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About How to Choose Coffee Packaging

Packaging is an essential process in your coffee business. It draws the attention of your potential customers and ensures the freshness of your coffee while it’s sitting on the shelf. After all your hard work finding the right beans and the right suppliers, you don’t want to make the common mistakes when selecting your packaging. This is why you need to be very purposeful when designing a package and choosing the right packaging provider. 


Of course, the packaging isn’t just about an attractive outlook of the bag — several factors need to be considered when packaging coffee. From the filling process, size and scale of your business, to your customer’s preferences, you must give your coffee packaging the proper attention it deserves.


Here is everything you need to know, so you can get it right when it comes to coffee packaging. Let’s dive right in!


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Choose the Right Bag Configuration

Coffee packaging comes in all types of bags — from the classic square bottom bag, to the quad seal bag, to the side gusseted coffee bag, to stick packs or lay flat pouches for single serve coffee bags. 

You need to carefully pick the right bag for your coffee so let’s look at the pros and cons of each bag. 

Carefully Design Your Package

The coffee market is very competitive. Your package needs to stand out on the shelf. And it needs to be interesting and compelling enough that a shopper will pick it out from the bunch. 

You should clearly identify your brand guidelines based on what you want customers to feel and think about your coffee. Even the colors you choose can have a strong impact on what consumers think when they first see your bag. But don’t over complicate your packaging. You need to clearly identify the most important elements such as the name of your coffee, where the coffee comes from, the flavor/roast, and size. 

Your coffee can really stand out if you choose interesting fonts, creative images or patterns, and call out any awards your coffee has won or showcase your brand values.



How to Get a Barcode for Your Coffee Packaging

Another thing you need to know is how to get the right barcodes for coffee packaging. You might buy a thousand UPCs from online vendors, but that isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you need to own your UPC by looking at where the top retailers are getting it, that is, Gs1. Gs1 barcodes are most effective, especially if your shop is selling only one product like coffee.

If you sell on Amazon, then you should go for your own unique ASIN Amazon coffee barcode. You need to identify yourself as the brand owner of your products, so take a step and get the right barcode.

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Understanding Your Distributors

If you need your coffee to sell well, then you’d better understand the packaging requirements and needs of your distributors. The good thing is that grocery stores have a lot of common needs when it comes to packaging. For example, your packaging needs to be tamper-evident and secure, be durable, fit on the shelves, fill a certain niche, among other requirements.

And remember that your coffee needs to sell, and if it’s consignment selling, such as on Amazon, you don’t get paid until the merchandise sells. So, you have to make it easy and flexible for your retailers for a better return.



Consider Unique Packaging Materials

Every business wants to get unique, to stand out amongst competitors. When it comes to the coffee industry, you need to satisfy a certain niche through tailored packaging. So, you can get ahead of your competitors by ensuring your brand stands out.

We suggest that you consider compostable packaging, as it is a biodegradable method that is environmentally friendly. By this, you’ll be embracing the “going green” initiative, hence having a competitive advantage. You can also consider the bourbon and whiskey infused-coffee, which is the latest trend in flavored coffees.

You simply need to stand out! Even if it’s packaging that aligns with local consumers’ culture and lifestyle.


Understand the Labeling Requirements

You also need to understand the coffee packaging requirements with regards to labeling. Of course, many products have common labeling requirements, but you shouldn’t put a blind eye to specific labeling requirements for coffee packaging. Just to mention but a few, some basic labeling for packaging coffee may include;

  • Ingredients list
  • The net weight
  • Nutritional information
  • Recommended logos/graphics
  • Warnings/advisory statements


Be Consistent With Your Packaging Style

When it comes to packaging, you need to be consistent with your packaging format and style. Pick one core differentiator that will enable your customers to distinguish your coffee from competitors’ and build trust with your brand.

For instance, you can only offer infused coffee that is free from flavors, or even brand yourself as a non-profit enterprise focused on offering better products to the public. Having consistency in coffee packaging patterns will separate you from your key competitors and ensure you have the advantage in the eyes of consumers.



Select Your Market Segment and Be Good At It

You need to pick a market segment to focus your brand on and build your company. For example, you can choose a certain demographic such as age group or a coffee specialty and put more focus on it. From there, you can talk to your packaging provider to customize your coffee packages in line with your market segment or brand focus.

At CarePac, we focus on flexible barrier packaging and we are exceptional. You can also pick your coffee market segment, and be good at it. 



Packaging Options/Features

You also need to be mindful of the coffee packaging features. Depending on the freshness, shipping, storage, and selling environment, you should be getting the most convenient coffee package bags.

For instance, EZ zipper, which is still new and customer-friendly, is easy to open and keeps your coffee fresh for longer hours because the zipper creates a stronger re-seal. The popular Tin-tie is also a great option, particularly for locking in the natural flavors of the coffee. Also, Re-closable zippers are a good option not only for the ease of opening but also for maintaining freshness during consumption. 



Create a Base Bag and Grow

Having a base bag is significant in marketing your coffee products and also creating brand awareness. Once you’ve identified your top-selling coffees, you can print those particular bags in advance and be sitting on a goldmine. For instance, French roast coffee is a high-selling coffee you can tap into with pre-printed bags.



Succeed In The Coffee Market With These Tips

The next time you’re in the market for coffee packaging, you can always refer to these factors to get excellent packaging. The right packaging will draw customers’ attention and subsequently turn them into loyal customers. So build it, and they will come!

At CarePac, we provide businesses with quick custom-printed pouches, which align with your business culture, products, and, most importantly, customers. You can reach out to us for questions on coffee bag dielines and custom printing options. If you need to learn more or check our online estimating tool for instant pricing.

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