of our in-stock bags printed with plates, below are just some of the features you can include on your bag. Have something else in mind? Get in touch! We’re flexible!

    Popular configurations

    Our bags will protect your products from coming into contact with moisture, oxygen, and other contaminants and can be purchased in a variety of configurations, including stand up pouches, 2-seal pouches, tamper evident pouches, child resistant pouches (great for the cannabis industry!), and side gusseted bags, among others. View all our bag configurations here. 

    Popular features 

    We’re proud to offer a wide variety of fully customizable features that can help you market and sell your product. Some of those features include zippers, hang holes, tear notes, degassing valves (a must if you’re in the coffee industry!), and pull tab zippers. For a full list of all our features, check out all our configuration options here.

    Digital Printing Matte Mylar 3 Side Seal Beef Jerky Snack Packaging Zipper Pouch
    Food Safety Pouch serve as Camping Food Pouches Digitally Printed Packaging
    Colourful Snack Nuts Bag Plastic Packaging Digital Printing Stand Up Bag With Zipper Doy Pack Bottom Food Grade Custom Pouch
    Digital Printing Aluminum Foil Cookie Packaging Quad Seal Flat Bottom Stand Up Pouch Top Sealed

    Experience the CarePac difference…today

    CarePac specializes in custom digital printing projects for a variety of industries, from cannabis wholesalers to food and beverage distributors. We have exceptional customer service reps who are committed to making sure your order is completed to absolute perfection.
    Matte Finish high end artisanal look Digital Printed Stand Up Pouches

     With our CareDesign® process  you can rest assured that your digital print project will be done right, no matter what. 

    From nailing down the right colors to making sure the logo is in the right place, we understand you put a lot of time into perfecting the look and feel of your product packaging. With vivid colors, quick printing, and a variety of materials to choose from, we have the tools, the technology, and the expertise to make your project a reality. Ready to experience the CarePac difference? Get a quote today! 

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    Florida Universal Symbols
    Packaging Design

    Universal Symbols

    Universal Symbols

    Ah, the ever changing "Universal Symbols" and "universal" warnings for cannabis. It seams that every state has it's own idea of what a universal symbol is, making it hardly "universal" at all. What is universal about the symbol, though, is its intention -- to provide warnings and specific statements about cannabis products, so the product packaging aligns with state and local cannabis regulations.

    What is the Universal Cannabis Symbol?

    The Marijuana Legalization Act requires the use of an 'universal symbol' indicating that a container, package or product contains cannabis or is a cannabis product.

    Each state has its own requirements for what the symbol looks like, but they ultimately all serve one purpose: to signify that the product within contains cannabis. 

    What do Universal Cannabis Symbols Look Like? 

    We've included a few examples below, and you'll quickly realize that they all look pretty different -- but they also look the same. 

    Among all the different universal cannabis symbols there are a few similarities: many include marijuana leaves, some include the letters "THC" (which stands for the main psychoactive compound in cannabis), some have explanation marks, and many of them also incorporate a triangle. 

    Some are more stylistic than others, but they all accomplish the same goal: exclaiming  “this is a cannabis product!” to anyone who looks at it.

    Why do they all look different?

    Since cannabis is not yet legal on a federal level, it is up to each state's cannabis regulation body to come up with their own symbol. For this reason, all the "universal cannabis symbols" look different. 

    If, or should we say when, cannabis becomes legal on a federal level, we imagine there will be a true universal symbol that replaces all the individual symbols. 

    Until then, review each state's symbol and required labeling information below. 


    Cannabis Regulatory Agency

    Alabama Cannabis Labeling Information

    Labels, packages, and containers shall not be attractive to minors and may not contain any content that reasonably appears to target children, including toys, cartoon characters, and similar images. Packages should be designed to minimize appeal to children and must contain a label that reads: "Keep out of reach of children."

    The following statement shall be included on each label, if space permits, or as an insert within the package: "WARNING: This product may make you drowsy or dizzy. Do not drink alcohol with this product. Use care when operating a vehicle or other machinery. Taking this product with medication may lead to harmful side effects or complications. Consult your physician before taking this product with any medication. Women who are breastfeeding, pregnant, or plan to become pregnant should discuss medical cannabis use with their physicians."[Ala. Code § 20-2A-63]


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Mandatory Cannabis Product Symbol

    Alaska Universal Cannabis Symbol Universal Symbols
    Vector Symbol Download

    Additional Alaska Cannabis Labeling Information

    Minimum Size: Recommended minimum width of the black triangle is 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) (link)
    Required Colors: Contrasting Colors
    Required Symbol Background: Dark Background (link)

    Placement: On the retail packaging or labeling of every cannabis product

    Other Notes: Link here


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Additional Info on Arizona Cannabis Information Label

    Other Notes: It must contain the following statement: “ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES’ WARNING: Marijuana use can be addictive and can impair an individual’s ability to drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery. Marijuana smoke contains carcinogens and can lead to an increased risk for cancer, tachycardia, hypertension, heart attack, and lung infection. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN”.

    Click the links before for more information on laws specific to Arizona.


