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Tamper Evident Bags & Security Bags

Easy Loading Tamper Resistant Bags

Help Your Customers Detect Tampering at the Site with Our Security Bags

Tamper evidence is a exceedingly important requirement to add when you are retailing products to consumers. All major retailers require tamper evidence for the vast majority of packaged food items. Some may even require clear properties so users can view what's inside.  

If you use a bag without tamper evident or tamper resistant features you're asking for trouble. The added bonus of tamper resistant bags is they are less likely to accidently open in transit because you are not relying on a plastic zipper to close the bag, instead you rely on the strong heat seal to close the bag, and it cannot be easily opened, whether it's clear or not, until it gets to the end user. 

Why use a Tamper Evident bag?

A Custom Security Bag is Perfect for Many Products

Tamper Evidence is critical to assuring that your customer knows if a bag has been opened prior to their first use. Since it shows clear signs of tampering, it prevents unauthorized tampering with a bag's contents. Tamper Evidence requires that the end consumer physically alter the packaging in such a way that it is plainly evident that the bag has been opened. For clear plastic bags this is accomplished using a tear notch and heat seal. The consumer uses the tear notch to physically tear away the top of the bag. From that moment forward anyone can plainly see the bag has been opened.  These flat poly bags are great for storing cash, card, accessories, and other high security items.

Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea have used tamper evident features for years. You can deposit in heat sealable bags that can also be made of easy-peel. 

Resealable Bags

Snacks & Candy

Nearly every snack or candy you have purchased has come in a tamper evident pouch. Consumers want assurances that their food has not been altered. 


Many state laws require not only tamper evident but also child resistant packaging, the two concepts are very similar yet different. Bundle them together in one bag! 

FDA Food Bags

Shelf Stable food items must be sold in tamper evident and tamper resistant packaging. Learn more by browsing our site or contacting us today. 

Tamper Evident Bag Styles

We have the perfect tamper evident packaging for your product

Easy Loading Tamper Resistant Bags

Easy Loading Tamper evident bags are a great option. The most common of which is the bottom loading 3-seal pouch. The top of the bag is pre-sealed at our factory, the bottom of the bag is left completely open. Firstly you can load the security bag with supplies much faster because you do not have to contend with the zippers. Second, you seal the bottom of the bag which is less noticeable, and if you don't seal it fully the product falls out, assuring that your product gets to the consumer intact. 

Reclosable Tamper Resistant Bags

Reclosable tamper resistant bags can be either a bottom loading 3-seal pouch with a integrated reclosable zipper. Or any bag which integrates a full heat seal and a reclosable zipper. This style of tamper evident bag allows the consumer to re-seal the pouch using the zipper after they have initially opened the bag. The contents can remain fresh for a longer period as it is slowly consumed. This is the preferred tamper resistant style for any item that is not expected to be a single serve or single use item.  With that in mind, it can also be used to store cash and plastic items. 

Clear Tamper Evident Bags

Tamper evident bags can be made with clear materials, either fully or partially printed allow you to view inside. Tamper evident and tamper resistance do not require that the product cannot be seen, only that you can clearly see when the pouch as been opened. Clear security bags are great to use as organizers for accessories, supplies, cash, and other currency, especially since users can view what's inside the clear security bags. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Printed Packaging

Q: Is tamper evident packaging required?

No, a tamper evident pouch is not a child resistant bag. Child Resistant bags can also be made tamper evident, but tamper evident pouches are not child resistant. If you're storing things that children shouldn't get into in a clear security  bag, we recommend storing the bags in cabinets.

Q: Is a tamper evident bag child resistant?

No, a tamper evident pouch is not a child resistant bag. Child Resistant bags can also be made tamper evident, but tamper evident pouches are not child resistant.

Q: What is the difference between a tamper evident bag and a bottom loading 3-seal pouch? 

Bottom loading 3-seal pouches can be tamper evident as long as the top seal is pre-sealed. 

Q: Can tamper evident bags have a gusset?

A gusseted bag cannot be tamper evident until after you seal the top. We cannot pre-make tamper evident bags, but we can produce a stand up gusseted bag that can then be made tamper evident by you after loading by fully heat sealing the top.

Q: What is the difference between a tamper evident bag and a single use child resistant bag?

Yes, a tamper evident bag can have a tear notch as the goal of tamper evident is to better show if a bag has been opened since leaving your factory. A single use child resistant bag cannot have easy open features like a tear notch. 

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