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Shrink Sleeve Labels | Label for Shrink Sleeves

Seal your product at every angle with packaging that stands out from CarePac, the industry standard in custom Shrink Sleeve labels.

Are you ready to have a product in front of your customers that provides a clear message with a high-quality look? CarePac is here to be your partner with Shrink Sleeve labeling giving you the advantage of identifying your brand and culture to your customers.

What are Shrink Sleeve Labels?

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Shrink Sleeve label packaging provides the independence to brand your containers or packages with bright, high-quality graphics on surfaces that traditionally difficult to label.

Benefits Of Shrink Sleeve Labels: 

  • Lower cost compared to direct to package printing
  • Full branding around your product
  • Tamper Evident and perforated for easy opening
  • Recyclable
  • Shrink Sleeve seamless packaging works on aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and even cardboard boxes.  

    Let CarePac be your source for all your Shrink Sleeve labeling needs

    The sales experience starts with a choice from the customer, you need a packaging solution that stands out and makes an impact. We are here to provide high quality options that gives you an edge without breaking your budget. Our custom Shrink Sleeve flexible labels give you the flexibility that you require to show your brand while maintaining quality.

    The flexibility that CarePac offers is much like the reliability that our Shrink Sleeve has. Whether you need a few hundred bags or thousands CarePac is here to provide you the choices that fit your needs, with CarePac everything is custom.

    Let’s get started today with your custom packaging quote

    Shrink Sleeve Packaging gives you the chance to provide extra value to your customers by promoting combination products that can stand out. CarePac packaging gives you the flexibility to double package or simply throw in a bonus based off the customer’s needs.

    Tamper Evident Shrink Sleeve’s

    A tamper-evident shrink sleeve is a tried-and-true way to assure consumers that a product has not been opened or tampered with. Ensure maximum consumer confidence in each and every package by implementing tamper evident packaging with CarePac, this provides:

    • Cost efficient
    • Secure
    • Professional
    • Full Body Perf Available

    Shrink Sleeves for aluminum cans

    Shrink Sleeve work for aluminum cans and shrink sleeves provide excellent cost savings over printing directly on aluminum. Shrink Sleeve is much more reliable over paper labels or stickers to ensure that your packaging goes undamaged into the hands of consumers.

    • Cleaning products
    • Beverage packaging
    • Energy Drinks

    With over 40 films available, we have a material that will ensure your stand up pouch is of the highest quality. We can also combine materials in a custom order. You can combine a black film with a clear film, or metallized with a glossy finishing. It's your choice! Contact us to learn more about custom printed pouches and stand up pouch projects. Give us a call at 626-314-6478 and request a quotation. We'll be happy to help you.

    Types of Shrink Sleeves and formats

    With CarePac you have the flexibility to design the label that fits your product and customer base, choose from:

    Full-Body Shrink Sleeves

    Full-Body & tamper evident over the top

    Partial Body Sleeve / Sleeve Bands

    Tamper Evident Top Sleeve Band

    Shrink Sleeve Tubing

    Request a quote to learn more about everything CarePac provides

    You don’t have to settle for how someone else wants to display your products. Design your perfect solution with CarePac.

    What sets CarePac apart?

    Total Shrink Sleeve Customization

    You have control over every aspect of your bag, from the material type to the seal and colors. The packaging tells the story of your product, the way you want it to be told. Your never locked into fixed sizes or features!

    Trusted Lead Times

    No more wasted production with our shrink sleeve packaging, as packaging shouldn’t hold up your ability to sell! With a US based packaging partner, you can trust that your bags will arrive on time and when you are ready for them.

    Digital and Plate printing options

    We offer complete printing style options to fit your packaging needs. From the printing technique to the available bag finishes we’re here to be your flexible printing partner. View our options today. 

    Testing & Compliance

    The materials we use in our custom shrink sleeves are FDA approved for direct and indirect food contact. FDA CFR 73, BPA & Phthalate free, they also meet all major compliance standards.

    Shrink Sleeve FAQ

    Q: What material is Shrink Sleeve made from and what is the thickness?

    Shrink Sleeves are commonly printed with PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) which is a thermoplastic polyester that is significantly chemical resistant, durable, and excellent for its formability, our Shrink Sleeve products are between 2 and 2.5 mil thick.

    Q: Is there a minimum order for Shrink Sleeves?

    CarePac offers fully customizable orders for our shrink sleeve printing so you only order what you need. For the best available pricing we do recommend a 5000-sleeve order as a good place to start.

    Q: Are Shrink Sleeve’s digitally printed?

    Yes, shrink sleeves can be digitally printed. Digital printed shrink sleeves are great for very short runs. Typically plate shrink sleeves will yield a lower per-unit costs.

    Q: What size sleeve do I need?

    Sizing is based off your product or package, a good place to start is by measuring the radius of your container and then adding 10%. All of this will be clarified when placing your order to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

    Q: How are Shrink Sleeves applied?

    A steam tunnel or heat shrink tunnel is recommended to adhere the Shrink Sleeves. Contact us today for custom printed shrink sleeves. 

    Q: My bottler sells sleeves, do I have to use sleeves from their source, or can I purchase directly from CarePac?

    We can produce packaging Shrink Sleeves that are compatible with most any machine on the market. To ensure this we recommend sending us a sample of your current sleeve so we can duplicate the sizing and configuration.

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