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Additional Arkansas Information

    Other Notes: The label includes printable areas for all required information and the warning reads: "Compliant with the State of Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment 98. For use by qualified patients only. Keep out of reach of children. Marijuana use during pregnancy or breastfeeding poses potential harms. This product is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease."
    Link here


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Mandatory Symbols

    California Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Layered PDF


    Additional California Cannabis Warning Label Information

    California Cannabis Warning Label Information Universal Symbols


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Additional Connecticut Information:

    Additional Connecticut Information Universal Symbols


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Additional Delaware Marijuana Warning Packaging Facts

    The warning reads: "Medication in this package was produced and distributed in compliance with the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana SB 17. It may be legally possessed by a qualified patient. Unlawful to redistribute. Use only as directed by your physician. WARNING! May cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate heavy equipment while under the influence of this medication. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN."
    [Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana SB 17]

    District of Columbia

    District of Columbia Marijuana Warning Details

    The label shall contain the following warning:

    "There may be health risks associated with the ingestion or use of this product."

    Please consult your physician if you have any questions or concerns.” [D.C. Mun. Regs. tit. 22 § C5607]

    The warning reads: "Medication in this package was produced and distributed in compliance with the D.C. Marijuana for Medical Treatment Initiative 59 and Bill 18-622. It may be legally possessed by a qualified patient. Unlawful to redistribute. Use only as directed by your physician. WARNING! May cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate heavy equipment while under the influence of this medication. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN."

    Link here


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Mandatory Symbols

    Florida Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Layered PDF


    Additional Florida Cannabis Warning Details

    Florida Cannabis Warning Details Universal Symbols


    Additional Information

    Georgia Cannabis Warning Details Universal Symbols


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Hawaii Cannabis Warning Labeling

    The warning reads: "Medication in this package was produced and distributed in compliance with the Medical Marijuana Act 228, SB 862. It may be legally possessed by a qualified patient. Unlawful to redistribute. Use only as directed by your physician. WARNING! May cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate heavy equipment while under the influence of this medication. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN."
    [Medical Marijuana Act 228, SB 862]


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Illinois Cannabis warning label

    Warnings on labels shall include the following statements:

    “This product contains cannabis and is intended for use by adults 21 and over. Its use can impair cognition and may be habit forming. This product should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is unlawful to sell or provide this item to any individual, and it may not be transported outside the State of Illinois. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of cannabis. Possession or use of this product may carry significant legal penalties in some jurisdictions and under federal law."

    “Cannabis that may be smoked must contain a statement that "Smoking is hazardous to your health."

    “Cannabis-infused products (other than those intended for topical application) must contain a statement "CAUTION: This product contains cannabis, and intoxication following use may be delayed 2 or more hours. This product was produced in a facility that cultivates cannabis, and that may also process common food allergens.”

    “Cannabis-infused products intended for topical application must contain a statement "DO NOT EAT" in bold, capital letters.”

    Link here


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Additional Information

    A manufacturer shall ensure that all medical cannabidiol packaging is labeled with the following information - A notice with the statement, including capitalization: “This product has not been analyzed or approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. There is limited information on the side effects of using this product, and there may be associated health risks and medication interactions. This product is not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. KEEP THIS PRODUCT OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.”;



    Cannabis Regulatory agency


    Mandatory Symbols

    Department of Administrative and Financial Services Office of Cannabis Policy Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Optional Symbols

    Department of Administrative and Financial Services Office of Cannabis Policy2 Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Additional Information

    Maine’s cannabis labels on prepared marijuana and goods containing marijuana that are sold by dispensaries and caregivers are used as evidence of compliance with the law that limits possession and dispensing to 2.5 ounces of prepared marijuana per qualifying patient. The packaging and labeling of prepared marijuana and marijuana products for sale by registered dispensaries and caregivers must comply with applicable State labeling laws. See 22 M.R.S.A. §2157.


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    THC symbol 1 Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Layered PDF


    Some additional information on Maryland Cannabis warnings. 

    Minimum Font Size: Any information printed on the package or label must be at least 1/16 of an inch high, which is equivalent to size 4.5 font.

    Other Notes: Bear clear warnings that: ○ Products may be lawfully consumed only by the qualifying patient listed on the label. 

    It is illegal for any person to possess or consume the contents of the package other than the qualifying patient, and it is illegal to transfer the package or its contents to any person other than for a caregiver to transfer to a qualifying patient. 

    Bear the following statements: “Consumption of medical cannabis may impair your ability to drive a car or operate machinery. Please use extreme caution.”

    “There may be health risks associated with cannabis use, especially during pregnancy or breastfeeding.”

    “This package contains cannabis. Keep out of the reach of children and animals.”


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Mandatory Symbols

    Department of Administrative and Financial Services Office of Cannabis Policy 1 Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Additional Massachusetts Information

    Placement: On the retail packaging or labeling of every cannabis product

    Other Notes: Visit  Link 1  Link 2


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Cannabis Regulatory Agency

    Mandatory Symbols

    michigan Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Additional Michigan Information

    Required symbol Background: The symbol is set on a light grey background to enunciate the white border.



    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Additional Minnesota Information

    Other Notes: The warning reads: "Medication in this package was produced and distributed in compliance with the Medical Marijuana Laws Chapter 311-S.F.2470. It may be legally possessed by a qualified patient.

    Unlawful to redistribute. Use only as directed by your physician. WARNING! May cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate heavy equipment while under the influence of this medication. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN."[Chapter 311-S.F.2470]


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Department of Health

    Additional Information

    Mississippi Cannabis Warning Details Universal Symbols


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Mandatory Symbols

    point Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Layered PDF


    Additional Information

    Missouri Cannabis Warning Details Монтажная область 1 копия 5 Universal Symbols


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Mandatory Symbols

    Montana cannabis universal warning Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Layered PDF


    Additional Information

    Required Size, and Colors for symbol:

    Universal Montana State Marijuana Symbol sized at least .33 inches wide by .33 inches high.

