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Fedex logo LTL Shipping Tracking and FAQ

FedEx Freight

XPO Logistics Logo LTL Shipping Tracking and FAQ

XPO Logistics

TForce Freight Logo.svg LTL Shipping Tracking and FAQ

TForce Freight

Saia logo.svg LTL Shipping Tracking and FAQ


LTL Shipping Tracking and FAQ


Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. Logo LTL Shipping Tracking and FAQ

Old Dominion

rl carriers vector logo LTL Shipping Tracking and FAQ

R&L Carriers

Dependable Highway Express 1080x544 1 LTL Shipping Tracking and FAQ

Dependable Highway Express

Central Transport LTL Shipping Tracking and FAQ

Central Transport

Reddaway logo LTL Shipping Tracking and FAQ


total transport LTL Shipping Tracking and FAQ

Total Transport


What LTL freight company does CarePac recommended?

We provide customers a selection of rates so customers can pick the LTL carrier that best meets their needs. Generally speaking the carrier reliability for on-time pickup, meeting their service day estimate, and on-time delivery directly correlates with price. We have found that FedEx Priority, and XPO Logistics provide exceptional on-time service. T-Force, YRC, and SAIA typically provide a balance of price to performance. 

How do I track my shipment?

Generally you use the PRO number found on your BOL. With some carriers you use the BOL number itself. 

What are service days?

Service days, or "Customer service days" are the number of working days the carrier estimated transit days. Service Days are estimate, service days are not guaranteed by the carrier. While it varies by carrier service days do not include pickup or delivery date. So a Customer service day of '1 day" means if the skid is picked up on a Monday, it would have one transit day (Tuesday) it could be delivered on a Wednesday. 

Do 'Service Days' Include holidays, or weekends?

Service days do not include weekends or holidays.

What is carrier liability?

Carrier liability is the maximum reimbursement amount the carrier will pay for a pallet that is lost, stolen, destroyed, or damaged. Each carrier establishes it's own rates. Rates are divided by whether the product being shipped is 'New' or 'Used. All products CarePac ships are considered 'New', even if made from PCR plastics. 

Is supplemental LTL Insurance available?

Yes, supplemental “full value” insurance is available; rates vary typically $70 - $150 depending on value of the shipment.

Why did the pallet arrived on truck with different brand carrier?

Some carriers are consolidators who farm out shipments to other carriers. Other-times there will be cross-dock, or other service agreements between carriers where one carriers supplements the service areas for another carrier. As such your pallet may come on a truck with a carrier brand on the trailer which does not match the name on the BOL. 

What is the quote expiration date?

Expiration date is the date the LTL quote expires. Most times the quote will be about the same after that date, but during peak holiday season, or due to other unforeseen events like weather events. The rate could vary. 


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