What Packaging Finish is Best For You? 

So you've done your market research, come up with a great idea for a product, and designed some eye-catching packaging. Now what? Fittingly, if you're packaging your product in a pouch, one of the last steps you'll need to check off your list is picking a finish. But selecting a finish requires more than just going with your gut — certain finishes are better for certain products or locations, and making the wrong decision can have dire consequences.


If you don't know where to start when it comes to packaging finishes, read on to learn all about the different finishing types available today and what their ideal applications are. Don't worry: there's a great finish out there for your product. All you need to do is find it.


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Matte is currently one of the most trendy options for packaging finishing today. Its sophisticated look and texture make it perfect for adding a sleek and modern edge to a wide variety of products. More specifically, a matte finish has several key qualities that make it an ideal choice for packaging specific products, such as:

  • A matte finish stands out. In locations like supermarkets, glossy and shiny packages are the norm, which means that a matte finish stands out to consumers. And with most supermarket consumers spending as little as 3 to 5 seconds when it comes to making a decision about what product to buy, being able to stand out is absolutely crucial for the success of your product. 
  • Its products are perceived to be more natural. A recent study demonstrated that packaged food products were perceived to be more natural when they were in matte packages than they were in glossy packages. These customers also expected the more natural food to taste better and were more likely to buy it.
  • It's easier to read. In contrast to shiny, glossy packaging, matte packaging reflects less light at the consumer and is thus easier to read. In an environment where every second counts when it comes to convincing a consumer to buy your product, making your product's packaging as easy to read as possible is a no-brainer.

While matte may be trendy, it's not very flashy, and therefore isn't a perfect fit for every product. However, if you're packaging all-natural food — like coffee, granola, or jerky — that you want to stand out on a crowded supermarket shelf, a matte finish can be a great way to help your product appeal to consumers looking for a natural, eco-friendly choice.



packaging finish

Few things are more unforgettable than a beautifully crafted package with a glossy finish. Not only do humans naturally respond enthusiastically to shiny things, making it likely that your pouch will attract plenty of attention, but a gloss finish can also be used strategically to highlight key logos, words, or images on your packaging. In addition to its high shelf impact, packages with a gloss finish can handle scratches and smudges, as well as dust and dirt, to keep them looking great over time. Finally, a gloss finish can be used to create stunning, vibrant colors that draw consumers in.


Going for a glossy finish is perfect for anyone who's not as concerned about projecting an all-natural image as they are about catching consumers' eyes and hooking them with bold colors and artwork. For instance, a candy manufacturer who wants to express high-energy fun with their packaging might benefit from the durability and vibrancy of a glossy finish.

Soft Touch

If your brand is all about luxury, soft touch finishing may just be the perfect choice for your product. Soft touch finishing is used to give products a silky-smooth look and soft, velvety feel that will register with your customers as high-end signifiers. Additionally, because the surface of a soft-touch package has minimal sheen and appears to be almost matte from a distance, it has all of the benefits associated with a matte finish, such as a sophisticated appearance and all-natural essence.


When it comes to determining what products benefit from a soft touch finish, the sky's the limit. The main criterion is that most soft-touch packaging comprises high-end, luxury products, making it the perfect choice for upscale vendors in the cannabis, cosmetics, dried fruit, or tea industries. With its primary drawback being its higher cost, soft touch finishing is a great choice for products for which you want to communicate a sense of luxury and indulgence to their consumers. 

Spot UV

Spot UV printing is a great way to add a touch of upscale sophistication to your packaging. Because UV printing uses ultraviolet (UV) light to cure varnish in specific areas, it not only produces vibrant, high-sheen packaging but also can be used to target only specific spots or areas. By mixing and matching a spot UV finish with, say, a matte finish, you can end up with a premium, high-end blend of textures. Additionally, the glossy sections of the packaging will have all the protection of a high-gloss finish — meaning that they'll be able to resist scratching and avoid damage due to moisture.


Because of its high-end look, a spot UV finish is perfect for high-end products. Luxury cosmetics and cannabis companies can attract a more upscale clientele if their packaging boasts a spot UV finish, and artisanal candy, coffee & tea, and other food companies can stand out by using a finish that suggests their products are high-quality and bespoke. If you're looking for a finish for your products' pouch packaging that is both eye-catching and luxurious, a spot UV finish might be the right choice for you.

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