    For product packaging, there are some warnings that are required as well: 

    Must Include: 

    • “This product has been tested and meets the requirements of the state of Montana”
    • “Keep out of reach of children and pets”
    • “This product may be addictive”
    • “This product may have intoxicating effects. Do not drive under the influence of marijuana.”

    May be Required:

    • If manufactured: list chemical or solvent used
    • If heat is not required to administer or consume: do not include total THC or total potential psychoactive THC on facts panel

    Montana Exit Bag Rules

    Currently our understanding from speaking with customers is that Exit bags must be Child resistant and contain the following warnings. 

    WARNING: Consumption of marijuana may cause anxiety, agitation, paranoia, psychosis, and cannabinoid hyperemesis.

    WARNING: Consumption of marijuana by pregnant women may result in fetal injury and low birth weight.
    WARNING: Consumption of marijuana by nursing mothers may result in infant hyperactivity and poor cognitive function.


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Mandatory Symbols

    Nevada Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download


    Additional Information

    Nevada Cannabis Warning Details Монтажная область 1 копия 6 Universal Symbols

    New Hampshire

    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Additional Information On New Hampshire

    The warning reads: "Medication in this package was produced and distributed in compliance with the New Hampshire Cannabis Program HB 573 (RSA 126-X). It may be legally possessed by a qualified patient. Unlawful to redistribute. Use only as directed by your physician. WARNING! May cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate heavy equipment while under the influence of this medication. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN."
    [New Hampshire Cannabis Program HB 573 (RSA 126-X)]

    New Jersey

    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Mandatory Symbols

    symbol 1 Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Optional Symbols

    symbol 2 Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Additional Information

    New Jersey Cannabis Warning Details Монтажная область 1 копия 7 1 Universal Symbols

    New Mexico

    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Cannabis Regulatory Commission

    Mandatory Symbols

    New Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Layered PDF


    Additional Information

    New Mexico warning cannabis Монтажная область 1 копия 8 Universal Symbols

    New York

    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Mandatory Symbols

    New York Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Layered PDF


    Additional New York Cannabis Warning Information

    New York Warning Details 11 Universal Symbols

    North Dakota

    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Additional Information

    North Dakota Warning Details Монтажная область 1 копия 9 Universal Symbols


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Mandatory Symbols

    Ohio Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Mandatory Symbols

    Minimum Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Additional Information

    Oklahoma Cannabis Warning Label Information 13 Universal Symbols


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Additional Warning Information

    The label warning reads: "Medication in this package was produced and distributed in compliance with the PA Medical Marijuana Act 16. It may be legally possessed by a qualified patient. Unlawful to redistribute. Use only as directed by your physician. WARNING! May cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate heavy equipment while under the influence of this medication. "

    Rhode Island

    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Mandatory Symbols

    rhode lisland thc warning symbol Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Optional Symbols

    rhode island thc warning Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    South Dakota

    Cannabis Regulatory agency


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Additional Information

    Each cannabis and cannabis product label shall contain the following warning: "WARNING: Cannabis has intoxicating effects and may be addictive. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under its influence. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This product is for medical use only. Use only as directed by a recommending medical provider."[Utah Admin. Code R68-28-12]


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Mandatory Symbols

    cont Universal Symbols

    Vector Symbol Download

    Layered PDF


    Additional Information

    Packaging should include the following statement, including capitalization, in at least ten-point Times New Roman, Helvetica or Arial font: ““KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.”
    Cannabis products that contain multiple servings, the following statement must be printed on the exterior of the package in a font that is no smaller than ten-point Times New Roman, Helvetica or Arial, including capitalization: “INCLUDES MULTIPLE SERVINGS.”

    In the meeting of Cannabis Control Board it was discussed that International Intoxicating Cannabis Product Symbol with or without VT text should be used in the packaging.


    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Virginia Cannabis Warning Details Монтажная область 1 копия 10 Universal Symbols

    West Virginia

    Cannabis Regulatory agency

    Additional Information

    Any product containing more than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinols, or more than 0.3421% of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, must declare "NOT INTENDED FOR SALE TO PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18" on the label.7.15. Any product label claiming "THC-free" or "non-THC" shall not contain levels of THC above detectable levels as determined by the Department.
    [W. Va. Code R. § 61-30-7]


    The contents of this website are intended to convey general information and entertainment purposes only. The information herein should not be relied upon for legal advice on state packaging or marijuana laws. The reader should always consult an attorney in their jurisdiction before making any packaging decisions. The information in this article was not vetted for accuracy by an attorney. We provide links to state cannabis regulatory sites; we do not vouch for or assume any responsibility for the content, accuracy or completeness of material presented in linked sites. The information presented on these pages may not reflect the most current legal developments in the marijuana industry. We disclaim all liability in respect to actions taken or not taken based on any or all of the contents of this site to the fullest extent permitted by law.

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    5078060 Монтажная область 1 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas
    Art File Setup, Packaging Design

    Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

    Graphics in Zipper and

     Seal Zone Areas

    A common question that we get is, “Can I print in the seal zones and the zipper area on my pouch?"

    Fitting all the client's contents onto the bag can prove a challenge to say the least. Less-is-More isn't always possible. Sometimes you're adapting artwork from a different packaging medium, other-times you using the same artwork on multiple bag sizes. Whether it's the limitation of design, client requirements, or other variables there will come a time when you must put graphics in the seal area and zipper areas of your pouch

    5078060 Монтажная область 1 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas
    Zipper print 32 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas
    Zipper print 31 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas
    Zipper print 27 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

    Printing Content in Zipper and Seal Zones on Pouches & Bags

    The short answer is, Yes! But it’s best to avoid putting important design elements or contents in those areas. So essentially, the long answer is, It depends.

