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MIL-SPEC Packaging

Heatsealable Bags & Films 

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Heatsealable Bags & Films

If you're one of the commercial businesses that produce packaging materials and supplies for the military, then you’re likely already familiar with MIL-SPEC packaging. MIL-SPEC packaging is the general name given to any packing materials that comply with the rigid military specifications and standards set forth by the Department of Defense (DoD).

These standards include MIL-PRF 121, MIL-PRF 131, and MIL-DTL 117, among others, and within many of the military standards are additional classes (often 1-3) that detail standards of their own. 

MIL-SPEC packaging can be complex, but with a packaging partner like CarePac on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your packaging materials and films will adhere to MIL-SPEC packaging standards.


Mil-DTL 117 defines the military's detailed specifications for heat-sealable Bags. Just as with wooden crates and other containers, the Military has exact standards for building Heat Sealable bags.

This type of military packaging is built to very high standards and must be able to withstand the rigors of transport, handling, and storage. Additionally, it must provide protection for the contents within from environmental hazards, including moisture, heat, humidity levels, and cold. Some of the standards even mandate that the contents within packaging solutions, like corrugated boxes or other packing boxes be protected from electromagnetic hazards as well.

MIL-DTL-117, Type I, Class E, Style 1, heavy duty, watervaporproof,  greaseproof Pouch Packaging
Heavy Duty Polykraft Roll For MIL-PRF-121G-TYPE I GRADE A  CLASS

MIL-PRF 121 for Military Packaging

This military standard outlines very specific requirement for the high-barrier materials used in military packaging applications. It has been revised and updated seven times, and it's most recent iteration is MIL-PRF 121G. This standard outlines how to construct, splice, and seal pouches, and ensures that all flexible barrier pouches that comply with MIL-PRF 121 are puncture resistant, resistant to flex cracking and pin holding, and resistant to water vapor transmission and chemical exposure.

Learn more about the unique standards of MIL-PRF 121 by visiting our dedicated MIL-PRF 121G page here.


This MIL-SPEC specification, particularly MIL-PRF 131 Class 1, is used when packaging government products that are specially sensitive to moisture. Class 1 applies to non-woven plastic backing material. Class 2 applies to limited-use Kraft backing, and Class 3 applies to woven-fabric scrim backing.

Although there are different classes of MIL-PRF 131, these high-barrier films all have very low water, air, and vapor transmission rates. Additionally, they all must pass rigorous testing before they can be approved for use by the military.

Military Specification Packaging Products MIL-PRF-131K, CL 3 (Scrim/Foil Barrier)
MIL-PRF-121G Type I MIL-SPEC Bags & Pouches Wholesale

MIL-PRF 81705

While MIL-PRF 131 and MIL-PRF 121 focus on protecting the general contents of a bag from corrosion and exposure to the elements, the specifications laid out in MIL-PRF 81705 focus specifically on protecting the components within a package from electrostatic discharge (ESD) during transport, handling, and storage. Ultimately, any packaging that you purchase that uses MIL-PRF 81705 materials and is converted into the correct configuration of container will prevent electrostatic discharge, which can damage sensitive electronic components.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable material to protect your electronic components that complies with MIL-SPEC packaging standards, MIL-PRF 81705 is a great option. Learn more here

  Make Your Own MIL-SPEC Bags & Pouches

If you prefer to manufacture your own custom MIL SPEC barrier bags and pouches for the military, we recommend using 200-yard material to create your containers. This way, you can make military specification pouches of any size using the same barrier roll of material. Even better, reduce the headaches and amount of storage space needed and contract your project out to CarePac! 

CarePac: Your Partner in Packaging Solutions

We can take the guesswork out of your commercial military packaging solutions, so you can focus on the more important things. All of our packaging provides protection and goes above and beyond, and we promise to meet your needs and help you out along the way. We manufacture and export packaging to companies with military contracts, without hassle or shipping delays. You'll know where your commercial shipment is in the process at all times.

With decades of experience in the packaging industry, including military packaging, we understand the stringent requirements for packaging that are set forth by the DoDISS. Ready to get started? We're ready to assist your company with our stellar customer service methods! Get a Quick Quote today!


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