CareSilver-PVP is a PET/VMPET/PE barrier lamiation film that serves as a great base for printed bags, and provides a quality general use barrier to protect the contents from oxidation, moisture, and premature spoilage. CareSilver, is a 3-layer lamination structure consisting of PET, Vapor Metalized Polyethylene Terephthalate, and PE. It is the primary line of Vapor Metalized polyethylene Terephthalate (VMPET) or Mylar films. 

As with most of CarePac's barrier films, CareSilver-PVP is designed for FDA applications (foods and beverages). CareSilver-PVP is free of toxins such as TSE, Sulfur, Phthalates, and BPA. It is specifically designed to maintain the freshness of FDA Food Items like dried goods, snacks & chips, pet food (cats, birds, and all kinds of dog breeds), and its low thermal permeability rate, as well as the UV resistance. 

Barrier Properties

PET/VMPET/PE is a good general use three-layer film . Cost effective with medium-high barrier properties, CareSilver-PVP provides a better barrier than most clear films. 

Note: The performance of any film will be influenced by a number of factors and testing must always be performed to ensure the film meets the use.

Relative Performance Indications

Oxygen Barrier

Moisture Barrier

Light Barrier


Heat Resistance

Freezer Storage

Customer Profile

PET/VMPET/PE is a great choice for many food products.
PET VMPET PE Granola Bag CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)

Granola, snacks, and other food items are a great use for Care-Silver-PVP. In the case of granola a full color CMYK lifestyle photo of granola displays well with CareSilver-PVP as its base material. 

Film Specifications for CareSilver-PVP

Our lamination film is finely coated with vaporized Aluminum film (AL) to provide an opaque base material for printing while enhancing the barrier properties of the base polymer film.

Here are some of the common indicated properties for this film

Sample Data

Available Thicknesses

2mil - 8mil

Sample Data Thickness



<1.5 JIS Z 0208


<0.9 JIS Z 1707

Elongation at Break

MD > 55 TD > 50

Bond Strength

PET/VMPET >400g/15mm VMPET/PE >400g/15mm

Environmental Impact of CareSilver-PVP

This material is a multi-layer laminated plastic and will typically fall into the check-locally. The product is not compostable.

icons eco 20 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)

At Home Compost

icons eco 20 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)

  Industrial Compost

icons eco 19 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)


ECO 09 1 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)
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Compliance Information

Compliance is always an important topic. All our films including our CareSilver-PVP PET/VMPET/PE film meets or exceeds applicable compliance and regulatory standards. 
small Icons 18 33 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)


logos 24 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)


logos 29 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)

FDA Food Approved

small Icons 18 32 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)

EU Food Approved

logos 26 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)


logos 21 CareSilver-PVP (PET/VMPET/PE)

RoHS / R.E.A.C.H


Flexible Leadtimes


Digital & Plate Printing

We offer the full array of printing styles, bag finishes, and effects. 

Totally Custom Bags

customize every ASPECT of your bag. Size, material, features, configuration.

Testing & Compliance

Our materials are FDA CFR 73, BPA & Phthalate Free, and meet all the major compliance standards.


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