Replacement Kits for Sealers

If you use an Impulse Hand Sealer to seal your product, you know how invaluable it is in providing a thick, tough and durable seal to protect your product from tampering, as well as accidental tearing or ripping.

So when your hand sealer element goes out or your adhesive strips just aren’t sticking like they use to, you know it can affect the quality of your product.

Don’t let that happen to you! Our handy replacement kits for Impulse Hand Sealers contain everything you need to get back in action and seal your product with confidence.


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What's In the Kit?

Each replacement kit contains:

  • 2 5mm Eelements
  • 2 Bottom PTFE Adhesives - 1/2in. 6 mil
  • 2 Top PTFE Adhesives 1 1/8 in. 5 mil

How To Bond PTFE

You may wonder how to bond PTFE with a  hand sealer. PTFE, or Polytetrafluoroethylene is most commonly known by the brand name Teflon®. Teflon is noted for its high resistance to ripping and tearing, and a material as tough as this can also be notoriously difficult to bond and seal since it's not exactly sticky.

Fortunately, our Impulse hand sealers leverage the toughness of Teflon together with the ease of use of a hand sealer to create a strong, durable and air-tight seal and add another layer of protection to your product to prevent tampering or accidental opening.

The Impulse Sealer Parts You Need, Now Available in a Convenient Kit

Why waste time buying adhesives and elements separately when you can get all the Impulse sealer parts you need in one convenient package? Seal your product with confidence using a high quality Impulse hand sealer. We carry replacement kits for all sizes of sealers including:

  • 20" replacement sealer kit
  • 16" replacement sealer kit
  • 12" replacement sealer kit
  • 8" replacement sealer kit

You'll need to replace the adhesive seals every time you replace the element for proper continued functioning of your Impulse hand sealer.

Why Hand Seal Your Product Pouches?

If you're new to the world of packaging, a hand sealer offers you added protection for your product against moisture, oxygen and other elements that could contaminate or affect the flavor or other features. With a strong, tear-proof, rip-proof, durable seal, your product enjoys greater protection from tampering, yet retains ease of use for the consumer. Hand-sealing your product is great for products that are created and sold in small batches, particularly if you don't need an industrial-grade production or assembly line.

Homemade, gourmet and specialized products also benefit from durable hand-sealing. We recommend the Impulse line of hand sealers for their superior sealing capabilities, as well as their user-friendly design. There's no need to wait for it to heat up. Just plug it in, set the dial, insert your product, press, seal and you're done! Our Impulse hand sealers work with all types of CarePac bags, including Mylar bags, CareKraft bags, foil bags and custom bags so that you can rest assured your product enjoys the protection it truly deserves.


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