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Fin Seal Pouches & Bags -- Pouches for Food & Other Products

Fin Seal Pouches are a form fill design; these pouches are used in certain fill machines.
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Fin Seal Pouches are available both as a finished pouch and a fin seal tubing ready configuration. Fin Seal pouches are a traditional pouch design that has been used successfully for years, and is predominately associated with high speed and automatic filling environments. Our customers can buy both Fin seal ready roll stock, and fin seal bags.

•   High speed loading configuration.

•   Compatible with pull-tab zippers.

•   Available in Fin and Lap Configurations.

•   Back Right / Front / Back Left layouts.

•   Flexible designs.

•   Printing

Fin Seal Pouches | Customized Packaging, Pouches, & Products

Fin Seal Pouch is the simplest pouch with a back and bottom seal.
Fin Seal Packaging

Fin Seal Packaging

Fin Seal Packaging Being Formed

Fin Seal Packaging

Final Fin Seal Packaging

In addition to consumer retail goods, fin seal pouches are widely used to aid in the distribution of printed promotional materials, product, and food samples. Like baseball cards, flat stock coupons and business premiums are encased using fin seal overwrapping. The packets are then glued to magazines, newspapers and other periodicals to be distributed to circular subscribers. Furthermore, they can be printed and customized with different film, logos, and information that has an attractive visual appearance.

Whether you need printed or unprinted Fin Seal Pouches, we can supply fin seal pouches to your specific dimensions. Wrap your product in clear or beautifully printed packaging. It can be made with fin seal on one side or lap seal, also called it Center Seal pouch or T-seal pouch, Pillow Pouch, Lay-flat Pouches. The Fin seal pouch is normally used for packing potato chips and fried snack food. Buy today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pouches, Bags, and Packaging

Q: Why would I pick a fin seal pouch.

Generally a fin-seal pouch is found in a form fill environment or where a company wants the "fin seal" look. This might be to meet consumer expectations regarding product packaging, like for example, candy bars or other food.

Q: What kind of material can I use for my fin seal pouch?

Typically fin seal pouches are used for single serve consumables, candy bars, ped products, and other high volume low margin products, thus typically fin seals are made of thinner materials and films, but fin seal pouches can be made with any material we offer. 

Q: Can Fin Seal Pouches have zippers, hang holes and tear notches?

Fin Seal Pouches can have tear notches applied, standard zippers are not compatible but hang holes are. Pull Tab Zippers can be incorporated into a fin seal pouch, along with tin ties. 

Q: Are Fin Seal pouches cheaper than other configurations?

The cost savings of fin seal pouches comes with the use of form fill machines. If fin seal pouches are being loaded individually or using a hopper filler, it is advised to use a 2-seal or 3-seal pouch instead, because you can incorporate more features and the cost is about the same. 

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