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Exit Bags for Weed | Custom Cannabis Exit Bag

A family group shot of all the different types of custom exit bag Carepac offers including ASTM Exit Bags and Hemp Shopping Style Bags.

Custom Exit Bags for Dispensaries & Delivery Services

Looking for affordable custom mylar exit bags on sale for your dispensary or delivery service? As more states come on-line many require child resistant packaging for use when customers leave a dispensary. The cannabis market is in-flux as the cost of weed has declined, and black-market sellers are undercutting legal sellers. The best way to compete is to brand yourself and stand out from the competition with top of the line cannabis packaging or exit bags. 

How is an Exit Bag different from other packaging?

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Exit bags refer specifically to the outer packaging that the patient or customer leaves a cannabis dispensary with the individual items (jars, edibles, etc.) they purchased inside it. Some states require each cannabis edible to be in its own child resistant packaging, if that is the case in your state, we luckily make custom printed child resistant packaging for any size of edible, concentrate, or even flower (if required).

ASTM Testing and Compliance

States vary greatly in their internal regulations, but many rely on U.S. Federal child resistance laws for other products. Luckily you came to the right place, we sell fully printed child resistant exit bags that are has tested according to: US 16 CFR 1700.20 and ASTM D3475-20. Unlike many of our competitors we offer customized testing and band testing.

Our customized testing offerings include a very affordable testing option where your final finished custom printed bag is tested to ASTM D3475-20 standards. Additionally, our materials are tested for compliance with other important standards like FDA 21 CFR 73, REACH, and Cal H 7S code 25214.16.

Matte White Dispensary Exit Bag Cannabis packaging child resistant zipper
dispensary exit bag for Cannabis Matte Finish Round Corner Black with yellow branded with logo
Glossy Finish Doy Packaging Cannabis Exit Bag for Hemp Green Natural Color Round Corner Child Resistant Zipper

Shopping Style Bags

Some states don't require that you have a child resistant exit pouch. In this case you can explore more traditional shopping bag style exit bags. It's still a great way to get your brand and logo out there. So when your customer brings the products they purchased to say a party, or other gathering everyone sees where they got the good stuff!

Hemp paper packaging Recycle Cannabo Green Printed Matte Finish Exit Bag with Handle
flat bottom pouch CBD infused gummies candy packaging bags flexo printed kraft paper bag
Kraft Stand Up Pouches Mylar Bags For Weed in Flexo Printed with handle

Product Comparison

Child Resistant Exit Bag Personalized Matte Finish Round Corner Stand Up Doy Packaging

ASTM Exit Bags

  • ASTM D3475 Tested
    Many states require that dispensaries send customers away in Exit bags that are ASTM D3475 pouches which have re-closable zippers which have been tested to the ASTM standard. But don't worry you can still brand your exit pouches to ensure your customer's remember where they got the good stuff!  
Cannabis Exit Bags Dispensary Packaging Wildare Custom Kraft Duplex Bag Black Flexo Printed with handle

Shopping Style Bags

  • Complete Shopping Experience
    When child resistance is not required by your state then consider customized shopping bags as your exit bag. Let your customers have that premium retain experience, and build your brand awareness! 

Custom Printed - Digital or Plate

We offer both digital and plate printing and state of the art technology. Depending on your art and quantities you can be looking at paying less for our fully printed exit bag then you currently pay for a stock exit bag purchased from a competitor and then applying your own labels.

Typically if you are selling more than 5,000 units per quarter you would want to at least consider custom printing, to reduce your cost and employee time.

Stock Exit Bags

CarePac offers a selection of child resistant exit bag packaging in quantities as 100 count, with substantial discounts as you purchase more. From freezer storage bags that use the best technology to child resistant bags, contact CarePac today for more information. 

Matte White Child Resistant 12x9x4 (Exit Bag) - 100 Pack

As Low as $54.99

Matte Black Child Resistant 12×9×4 (Exit Bag)

Matte Black Child Resistant 12x9x4 (Exit Bag) - 100 Pack

As Low as $54.99

Matte Black Child Resistant 12x9x4 (Exit Bag) - 100 Pack

As Low as $54.99

Exit Bags FAQs 

Although we’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible, we know you probably still have questions about vacuum sealer bags, storage gallon bags, and freezer gallon bags. Please connect with us directly if you have any questions, or read answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

My state does not require child resistant exit bags, can CarePac produce non-child resistant exit bags?

Yes, we can produce exit bags to your specific specifications including non-child resistant. We also offer tamper evident, single-use child resistant, and bottom fill exit bags in any of the above configuration.

Can I print a photo on the exit bags?

Yes, with either digital or plate printing we can print whatever photos or graphics you wish on your bag. The printing will be full bleed (edge-to-edge) and can cover the entire surface of the bag.

Does Carepac offer PMS color matching for exit bag printing?

Yes we can print Pantone PMS colors, PMS C and U family colors on your bag.

What thickness must Exit bags be made?

You should consult your specific state regulations, but typically if a bag thickness is required it is 4mil or 5mil total one-side thickness. [cite to wash code?] More often, rather than specifying a thickness the state will focus on Child Resistance, either asking for single use, or “lifetime” child resistant, which in our industry is called child resistance reclosable.

Does Alaska require Child Resistant exit bags?

AAC 306.345 (a)(3) “any marijuana or marijuana product sold at a retail marijuana store must be packaged in opaque, re-sealable, child-resistant packaging when the purchaser leaves the retail premises;”

What does “Opaque, reseable, child-resistant packaging” mean?

While definitions may vary by state, it typically is referring to an exit bag, that you cannot see through, which has a child resistant style zipper closure. Consult a qualified attorney in your state for more information.

If a patient only purchases cannabis flower, do we have to use a child resistant exit bag?

While your state may not require it, there is little benefit to not doing so.

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