    Zipper print 22 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

    What is a seal zone on a pouch?

    Seal zones are where the material of the bag is sealed together. Without seals you don't have a bag and the contents within are not protected. Depending on the pouch configuration involved you may have as few as 2 seal zones or as many as 8.

    On our dielines seal zones are show using dashed lines. Seal zones typically run along the edge of the pouch. As in the picture below.

    seal zones Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

    Pouch Zipper Area Explained

    trick or treat 3.5g bag Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

    The zipper area is where the sealing zipper is built into the resealable bag. The zipper is a physical item which takes up space and creates a slight bump and ripple in the pouch surface. Most styles of zippers are heat sealed into the pouch during the pouch making process. Standard zippers will have a zipper flange on both the front and back side of the bags. Ez-Pull / Pull tab zippers exist only in one face of the pouch. Either way, there will be a bump in the material where it conforms to the extruded zipper. 

    What are “important design elements” on pouches?

    You will come to learn that important design elements are anything that is critical to the success of the packaging. This might include barcodes, USDA organic labeling, FDA stamps or icons, P65 statements, or other compliance warnings, nutritional information etc. When designing your bag, you ideally do want to follow our art guidelines and avoid placement of critical graphics in zipper, area, seal zones or around hang hole because you don’t want someone claiming they these items are distorted or otherwise not readable.

    logos 18 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas
    logos 26 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas
    logos 19 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas
    logos 28 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

    The Basic Rule for Printing in Stand Up Bag Seal Zones

    The basic, fall back rule is don't put anything in the seal pouch (zones or zipper area) that you need maximum readability. Generally, graphics like logos can be placed in the zipper area with subjective results. Bar codes should never be placed in zipper or seal areas, the seals and zipper can create read errors.  

    Never place the following items in seal zones and it's best to avoid placing them in the zipper area. 

    • Barcodes
    • Ingredient Allergen information
    • Compliance icons (USDA, EPA, ETC)
    • Nutritional information
    • Ingredient lists. 
    • Compliance warning statements. 

    Generally OK to print in the seals and zipper area

    Zipper print 25 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

    Generally its best to bleed out graphics, backgrounds, etc through the seal zone. When it comes to the zipper area, the amount of possible distortion is lessened. Here are some design elements which we commonly see placed in the zipper area when the customer is left with no other printing options: 

    • Logos
    • Slogans "the best product ever!"
    • Marketing phrases "100% organic", "free range" 

    Remember the tear notch on flexible packaging

    Zipper print 26 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

    The tear notch is meant to be used, but many times graphic designers forget that it will be! Anything you place above the tear notch will be removed when the consumer opens the pouch. So you'll want to avoid putting warning logos, and important things above that area. 

    What result can I expect?

    The exact outcome will vary based on several variables including bag material, and colors used, but generally print in the seal zones or zipper area turn out just fine, you just have to be willing to accept that there will be some bumpiness, and possibility of a little distortion.  

    Examples: here are examples of print results obtained when printing in the seal zone.

    Logo in Zipper Area

    Zipper print 23 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

    Optimal Placement

    Zipper print 24 Graphics in Zipper and Seal Zone Areas

    Everything is made-to-order, and we'll ultimately print whatever you need wherever you want it,

    but following the best practices will make for a better outcome!

    Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

    Everything is made-to-order, and we'll ultimately print whatever you need wherever you want it, but following the best practices will make for a better outcome!  

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    5 trends for your brand 04 10 Creative Uses of Flexible Packaging for Health Supplements and 5 Packaging Trends for your Brand
    Non Food Items Packaging

    10 Creative Uses of Flexible Packaging for Health Supplements and 5 Packaging Trends for your Brand

    10 Creates Uses of Flexible Packaging for Health Supplements and 5 Packaging Trends for your Brand

    Getting healthy and starting a new wellness journey is always going to be trending, with consumers perpetually on the lookout for newer, modernized supplements, treatments, pills, powders, and more. Make sure that your product stands out among the crowd with supplement packaging design that sells.

    Supplement Packaging Design Trends

    The easiest way to do this is by keeping up with industry trends. Learn about five current trends as you create your packaging.

    5 trends for your brand 04 10 Creative Uses of Flexible Packaging for Health Supplements and 5 Packaging Trends for your Brand

    1. Use Natural Hues, Nudes, and Pastel Palettes for Your Health Supplement Packaging

    Your color palette is often the first thing your potential clients are going to notice. It's what's going to catch their eye- but is it what's going to sell them on your product and make them open the package? Wellness-oriented products tend to attract customers who are looking to treat their body and mind. They look for things that are "all-natural", "organic", "non-GMO", "plat-based", etc. Having a color palette that is either a natural, earthy shade like creams, beiges, browns, and sage greens, or nudes with various shades of taupe, or muted, pastel variations of bright and bold colors tend to evoke the right energy for selling a health product.

    2. Single Use Sachets

    Modernization is all about convenience, and convenience helps consumers save time in their day. For a lot of people, this means having single-use pouches for supplements or daily packs for vitamins. They can grab just one sachet and know exactly what they’re getting without having to measure and pour scoops or count out vitamins. When you offer single-use sachets or one-a-day packs of a product, it's seen as a time-saver as well as an easy way to grab what the consumer needs and head out the door! A small sachet of vitamins is easier to grab and put in a purse to take later with breakfast rather than sorting and grabbing a handful of loose vitamins and losing them. Get on the same page as your customers, and make your product packaging simple and convenient. 

