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Medical Device Packaging
Packaging for Healthcare Companices

Packaging for Medical Devices

Medical device packaging is the general, all-encompassing term given to a vast collection of packaging. Though the exact type of packaging varies depending on the type of medical services and device being packaged, CarePac's packaging protects the device inside from contamination during storage and transit.

Though the safety, flexibility, and sterility of medical devices are essential, the cost of the packaging services is also an important consideration. Fortunately, CarePac offers the best of both worlds: our medical device packaging is made of high-barrier packaging materials, which ensures the utmost protection, but they can be purchased at scale, which can help your bottom line.

Our team of specialists will work with you to provide safe, effective, and high-quality medical device packaging at a price that can’t be beaten. Learn more about packaging pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Our Range of Device Packaging

Our range of medical device packaging technology includes standard laminates, high-barrier laminates, and versatile barrier pouches, among other healthcare packaging offerings. CarePac focused our efforts on secondary and tertiary packaging. CarePac does not typically work with packaging intended for: contact with internal bodily fluids or tissues. We also do not supply material for use in cardiac prosthetic devices regardless of the length of time involved, which includes  pacemaker leads and devices, artificial hearts, heart valves, intra-aortic balloons and control systems, and ventricular bypass-assisted devices. Finally we don’t offer products for use as a critical component in medical devices that support or sustain human life or which are specifically by pregnant women (excluding tertiary packaging for pregnancy tests) or in applications designed specifically to promote or interfere with human reproduction. Learn more about our most popular medical device packaging options so you can choose the one that’s best for your application. Are you in need of a medical device packaging design that’s not on this list? Contact us today to discuss a custom order! 

Standard Laminates and Films

Often used for medical appliances like compression stockings, braces, procedure kits, and wound care, our line of standard medical laminate films offers superior strength and temperature
resistance. Offered in both peel back packs and zip seals, our
standard medical laminates ensure sterility and ease of use and can be used in a variety of different medical applications. Our standard laminates can also be customized to fit the unique needs of your specific application. No job is too big or too small for CarePac;
connect with us today to discuss!

High Barrier Laminates

Our line of high-barrier laminates offers just that: a high barrier against oxygen, moisture, gas, and light, giving our customers confidence in the shelf life of their medical devices while in storage. Ideal for test kits like covid test or pregnancy test,  wound care, diagnostics, and sutures, our high-barrier laminate packaging ensures the shelf life of sensitive medical equipment. Whether you’re storing suture equipment or wound care accessories, our high-barrier laminates are ideal for long-term storage.

Versatile Barrier Pouches

Our versatile and sterile barrier pouches can be customized to meet the specific performance requirements of your unique application. From how the pouch looks to how the pouch opens (and everything in between), our team can customize these all-purpose pouches for you. These barrier pouches are puncture resistant, will provide a protective barrier against exposure to oxygen and light, and are often used in orthopedics and diagnostics medical settings.

USPS Class VI Specification

Although our packaging doesn’t meet USPS Class VI standards out of the box, if this is a specification you need to meet we can work with our partners to make it happen. This way, infectious substances (biological products, medical waste, sharps medical waste, and used healthcare products) can be sent through the United States Postal Service. 

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary
Packaging Technology for Medical Devices

There are different types of packaging within the medical device packaging field, including primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging. Flexible barrier packaging generally acts as the outer (tertiary) layer of packaging and is intended to protect medical devices and pharmaceutical products on its journey from the manufacturing plant to the client. Though we specialize in secondary and tertiary packaging, we’re capable of producing all three.

Primary Packaging

Any packaging materials that will come in direct contact with medication (or the medical device). This includes foil-lid plastic blister packs, a bottle, or single-use packs. Since this type of pharma packaging comes into direct contact with different types of medication, it must protect the medication from extreme heat, extreme cold, and exposure to the elements. It must also achieve a certain level of impact resistance and pliability since it might be dropped on the floor or may fall over on the shelf.

Secondary Packaging

The exterior packaging, or overpacking material, that lies outside of the primary packaging. What makes secondary packaging unique is that these containers often include the manufacturer’s branding, a retail message, or dosing information. They’re often brightly colored or otherwise altered to be attractive to patients. In some cases, secondary packaging may also need to be printed in multiple languages.

Tertiary Packaging

 Packaging that lies outside of both the primary and secondary packaging. This type of packaging is most often used during delivery and storage. This type of packaging is often thrown away shortly after delivery and is not seen by the patient. Compared to secondary packaging, tertiary packaging is bland and plain, as it really doesn’t “matter” what it looks like.

One of the most important things to look for in a medical device packaging solution is a flexible packaging manufacturer that’s dedicated to creating a quality product that meets or exceeds the regulations for medication packaging.

Why Choose Carepac Products

Since our inception, we’ve been designing, manufacturing, and producing medical device packaging for a variety of clients within the medical industry. To meet regulatory requirements, we create each medical device packaging design in sterile environments, with only the best line equipment, and all of our products go through strict QA protocols. No matter your needs, CarePac is committed to providing a solution for each and every one of your packaging needs. Get a Quick Quote to learn more about our packaging solutions today!

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