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Lip and Tape Bags

Lip and Tape Packaging

Lip and Seal Tape Enclosures

Lip and tape bags are also commonly referred to as peel-and-seal, or lip and seal bags. Lip tape bags are designed for times where you want the end user to be able to close the pouch permanently. Once sealed the pouch must be torn or cut in order to open again. Lip and seal tape is a one-use enclosure (they are not resealable!) and can be used for anything from incense to cookies to medical tests. Sealing these tape bags is as easy as pulling the plastic strip off the adhesive and pressing to close.  

Common lip and seal tape uses

  • Specimen Bags (i.e., can't be exposed to oxygen!)
  • Tamper Proof Courier Bags
  • “Return to us” pouches
  • Cell phone storage pouches
  • Cleaning Chemicals

Custom Printed Sealing Bags Perfect For Your Packaging Needs

Lip and tape bags, also called sealing bags, are often used for packaging and selling all kinds of products. These poly bags add a low density adhesive for easy sealing. Anything that does not need to be reclosable by your customers - think clothing, single-serve food items such as cookies and candy, photographs and more. Tape self sealing bags are also great for "return to us" uses, such as medical tests, documents, and paper mailers. Whatever your needs, our lip and tape bags are the perfect solution!

Custom Printed Lip and Tape Bags Designed Just For You

CarePac understands the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Our custom Lip and Seal packaging offers a professional appearance — like the packaging used by Fortune 500 companies.

We Save You Money

We work with companies large and small. No matter what your budget, we offer you the opportunity to compete with the biggest brands in the industry.

Fast Shipping

Our lip and seal pouches are made exactly to your specifications with the fastest lead times in the industry!

Superior Protection and Convenience

Our easy peel and seal enclosures use only the highest quality adhesive, keeping your items safe and secure.

Totally Custom Pouches

Made to order lip and seal pouches. We build the bag to fit your need, and product. 

Custom Sizes

Customize the size of your lip and seal pouch to exactly the specs you need. We'll work with you every step of the way. 

Art & Design Services

Need a logo or design? No problem. We provide design services to help you create the branded easy peel packaging your product deserves. We are also one of the few companies that offers digital printing!

Custom Sized Lip And Seal Tape Configuations

Here are some of the configurations for lip and seal tapestyle bags

Generally a lip and seal tape enclosure is best used on a 2-seal or 3-seal pouch. They can also be placed on a stand up pouch. We do not recommend lip and seal tape enclosures being used on a box bottom bag, or fin seal pouch because these configurations will likely pop open or not seal correctly. 

Easy Seal Bags and Other Poly Bags Perfect for Your Needs

Quick seal bags are perfect for all kinds of applications.

Lip and tape bags provide a permanent seal that protects your product while it's in transit. These easy seal pouches have an extension on one side of the pouch which makes the lip. An adhesive is applied to the lip and covered with a lining until ready to use. When you remove the lining, you expose the strip of tape. Simply fold over the lip and adhere it to the other side of the pouch. It's a great alternative to a heat seal or a zippered pouch. 

Lip and Tape Bags FAQs

Whether you are new to custom lip and tape bags or a seasoned pro you may have a few questions about our products and process.

Q: Do you offer custom sized lip and tape bags?

Yes our custom lip and seal tap enclosure bags are all sized to your specifications, including specific size, length, mil or other configuration – that is why we offer custom-sized bags to meet these needs. It's fast and easy. You can even use your own artwork and designs. 

Q: Can I print my own design on my custom lip and seal packaging?

Yes, lip and seal tape bags can be printed with your own designs and graphics, from the simplest of designs like single color instructions, to complex graphics. We offer both digitally printed and plate printed options.

Q: What if I need help designing my packaging?

We handle art setup in-house. If you need art development (like a logo, or packaging design) we can either refer you to a trusted graphics designer, 

Q: How much do custom printed Lip and seal tape bag cost? 

The price of a custom printed lip and seal bag relates to the size, and material, get a quote today. 

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