    3. Stand-Up Pouches are Great for Dietary Supplement Packaging

    Protein powders, collagen blends, smoothie mixes, supplements, and more are in powder forms that most consumers want to be able to store on the shelves in their cupboards. If you're offering a product that needs to be stored and saved, having it be a sealable stand-up pouch is going to make their life easier. It's also going to help sell your product as opposed to having a bulky box or a saggy bag, both of which are harder to keep stored and prevent spillage. Stand-up pouches not only fit better in a pantry but they also make it easier to count out portions, which can be poured into a measuring cup or scooped out.

    4. Small, Flexible Wrappers and Packagings

    Small and flexible wrappers as packaging are ideal for supplement design for similar reasons having single-use sachets are. They offer consumers the convenience of transportation. No time to grab an electrolyte drink, but keeping the small, flexible single-use pack (or a few) in a purse, pocket, backpack, or work desk make for a world of convenience. The size and flexibility mean they’re subtle and easier to transport than having to truck along a whole box of the product. The same can be said for certain products, like hand wipes or ED pills, that would only need to be used in certain moments, but one wouldn't want to be caught without them.

    5. Clean, Fresh Branding for Supplement Label Design

    When it comes to what we put in our bodies, consumers are looking for products that are clean with better-for-you ingredients and protein, so your branding should convey the same message as the ingredients in your product. This includes clean lines, calm colors, mellow fonts, simple yet creative design elements, and avoiding loud, messy, chaotic, or in-your-face designs that may work for other products on Pinterest.

    Supplement Design and Supplement Packaging Design We Love

    health supplement packaging design clean and fresh. 10 Creative Uses of Flexible Packaging for Health Supplements and 5 Packaging Trends for your Brand

    1. beam

    As a supplement and protein powder manufacturer, beam has a series of products that are designed to supplement consumers' daily lifestyle, with products like dream, which support sleep, or revive, which supports recovery. The matte packaging is sleek, with stand-up pouches that reseal for convenience. The ombre transition of the package from purple to white is subtle and calming, much like their products. Their logo is simple and all lowercase, which furthers their message effectively.

    Complement Protein Supplement Packaging

    2. Complement

    Complement Protein is a plant-based, organic brand that offers capsules, powders, snacks, dps, and more similar types of wellness products. The flexible, stand-up package has a resealable top for maintaining freshness and allowing easy storage. The source is simple, with an ombre transition from blue to orange, san serif fonts that are easy to read, and minimal graphics that convey the plant-based product messaging.

    hims ed viagra Supplement Packaging

    3. hims

    As a big market item, hims products are simple, minimal, yet incredibly effective. The brand came in hard and fast, with its own variation of the Viagra pill and other men's and women's wellness and supplement products. Very simple serif font with little to no elements on the package keep it sleek yet subtle. The beige is neutral and natural in shade. The single-use tear package is convenient to allow the consumer to keep a single pack with them for the time when it's needed most.

    Lyfefuel Supplement Packaging

    4. Lyfefuel

    Lyfefuel offers daily shake and protein powders for consumers in a variety of flavors. Their reseal packages are flexible and stand-up, which is ideal (if not essential) for bulk powder supplements. The color palette runs on a nature-based aesthetic, with a beige tone on the bottom half (earth) and a blue tone on the top half (sky). They incorporate little badges of essential information across the package as well to alert consumers to need-to-know information.

    Moon Juice Supplement Packaging

    5. Moon Juice

    Moon Juice markets off supplement powders for a variety of effects, including sleeping, energizing, calming, libido support, focus and concentration, and more. These small, single-use sachets are perfect for consumers who want a grab-and-go when they have the need come up. The matte colors are sleek and help convey the different protein powders from one another. They're also small and flexible and easy to keep in a purse or desk drawer until needed.

    mushroom revival Supplement Packaging

    6. Mushroom Revival

    Mushroom Revival offers consumers gummies, drops, powders, capsules, and more, all enhanced with mushrooms for various effects. They distinguish their different products with bright, vibrant colors that parallel the effects, as well. The flexible packaging stands up, has a resealable top to preserve the gummies, and has design elements that don’t overwhelm the visual palette.

    Olly Supplement Packaging

    7. Olly

    Olly is one of the bigger names in wellness on the web, offering a variety of gummy vitamins and supplements. These are their "Happy Gummy Worms," taking on the form of a treat instead of the traditional block gummy pieces. The Happy gummies are designed to be a natural mood-booster, and the packaging is intended to reflect that with bright colors with positive connotations, like yellow, orange, and teal, for a sunshine combo. The packaging is also flexible and seals shut to preserve the remaining treats.

    Onnit Supplement Packaging

    8. Onnit

    Onnit doesn't have the most attractive packaging, but it gets the job done. Their daily sachets for single-serve vitamins make it easy for consumers to take their daily vitamins without needing to count out vitamins or keep dozens of pill containers in their cupboard. The brown earth tones give a message that reads natural and healthy. The easy-tear top is also convenient.

    Vegamour Supplement Packaging

    9. Vegamour

    Vegamour’s effective packagings are as elegant as can be. The whole aesthetic feels glamorous, rich, and visually pleasing, with a neutral color palette in shades of tan, pink, and orange that pair well with their signature gold lettering. The individual sachets are ideal for grab-and-go usage and convenient to keep on hand for whenever one wants to enjoy the powder in a beverage. Their supplement label design and typography is clean, sharp and elegant at the forefront of their dietary supplement packaging.

