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Custom Dairy Powder

Whole Milk Powder bag design Milk packaging Packing design Whole milk  powder
Custom Powder Packaging Will
Make Your Product Fly Off the Shelf

As consumers become more aware of environmental impacts, we are constantly searching for ways to decrease our carbon footprint, reduce waste and save energy. This has led to innovations in the custom dairy packaging industry that have changed the way dairy products are brought to supermarkets in the United States and beyond.

Retail dairy items such as yogurt, cheese, sour cream and other milk powder products are now available in a variety of flexible packaging designs. From convenient squeeze-tube spout pouches, milk powder packaging, zip top flexible pouches and snap-closure hanging pouches, the sky’s the limit for both retail and institutional bulk dairy packaging.

People Buy With Their Eyes First

As dairy powder products become more popular due to their waterless benefits, it becomes more important than ever for your packaging to stand out and offer additional convenience to your end consumers. We offer a wide variety of bags in different materials and functionality. This makes us the popular option for many manufacturers in the dairy space (both powder and liquid products). So what are you waiting for? Let us be your single solution for all dairy packaging needs today. Get a free quote below or order free samples. 

3 Sealed Pouch Custom Printed Milk Powder Packing Instant Skim Milk Powder

Benefits of Custom Flexible
Powder Packaging

Fast Lead

We offer some of the fastest lead times in the business. Expedited lead times for digital printing are as low as 15 working days. With Flexible Lead time options for both digital and plate printing to save you money!

Custom Sized

Select the size of your custom dairy powder packaging, bag or pouch to exactly the right size you need to fit your products.


We take every customer seriously. When you call, an actual person, in the U.S. will answer the phone, eager to answer all of your custom dairy packaging questions.

Sell More Product

in Bulk

Consumers enjoy the benefits of re-closable zippers + the stand-up pouch with your custom printed design helps your dairy package stand out on the shelf. We want you to sell in bulk.

Low Minimum Order

Our MOQ’s are some of the lowest options available – Full plate production runs as low as 5,000 pieces with a digital printed prototyping runs available from even fewer!

Custom Configurations For Your Liquid or
Powdered Dairy Products

High Quality Food Grade Heat Seal Milk Powder Packaging 3 Seal Pouch Matte Finish Printed Ziplock


With lower price points than Stand Up Pouches pouches, the 3 Side Seal Pouches are widely used because of their ability to be easily and quickly filled with product. In the 3 side seal configuration, you load your dairy product in the bottom.

Custom Printed Whole Milk Powder bag Repackage Milk Powder  Stand Up Pouch Zipper Pouch Ziplock Glossy Finish

Stand Up

Stand up pouches have a wide face and back, which makes them perfect for custom printing and/or applying a label. Stand up bags can be custom printed and available features heavy duty zippers, tear notches, hang holes, pour spouts, and valves. They are one of our most popular forms of powder packaging.

Side Gusset Pouch Milk Powder Sacks Packaging No Zipper Customer Printed Glossy Finish

Box and Side
Gusseted Bag

The box bottom and side gusseted bags are popular configurations for dairy powder packaging for protein powder like whey powder. This versatile pouch configuration gives you five distinct pouch sides including the front, back, bottom, as well as full side panels for the gussets.

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CareClear 2x3 - 100 Pack

CareClear 2×3 – 100 Pack

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CareWhite 3.5×4.5 – 100 Pack

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CareBlack Child Resistant 3.75×6×2 (1/8 oz) – 100 Pack

From $39.99

CareKraft 4×6×2.5 – 100 Pack

CareKraft 4×6×2.5 – 100 Pack

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