This material has a higher than average moisture and strength, with good oxygen and gas barrier. As this is a clear product it has limited light barrier potential but does have good heat resistance. Enhanced heat resistance could be obtained with CareClear-PNC is required by the use application.   

CareClear-PNP (PET/NYLON/PE) is a common lamination structure used in flexible packaging. it is the unique combination of three plastic films (the PET a short form of Polyethylene Terephthalate, Nylon also known as PA, and the PE a short form of Polyethylene)  that gives our packaging film or bags its unique technical qualities making it ideally suited for a wide range of applications either for domestic or industrial use. 

Relative Performance Indications

Oxygen Barrier

Moisture Barrier

Light Barrier


Heat Resistance

Freezer storage

Note: The performance of any film will be influenced by a number of factors and testing must always be performed to ensure the film meets the use.

The unique combination of PET, NYLON, AND PE enhances tear strength potential to reduce bag blowouts, specifically in powder and liquid packaging applications. This film also helps maintain freshness, extend shelf life and prevent damages to the contents of the package, in a non-rigid form.

Customer Profile

CarePac-PNP PET/NY/PE was a good candidate for this use case
Care Pac nylon pouch CareClear-PNP (PET Nylon PE Bags)

Frozen Sea Moss is a widely consumed health and beauty supplement. Sea Moss is a plant product that is stored frozen and the then thawed by the consumer. CareClear-PNP was a good choice in this circumstance because the use case required a pouch with good liquid holding and freezer save material.  

Film Specifications

Nylon (PA) laminated in the PE/NYLON/PE film/bag is a very tough film with good transparency, good gloss, high tensile strength, good heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance. It is excellent in abrasion resistance, organic solvent resistance, and puncture resistance, and is relatively flexible, and has excellent oxygen barrier properties.

PET/NYLON/PE typically offers an excellent oxygen barrier and moderate moisture barrier. It's usually stiffer than other PET/PE films and has superior optical qualities. It exhibits high resistance to oil and acidic product contents, whereas PET/PE films are more likely to absorb and become distorted by those substances. PET/NYLON/PE chemical structure is very stable, which means it shows less stretching during the printing and laminating processes. It’s also revered for its excellent thermal stability.

The synthesizing of Nylon or PA material into PET/NYLON/PET FILM greatly impacts the oxygen and moisture barrier, makes for an opaque barrier to light, offers a high-reflective glossy aesthetic, and opens up new packaging application options unlike other PET/PE films or bags that are deficient in oxygen and moisture barrier as well as the glossy aesthetic. In terms of mechanical properties, such as modulus and tensile strength, PET/NYLON/PE typically outperforms PET/PE. At this time, PET/NYLON/PE is well suited for applications requiring a strong film with high tensile properties, scuff resistance, and durability.

The synthesizing of Nylon or PA material into PET/NYLON/PET FILM offers an improvement in the moisture barrier.


Here are some of the common indicated properties for PET/PA/PE:

Sample Data

Available Thicknesses

3mil - 8mil

Sample Data Thickness

5 mil +/- 5μ


.224 gms/100 sq.in./24hrs


2.7 cc/100 sq.in./24hrs

Tensile Strength

>42.1 (MD),  >42.1 (TD)

Elongation at Break

>55 (MD), >50 (TD) ASTM D 882

Bond Strength

PET/NYLON >400, NYLON/PE >400 g/15mm

Tear Strength

>1.6 (MD), >1.2 (TD) ASTM D 1938


>84.6 JAs St. (fed-std-101-2065)

Environmental Impact

PET/NYLON/PE is theoretically recyclable, but the energy required to separate out the plastics from the lamination structure mean that, except for specific jurisdictions, PET/NYLON/PE often is not recycled. PET/NYLON/PE  can be commercially recycled by thorough washing and re-melting, or by chemically breaking it down to its component materials to make new PET/NYLON/PE films or bags. 

icons eco 20 CareClear-PNP (PET Nylon PE Bags)

Not Compostable

icons eco 21 1 CareClear-PNP (PET Nylon PE Bags)

Recyclability Varies

Sample Data


Multi-Layer Check Locally

PCR Option Available


At Home Compostable


Commercial / Industrial Compostable


Compliance Information

logos 24 CareClear-PNP (PET Nylon PE Bags)


logos 29 CareClear-PNP (PET Nylon PE Bags)

FDA Food Approved

logos 26 CareClear-PNP (PET Nylon PE Bags)


Sample Data


Manufactured in accordance with

Cal. H&S (25214.16)


PFAS - perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl § 37-0209, RCW 70A.222.070

Does not knowingly add

Prop 65 (OEHHA)

Does not contain listed substances

SR 817.023.021

Not in excess of overall or specific migration

EU directive 10/2011/ED


EU directive 1935/2004


FDA 21 CFR 73


Cal. H&S (25214.16)


RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU


Component Details of PET/Nylon/PE Bags


Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) or Polyester is a high-performance, crystal clear thermoplastic made from Ethylene Glycol and Dimethyl Terephthalate (DMT). PET is the ideal material for laminating films or bags for quality printing and lamination as well as good choice for high-performance plastic films and sheets. It has a relatively high melting point, which makes it the best choice for applications that demand high temperature sterilization.

Polyethylene or PE is known for its durability, lightweight thermoplastic with a varying crystalline structure. Polyethylene is used in applications ranging for films, tubes, plastic parts, laminates, and so on, in numerous packaging options including Beverages, Meat, Fresh Products, Baked Goods, Frozen Foods, For Industrial Packaging & Construction Materials, etc.

Nylon or Polyamides (PA) is a major high-performance engineering thermoplastics class because of its good balance of properties.
Nylon or PA is used because it is a substitute for low – strength metals in applications like automobile engines, and because of its high strength (relative to other plastics), high temperature resilience, and a high chemical compatibility.

Related Materials



This variation on the Nylon theme adds aPvDC coating to the PET layer to enhance OTR barrier functions of the film. XNP retains the Nylon layer for enhanced strength creating a KPET/NY/PE laminated film. 

PET PE Film 1 CareClear-PNP (PET Nylon PE Bags)


When the the addition of Nylon / PA is not required a more economical choice is CareClear-PP a very common PET/PE laminated barrier film

KPET PE CareClear-PNP (PET Nylon PE Bags)


PVDC coated KPET KPET/PE provided extra barrier for applications which need enhanced WVTR and OTR, with the greatest increase being for OTR barrier. This film does not contain nylon.


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Testing & Compliance

Our materials are FDA CFR 73, BPA & Phthalate Free, and meet all the major compliance standards.


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