    Care of Electrolyte_Boost Supplement Packaging

    10. Care Of

    Care Of sells a line of products, including their best seller, which is the personalized daily vitamins, name-stamped for individualism and all. Their packages are all artsy with abstract minimalism, and most are sold as single-packs, like their powder supplements. The clean, refreshing, and simple product label design is aesthetically pleasing, and the packs are easy to keep on hand.

    Health supplement packaging and wellness products have increasing market trends as consumers look for award winning products on the market. Catch their eye on the shelves with packaging that is clean, refreshing, and convenient. Care Pac offers a variety of pouches, sachets, and packs that are perfect for daily vitamins, powder supplements, single-use vitamins, and more. Check out their product line to figure out the right packaging for your small business.

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    5 Spice packaging tips 03 Spice Packaging Design
    Packaging Design

    Spice Packaging Design

    Spice Packaging Design

    Spices add flavor to our life. They make food exciting, they elevate basic cooking, and they open doors to new cuisines and cultures. Help them add flavor to their own life by crafting the perfect spice packaging design that makes them want to grab it right off the shelf and step into the kitchen. Looking for five tips for creating packages that sell? Here you go!

    Spice Packaging Design Tips

    5 Spice packaging tips 03 Spice Packaging Design

    1. Bold fonts for bold food flavors.

    Everything about selling flavor has to stand out, and the font choice is no exception! Fonts should be bold, playful, fun, and energetic. Serifs, san serifs, scripts, and a combination of the three are all welcome in exciting but still legible fonts. It's an opportunity to pick a font that would otherwise be taboo for most products. Let the fonts play a significant visual role and add plenty of variety. Flavors, brand names, ingredients, and nutritional information can be displayed in a way that is crafty, unique, and aesthetically pleasing.

    2. Pleasing and appetizing pictures.

    When we eat, we enjoy food with more than just our sense of taste. We smell as it cooks, we feel the texture as we chew, and we see how yummy and appetizing they look. Selling a spice packet is easier when you have appetizing images of the finished product, so consumers have an immediate idea of how to use it as well as a newly whetted appetite. Likewise, you can also incorporate images of what the spices look like in the packet or even include a viewing window in the package so they can see it directly. They can see it and then visualize how they might use it in their own cooking or imagine how it might taste rubbed on some chicken or tossed in with vegetables, or sprinkled over a taco.

    3. Vibrant colors to tantalize tastebuds.

    This trend goes right alongside the suggestion regarding font choices. Generally, the more colorful a plate is, the tastier we often presume it to be. This is true for the packaging of your spice or mix as well. Incorporate fun, exciting colors that catch their eye and draw in your consumer. Add some flair to dinner with this delicious mix that will easily elevate your cooking. Keep them bright and vibrant, but still within a uniform color palette. Avoid chaos, but don't be afraid to be loud and bold with the colors.

    4. Pepper in fun, engaging graphics.

    Consumers want to feel the excitement that comes with cooking and eating delicious food. Sell them on your product with fun and engaging graphics that decorate the package itself. Be creative with logos and design elements or incorporate graphics that relate to the dish or the culinary origins of whatever your mix pack involves.

    5. Make good use of single-use sachets.

    Single-use sachets make trying something new easier because they don't bring the commitment of having a 50-serving pack of the spice blend. They also make it easier on the consumer, who can simply pour the packet into whatever they're making without needing to measure it out. They're a product of convenience, and most modern home cooks looking to buy flavor are looking for a convenient way to do it. If you aren't going to use a single-use sachet, however, make sure to incorporate some way of closing the container, whether it's a resealable zip-top or a fold-over box-top. Even though seasonings are dried and generally have a longer shelf life than other products, consumers want to ensure they preserve the freshness of their purchase!

    A Dozen Cousins Spice Packaging

    1. A Dozen Cousins

    A Dozen Cousins creates flavored food, like rice pouches, but they also sell their own blend of seasoning sauce mixes. They sell single-use packs in groups of ten or more and include images of what the seasoning sauce is used for right on the front. They immediately look tasty and delicious. They also incorporate fun, cute graphics around the packaging and in creative ways like to denote the type of product and spiciness level. On these packets alone, there are five different fonts used throughout.

    Iya Foods Spice Packaging

    2. Iya Foods

    Iya Foods uses a few of the items from the trending list, starting with a number of fonts to bring some flair and variety. They aren’t the most exciting of fonts, but they give a touch of enthusiasm to the package that would otherwise be missing with one uniform font. Each flavor pack has a different color on the top and bottom and for the flavor title (e.g., Pepper Soup). They decorate the package with plenty of ingredients, namely, what would be used in the spice packet, so you have familiarity with the ingredients right off the bat. It's a multi-serving packet, but the flexible packaging and resealable top are a must.

    Flavor Seed Spice Packaging

    3. Flavor Seed

    Flavor Seed starts off its packaging with bright, friendly, welcoming shades of blue, emblematic of the blue skies and blue ocean waters surrounding much of Greece. This Greek seasoning has a graphic of the iconic white structures famous on islands like Mykonos and Santorini, and the fonts are fun and unique and placed all throughout the package. It is also a multi-use package but has the flavor seal to lock in and preserve the freshness of the herbs and spices used.

    Milk Street Spice Packaging

    4. Milk Street

    Milk Street uses white space effectively on its packaging, keeping it white and clean to place greater emphasis and attention on the name of the seasoning and the images as well. The three-font combination is consistent across the different packages, with one font for the name, another for the brief description (e.g., "Tongue-Tingling"), and a third for the information. The spices look visually powerful, displayed on top of the all-white wrap. The packages are also resealable and stand-up pouches, which make them great for storing in kitchen cupboards.

