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About the World Tea Expo

You've spent years crafting the perfect blend of chamomile and ginger, but are concerned about the fierce competition in the tea and beverage industry. Or maybe you're the vice president of a brand new tea brand and are hoping to network and cultivate meaningful new relationships in the tea and coffee industry. Or perhaps your current packaging just doesn't seem to keep your tea fresh and your business is seeking some professional advice from other packaging suppliers... 

If this sounds like you, the World Tea Expo is probably already on your radar. With eight international world tea pavilions, a tea bar, a team primer certification, and a beverage challenge, the World Tea Expo is the premier expo for the tea industry. And, if you fall into the third category, we're especially looking forward to meeting you and discussing some fresh ideas at this year's World Tea Expo in Las Vegas! 

Why CarePac?

We're a premier packaging partner for companies of all sizes. Our customers range from the smallest tea shop to the largest tea manufacturers, and everything in between. Not only does our packaging help with preventing deterioration of your tea, but it'll provide an outstanding barrier against organic vapors. 

Tea leaves might come from around the world, but your packaging shouldn't. All our products are proudly made in the USA, and we pride ourselves on being a small and family-owned company with low MOQs. This doesn't mean we can't handle volume, though! Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we can help create the perfect packaging to complement the unique flavors of your latest blend. Bonus: it might improve taste and increase sales, too! 

Why CarePac for world tea expo

Pouches we offer to the tea industry

Although we offer hundreds of different bag and pouch variations, if you're researching the World Tea Expo you probably only care about tea! Here's some quick information about the wholesale packaging our services have been creating for companies in the tea industry: 



Our gusseted bags are ultra durable and allow the pouch to stay upright. Though it's an older bag configuration, it's still an incredibly popular choice for the tea industry. 

Stand up pouches tea expo

Stand up pouches

With over 50 materials available, we have a material that will ensure your stand up pouch has superior seal strength and will keep the packaged teas inside as fresh as they were the day the pouch was packed. 

2-seal and 3-seal pouches

2-seal and 3-seal pouches

2 and 3-seal bags are very easy to pack and seal and can include a zipper or hang hole for added customization. 

All three packaging options will help extend the shelf life of your tea, meaning your customer will be happier and the big box retailers you partner with will be, too! Keep up with trends in packaging and partner with the best of the best. 


Customization options to consider 

The tea industry is seeping (pun intended!) with competition, and standing out from the crowd comes down to marketing and packaging. Fortunately, we can help with both by customizing your packaging in a creative and fun way that will keep up with trends and showcase your teas. Here are a few areas of customization to start thinking about: 

  • Materials- For tea and coffee, we recommend CareSilver-PVP, CareFoil- PAP, and CareKraft-MKVP.
  • Printing/finishes- We can print using digital or rotogravure and offer pouch finishes that include gloss, matte, and soft touch effects.
  • Zippers- Do you sell your tea or coffee in bulk and need a built-in zipper to help extend the shelf life of your tea? We can do that!
  • Tamper proof- We can incorporate tamper proof elements into your bag so your customers know if their tea has been tampered with before purchase.
  • Eco-friendly options- In today's environment, finding eco-friendly bag options is more important than ever. Even better, our sustainable options provide the same quality as our regular bags.
  • Roll stock options- Keep your business moving with roll stock options that work with a form fill seal machine and assembly line.

See you at the Expo!

Want to talk to us in person about your packaging needs or sustainability goals? Curious about how we can help your restaurant or business succeed in a highly competitive market? Have questions about our customization process and how it can help with marketing your product? You can catch us at the 2025 World Tea Expo!

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