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Custom Dispensary Packaging for Marijuana | Custom Cannabis Packaging

The first step in turning your dispensary into the next big thing in the cannabis world.

What Is Your Packaging Doing for You?

There is more to running a successful dispensary than getting on weedmaps… and there is more to dispensary packaging than putting your cannabis in an exit bag. Most dispensaries are missing out on a golden opportunity as they fail to understand the significance of custom packaging…

Why do top brands go out of their way to hire top designers and invest a fortune in getting their packaging right…?

Your packaging is not just a way to get cannabis from your dispensary to your customer, it is your most powerful branding weapon…

It makes your brand yours and makes people talk about your product. It is a way for people to identify your brand even when they don’t remember its name. In the process building trust, recognition, and customer loyalty.

For example a great looking Exit bag will keep re-marketing to your customers. They’ll actually WANT to keep it around, and every time they see the bag, it reminds them who they purchased from.

The perfect cannabis experience starts well before your customer consumes your products – it starts the moment your clients get their hands (and eyes) on the product at your store!

Cannabis Packaging - Exit Bags

In a sea of custom packaging providers, CarePac is the only one that ensures you stand head and shoulders above the competition…

  • Smell proof – Discreetly carry your cannabis with our smell-proof bags.
  • Maintain Freshness – Research-led packaging to ensure that your weed stays protected from light, heat, and air. Your cannabis does not age and your experience remains unaffected.
  • 100% Customizable – Eye-catching designs that make your product stand out and make it recognizable from a mile away.
  • State Compliance – No matter where your dispensary is located, we can develop flexible packaging to your specifications so it is in compliance with state laws. From child resistance to package thickness to being resealable and opaque.

Well Established? Why Switch to CarePac?

Happy with your current provider? Not sure why you’d be here if you were. Are you facing issues with increasing lead times, receiving packaging that does not meet your requirements, and struggling to get in touch with customer support?

Chances are you are facing one or all of these issues and it’s not surprising…

After all the market is currently divided into cheap overseas sellers with spotty quality assurance, limited customer support, and on the other hand companies who offer very limited services (ie digital only, pick one of 5 sizes), or large multinational corporations, to whom your business is irrelevant.

CarePac stands as the only dispensary packaging supplier that goes the extra mile to offer absolute freedom to customize and ensures that you get exactly what you asked for…

All while offering the most responsive support team that sits down with each client to ensure that your requirements are met to a tee…

Cannabis Market Startup?

Get started on the right foot.  A market size of almost USD 40 billion by 2028. A CAGR of more than 16% over the next 6 years. No wonder you are entering the cannabis market…However, you are not the only one looking to benefit from the untapped potential of this market and as a result, you’ll have to face cut-throat competition…

Custom dispensary packaging is one of the most effective ways to stand out in a sea of competition, whether you're looking for biodegradable or custom cannabis packaging for our marijuana products. We have rave reviews, let us package your pre roll, pre roll tubes, and other products in our containers. 

Custom printed packaging offers you a way to brand yourself in the most emphatic manner…

Sourcing from cheap substandard suppliers to save costs will come back to haunt you in the form of shipping delays and delivery that does not meet your requirements…

As a result, you will end up spending more time and energy hustling to find a replacement solution, and giving your customers a sub-standard (and perhaps non-compliant) experience

CarePac understands the challenges faced by new players and offers support to make your entry into the cannabis market easier…

From allowing you to place smaller orders, ensuring you select the package that’s right for you, and offering bags that will provide the highest ROI…

Personality-packed bags that are custom printed to give your dispensary an unforgettable experience while preserving the quality of your product and meeting state laws.

What possible reason could you have to not pack your cannabis with CarePac printed bags…? Contact us for a free quote today. 

If the only barrier between you and a respectable brand is money, then we would like to take care of that too…

At CarePac we will match any competitor's price by 5%, guaranteed. That means you don’t have to settle for an inferior product just to save money.

Now that is truly every single aspect of your packaging concerns sorted!

Make A Lasting Impression Through CarePac Custom Dispensary Packaging

Child Resistant

Custom sized

Compostable Options

Cannabis Packaging & Containers that Are Unique to You

1g / 1/8th

1/4oz pic

1/2oz pic

1oz pic

Compostable Materials 

  • Compostable, Biodegradable, and Child Resistant is now possible!
  • Custom printed with logos and graphics

Custom Packaging - Dispensary Costs

CarePac offers a selection of child resistant exit bag packaging in quantities as 100 count, with substantial discounts as you purchase more. From freezer storage bags that use the best technology to child resistant bags, contact CarePac today for more information. 

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