    Spice Cartel Spice Packaging

    5. Spice Cartel

    The Spice Cartel has a great branding concept that feels natural and earth-bound, with playful but legible fonts, a creative name, a viewing window to view the exact product you're buying, and plenty of essential information on the packet, like spice level, flavor notes, and taste.

    Siete Taco Seasoning Spice Packaging

    6. Siete

    Siete Family Foods sells better-for-your Mexican-American foods, including grain-free tortillas and chips, paleo seasonings, and dairy-free queso for those with sensitive food allergies. Their taco seasonings come in a range of spice levels and purposes, but all have their signature Siete bird logo and bright, colorful packaging that emphasizes the bright, vivid flavors in their foods. The matte packaging makes their products look slick and smooth without dulling the colors at all. They have their signature fonts as well, which are fun and creative. They're also single-use packets with a clear designation on how to use them, which make them nice for those looking for convenience!

    Sugar Roti Spice Packaging

    7. Sugar Roti

    Sugar Roti is a great example of a company that strays from the trends but still has a powerful impact and uses subtlety in an appealing way in their spice packaging designs. Their matte, flexible packaging contains minimal graphics, with a single symbolic logo on the front, along with a flavor, the logo, and unique color to denote the flavor. There isn't much variety, but the consistency is clean and refined. The single-use, flexible packages are convenient and easy to use when cooking, which is a major bonus.

    Tasty Spice Packaging

    8. Tasty

    This spice packaging isn't the cleanest of packaging, but it hits a lot of points well. There's the blending of fun, energetic fonts, along with a bright color palette of orange and blue. They also include graphics of the ingredients, like garlic and cayenne peppers. The viewing window is the biggest bonus to their packaging, which looks distinctly red-orange and very flavorful. The flexible packaging is single-use, making it easy for those cooking, too.

    Pearl and Johnny Spice Packaging

    9. Pearl and Johnny

    The Pearl and Johnny dip and spread mix is another example of a company that strays from the formula a bit, although their packaging looks a bit better than SugarRoti. The matte finish of their flexible packaging looks bold, especially when the graphics of the chili and lime are placed in the center with a reflection beneath. It looks rich and bold in flavor. The combination of bold and thin fonts is also elegant alongside the rest of the packaging. It's a single-use sachet with an easy-tear top, which is perfect for throwing together a delicious dip in little time.

    Eastern Standard Provisions Spice Packaging

    10. Eastern Standard Provisions

    Eastern Standard Provisions sells gourmet food products like jams, waffles, toppings, and pretzels. Their gourmet Black Truffle and Parmesan dip has to look gourmet as the name suggests, and an elegant blue is just the color to do so. Their packages are resealable and have an easy-to-tear top. It's a flexible package that makes it easy to work with and use. The royal blue package is emboldened with a yellow block denoting the flavor and is covered in little graphics relating to the product. Their font combinations aren't as loud or bold as some of the others on this list, but the choices here go better with the gourmet product line.

    Care Pac makes deciding on the right spice packaging design easy. With customizable pouches in a variety of styles, you can select the ideal pouch that works with your product and appeals to your target demographic. Find out more about our packaging for seasonings, spices, rubs, and more. Our helpful packaging designers are on stand by to help you start your spices packaging. Get started now! 

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    5 Cannabis packaging tips 02 Cannabis Pouch Designs
    Packaging Design

    Cannabis Pouch Designs

    Cannabis Pouch Designs

    Cannabis can be a tricky business to enter into. With more and more states legalizing its use, 

    brands know some areas are oversaturated with competition while others are ready for shops 

    to start opening up. To successfully brand, market, and sell your designer weed brand, your cannabis packaging design is key. 


    Cannabis Pouch Designs & Marijuana Bag Ideas for Weed

    Here are five packaging tips from cannabis professionals that will boost your chances in the 


    5 Cannabis packaging tips 02 Cannabis Pouch Designs

    1. Matte Packaging Design for Marijuana & Cannabis

    Matte colors, and, in particular, matte black, are among the most popular cannabis packaging trends. It's a major trend among both big and little cannabis brands alike. Matte black is easy to spot on shelves across stores everywhere. The sleek finished look pairs well with the modern, clean, and futuristic styles of many up-and-coming designer weed shops. Matte blacks paired with one bright, vivid color is attractive but refined at the same time. Matte finishes also add an elegant texture and a regal look to packaging, whether it’s black or another color.

    2. Mylar Foil Preservation for Weed & Cannabis

    Mylar foil packaging is one of the biggest demands in the cannabis industry for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because the mylar foil is able to contain the very pungent odor that typically emanates from cannabis. It has a very distinct smell, and most customers are looking to be discreet with their products. If you can offer packaging that allows them to keep it in a purse or briefly store it in a car or in the cupboard without attracting unwanted attention from children or adults, it will help your product maintain an element of professionalism and desirability.

    3. Custom Flexible Package Sizing for Weed Bags

    Some cannabis companies sell a variety of products, from vape cartridges to flowers to pens, blunts, and gummies, while some sell just blunts and flowers. Regardless of what types of products you’re marketing for cannabis, consider the size of your packaging in how you market different types or quantities of products. Different sizes help customers become regulars because they can recognize the sizes and associate it with their familiar products. It also allows them to feel more discreet in their purchase or bold in their purchase (with a larger size package) and ultimately appeals to a wider variety of customer needs.

