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CareFoil-PAP is our high barrier film structure which incorporates encapsulated aluminum foil as the barrier layer of this film. The exterior high grade PET serves as a great base for printed bags. The interior PE sealant layer is non-reactive and is heat sealable. CareFoil-PAP is great for FDA applications where long shelf life, or susceptibility to spoilage is a concern. 


Barrier Properties

The base film CareFoil-PAP excels at Oxygen, Gas, Moisture, and light blocking. Specialized versions of this material can have increased heat and freezer storage characteristics. 

Overall CareFoil-PAP is a extremely high barrier material. 

Note: The performance of any film will be influenced by a number of factors and testing must always be performed to ensure the film meets the use.

Relative Performance Indications

Oxygen Barrier

Moisture Barrier

Light Barrier


Heat Resistance

Freezer Storage

Use Case Profile

Encapsulated Aluminum is great for Freeze Dried Fruit
freeze dried fruit CareFoil-PAP

Freeze dried fruit is a growing market segment. Storage, and handling of freeze dried foods can be a real challenge. 

The incorporation of aluminum foil into the film structure reduces the migration of moisture and oxygen creating something very similar to a flexible aluminum can. 

Film Specifications

Here are some of the common indicated properties for this film

Sample Data

Available Thicknesses

2mil - 8mil

Sample Data Thickness

4.5 mil

MVTR g/m2 day

<0.5 JIS Z 0208 | 0.003 Mocon

OTR cm2/m2 day

<5 JIS Z 1707 | 0.0006 Mocon

Lateral Tensile Strength

>42 ASTM d882

Elongation at Break

>55 ASTM D 882

Seal Strengh Kg/15mm


Bond Strength

PET/AL >200  AL/PE > 300 G/15m 


> 84 FED-STD-101-2065

Environmental Impact

This material is a multi-layer laminated plastic and will typically fall into the check-locally, or store drop off category. The product is 

icons eco 20 CareFoil-PAP

At Home Compost

icons eco 20 CareFoil-PAP

  Industrial Compost

icons eco 20 CareFoil-PAP


icons eco 19 CareFoil-PAP


ECO 09 1 CareFoil-PAP
Select Columns Layout

Compliance Information

FDA Approved BPA and Phthalate free. 

small Icons 18 33 CareFoil-PAP


logos 24 CareFoil-PAP


logos 29 CareFoil-PAP

FDA Food Approved

small Icons 18 32 CareFoil-PAP

EU Food Approved

logos 26 CareFoil-PAP


logos 21 CareFoil-PAP

RoHS / R.E.A.C.H

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