Optimum packaging material must preserve the product so it's as fresh as the day it was packaged. It must also shield it from light, moisture and oxygen, and meet these goals at a low cost.

VMPET has all these features and a few other features that will make you point to it as your favorite standup pouch packaging choice. This material comes in rolls and is used to create high quality aluminum bags that are perfect for packaging fragrant items like coffee and tea. 

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What exactly is this PET foil film?

VMPET means Vacuum Metalized Polyethylene Terephthalate. It's also referred to as METPET or MET/PET. Mylar (PET) is the high resistance transparent plastic film that we are used to see in packaging every day. From frozen food to coffee, from beef jerky to cannabis, even snacks and dog food – almost anything you can think of.

Mylar film goes through a vapor deposition process where aluminum melts, evaporates, and is applied to the PET film in vacuum conditions. This foil film reduces gas permeability and reflects up to 99% of light. UV light, moisture and oxygen can alter food texture and aroma, even reduce the potency of medicines, cannabis and CBD products.

Foil Mylar can also be laminated with a layer of polyethylene, which is highly sealable when heated and increases puncture resistance.

Why is VMPET substrate so great for standup pouch packaging?

The metalized PET bags we produce are made of a thin laminate, consisted of three sheets: mylar, vaporized foil and polyethylene. These mixed components result in packaging material with high tensile strength, temperature resistance, chemical stability, reduced gas permeability and UV light protection. 

Metallized mylar bag’s goal is to preserve and protect your product while extending the shelf life to the longest extent possible, at a reduced cost as compared to other barrier options.

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Does PET film work for custom printing?

This aluminum packaging material is great for any type of printing.

Here at CarePac, we work with two types of printing: Digital and Plate printing.

With Digital printing, the printing is directly rendered from your digital art file, using CMYK+W ink - very similar to an inkjet printer. It’s the best option for small production runs of detailed and multicolored images. Since there is no setup cost, it works great for a business owner starting  and to test and print small quantities of several SKUs. 

With Plate printing, on the other hand, a thin aluminum plate transfers your inked design into the material at a fast pace. Due to rotogravure’s high speed production process, you can print thousands of units in a few minutes. There is a setup cost since each color requires one plate. Also, you can use as many as ten colors and you can follow the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to ensure consistent color fidelity. This type of printing is the best choice for an established business and well financed startups for whom meeting the minimum order quantity is not an issue, and your goal is to meet a meaningful per-unit cost.

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VMPET film also provides an opaque surface that enhances contrast, color fidelity and packaging quality. Meaning you don’t have to worry about choosing one color and receiving a package in a lighter or darker tone. Choosing Metallized Mylar as your packaging material, you will get a matte finishing, lively colors that stand out, attracting your customer to your product.

What if your product needs an outer protection layer?

Other materials can be used to laminate metallized Mylar. This process provides a higher resistance film with the same thickness, keeping it flexible. A few examples of the possibilities you have for your packaging:

• For extra strength, we laminate VMPET film with Nylon.
• Lamination with KPET enhances its barrier property against moisture and oxygen while keeping the aroma fresh inside.
• If you want a natural look in your package, paper lamination may be the packaging for you.

At CarePac, the possibilities are nearly unlimited. Contact us and we will guide you to the best choice to meet your needs.

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We can print custom
bags for you

CarePac makes customized flexible packages the way you imagined them. Even if you don’t have the file ready yet, our design consultants can help bring your ideas to life, giving you packaging that makes your product sell.

We provide bags in almost any size and with any feature you want: gusset, zippers, hang-holes, square
or rounded corners, die-cut windows, tear notches and many more.

Worried about your coffee beans? We have Degassing Valves.

Want to add an organic touch? Choose Kraft lamination for a paper look.

Looking for the popular Stand Up Pouch? We have them! Want a different type? We also have 2-Seal and 3-Seal Pouch, Tamper Evident, Square Bottom, Spouted, Shaped, Fin seal, Barrier Tubing.

Need a particular type of pouch? Talk to our specialists and we will make the one you want.

Why should you choose our metallized pouches ?

• Metallized Mylar has both the advantages of both films: plastic and the metallized layer.  

• Lower cost than other high barrier material options.

• An excellent printing material that adds a fancy look to your package and allows full customization. 


Selecting a PET lamination structure

This table will tell you about the many options of metallized film lamination structure and property that we provide.

Material Family







A good general purpose mylar style material. Suitable for many uses. Heat sealable with good OTR and MVTR.




Mylar + Nylon is a great combination. The addition of nylon to this material helps with both moisture barrier and strength. The reinforcement of the material is a good choice for powders, granulated items, or heavy bag uses.




This material offers enhanced MVTR and OTR barrier and added strength.




A good general purpose mylar style material.




Enhanced oxygen barrier.




Using CPP instead of PE as a heat seal liner allows the pouch to handle higher heat uses.




Higher strength, with enhanced MVTR barrier.




Specialized EZ-peel mylar style.

Flexible Leadtimes


Digital & Plate Printing

We offer the full array of printing styles, bag finishes, and effects. 

Totally Custom Bags

customize every ASPECT of your bag. Size, material, features, configuration.

Testing & Compliance

Our materials are FDA CFR 73, BPA & Phthalate Free, and meet all the major compliance standards.


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