    4. Print Fun, Bold, and Sleek Branding & Cannabis Labels

    If you walk into some of the most popular cannabis shops today, shoppers will often find themselves in these hyper-modernized, almost futuristic facilities that feel clean, sharp, and almost like walking into some sort of health clinic. They have a similar aesthetic to the Apple stores we walk by in malls. With the increasing legalization of cannabis, many companies are looking to capitalize on the relaxed experience consumers desire, rather than the former days of what felt like shopping for illegal substances. It's about transparency, attractiveness, and crafting a full consumer experience from the moment they walk in the doors. Your packaging can easily reflect this attitude, with fun and unique packaging, bold and bright colors, and sleek styles that look as smooth as the cannabis feels.

    5. Custom Flexible and Resealable Weed Packaging Bag

    Flexible packaging is a big draw and works for everything from gummies to buds and flowers to cartridges. They're easy to toss away once you have what you need, but they're also easy to store in back pockets and purses or to keep up high on a shelf in the home. In addition to flexible packaging, resealable packaging is also essential. Keep edibles and flowers from drying out by allowing buyers to close their packages back up afterward. Some states and counties even require child-proof seals or a film to ensure that small children aren’t able to mistake a pack of THC gummies for their own sweet treats.

    With these five trends in mind, check out these 10 brands and how they use the trends in their own print and packaging.

    Leafs by Snoop

    1. Leafs by Snoop

    Leafs by Snoop is one of the biggest selling products on the market, for both the quality but also the branding. The small boxes are among our favorites- they're stylish and iconic, with minimal-color icons and graphics so shoppers can identify different products and ounce connotations. The packaging centers around the recognizable logo and is largely white, drawing attention to the logo. The only downside is the lack of flexible packaging. While boxes look nice and clean and professional, they’re also easy to smash, including in transit, leading to dented packaging on the shelves.

    Rythm High CBD

    2. Rythm

    The logo for rythm does a lot of the work for their branding and their marijuana bags, with the smooth beat symbol taking over the ‘m’. They use the matte black packaging effectively, keeping the color palette minimal with a black and teal ensemble. There’s little else going on for a powerful minimalist appearance, but it all works well together.

    Select X Bites Cannabis Packaging

    3. Select X Bites

    Another great example of matte black packaging paired with a few select flavor/product colors is Select X Bites. The matte black sheen gives texture and a subdued, cool finish with small pops of color in the different flavors. The highlighter colors, green, orange, and pink are very minimal, as well. It's bold, flexible, and odor-blocking, as well.

    Wana Gummies Cannabis Packaging

    4. Wana

    Wana is a great example of how matte doesn’t always have to come in black, especially on cannabis bags. They use whole package matte colors in a monochromatic design that parallels the flavor of their gummies. Their fonts are unique and recognizable, which helps set themselves as a familiar brand to their consumers. The packages are also resealable, which is essential for saving the remaining gummies until it’s time to enjoy.

    Lost Farm Cannabis Packaging

    5. Lost Farm

    The Lost Farm gummies and chews are sweet cannabis candies individually wrapped in their flexible, easy-to-open gloss package. The colors are bold and attractive and evoke smooth vibes, similar to how they market their product. They also use a viewing window to show the wrapped product in its packaging, which can be a great bonus for consumers. It's resealable as well, although, with a window, it is unlikely to be perfectly odor-proof.

    Venice Cookie Co

    6. Venice Cookie Co.

    There's nothing flashy or bold about The Venice Cookie Co. packaging, nothing unique or particularly eye-catching, but they keep it straight, simple, and to the point. Consumers immediately know exactly what they're getting (a chocolate chip cookie) and how much (250mg THC). It’s a two-tone color palette with orange and white, and the big tasty graphic of the cookie is physically appealing and appetizing for potential buyers. The package is for one cookie, but it has a resealable package for keeping that cookie fresh in case a user would like to save some for later. 

    Old Pal Vape

    7. Old Pal

    Yet again, we see effective use of matte packaging, and yet again, it's not a matte black. The sage green is soothing, earthy, and herbal, which makes it quite the appropriate color for cannabis packaging. It partners well with the gold tone of the lettering and graphics that decorate the package as well. The package is for a shareable vape pen and is packaged in a flexible and resealable wrapper.

    Farmer and the Felon

    8. Farmer and the Felon

    The Farmer and the Felon has masterfully crafted an out-of-the-box design for their packaging that really makes it stand out from the other trends. Their font is a bold typeface in all capitals that stands at the forefront of their package's branding. The orange and black tones play off prison colors, which plays off of the felon connotation, making light of the former illegality of cannabis. The packaging is also flexible and resealable, and odor-proof.

    Circles Vape Cannabis Pouch Design

    9. Circles

    One more matte black finish is thrown into the mix with Circles. If you aren’t picking up on the sleek, elegant look of the matte finishes, then it’s time to start. Circles, as their name suggests, uses circles placed throughout the package as their logo, but in different colors and places. Each matte black package is resealable, has minimal design elements, and has a two-tone color theme.

    Wyld Blackberry Gummies Cannabis Pouch Design

    10. Wyld 

    Wyld sells its gummies in a white matte finish, with resealable packages that are flexible and easy to grab and store. They also play off the “wild” theme of their namesake, with graphics representing the flavor decorating the package and a collection of colors to match the flavor as well. It feels earthy and natural and includes all the necessary information right on the package.

    Packaging that is designed to be fun, functional, and attractive is easy when you work with Care Pac designers. Small and medium-sized businesses can find an affordable way to make their own cannabis products stand out with a range of sizes, materials, package types, and closures to meet the needs of your product as well as your state laws. Check out the CarePac website for more information or to see some options! Contact one of our designers today and fill your cart with wonderful options! 

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